Breguet Classique Grande Complication 7637/5447 Watches

Phonological time Breguet watches Crafts Exhibition will feature the top rare watches, the exhibition includes works by the Breguet museum exhibition from the Natural tourbillon pocket watch big, lifelike hand-carved gold minute repeater watch band , the three asked perpetual calendar watch, 300-meter diving ring watch, ring watch two hours and the introduction of the 2010 Basel Watch Fair complexity of the first ladies watch, is particularly worth mentioning is another process Breguet initiative, will launch Breguet Classique Grande Complication 7637 minute repeater watch, limited market in Taiwan, called the best praise of top technology, but also watch collectors can not afford to miss Yiping.

Meanwhile, in order to bring consumers a unique creative new experience, especially the Breguet minute repeater watch the faces of multi-faceted integration of digital audio and video content, in the auditory and visual display techniques and aesthetics under the Combination of the encounter, leading more Consumer access to watch art. Consumers can use the camera phone built-reading software, or print magazine ads aimed at the Quick Response Code a film, you can immediately link to download the video URL, through a more convenient mode of operation, so that more consumers who not only can “watch” mechanical process of visual beauty, while “listening” Craftsmanship of the wisdom of tradition, time to explore a deeper level of movement of a track.

Breguet Classique Grande Complication 76375447 Watches

Classique Grande Complication 7637 pricing NTD 7,655,000

Ref. 7637BB/12/9ZU / 18K platinum / Cal.567 / 2 hand-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, 24-hour day and night show / minute repeater function / 40-hour power reserve / watch diameter 42 mm / sapphire crystal, transparent case back

Minute repeater below: Time of the phonological
Abraham – ‧ Louis Breguet (Abraham-Louis Breguet) in 1783 invented the minute repeater form a dedicated sound spring, Breguet masters around the movement to replace the heavy steel ring resonator, the sound of their inventions revolutionary breakthrough in spring, so that when the total volume of more compact slim form asks for the development of the three has a significant contribution. Minute repeater is the principle of the connection to sound hammer spring in the case of the sound on the sound of the wearer toggle lever three asked the watch, it will send a continuous melody, the bass is broadcast, then the reported moment, usually with high and low, then high pitch is the score. Today, minute repeater function of the complex is still a top-level horology technology, the highly respected True, watchmakers have to be sensitive to pitch and superb skills to assemble and to adjust its detailed parts, very difficult process complicated, any small detail relevant to the detailed pure tone, only a few watchmakers can accurately grasp the sound aesthetic. As a pioneer in timekeeping sound research, rethinking the process Breguet masterpiece of design approach, a new movement to create and configure the seamless integration of new materials and innovative sound spring, the track and hammers, and this the use of patents listed in the latest Breguet Classique Grande Complication 7637 minute repeater watch, this watch from the 18K white or rose gold of the building, a large 42 mm case, the resonance speakers play great role in creating a perfectly clear crystal-like sweet the sound, and fine hand-carved face plate, a more thorough Breguet show pure lineage, embracing both inside and outside This watch embodies the spirit of high performance craft.

Classique Grande Complication 5447 pricing NTD 10,132,000

Model: Ref. 5447BR/1E/9V6 18K rose gold material / Cal. 567RMP1 manual winding movement / minute repeater, perpetual calendar / moon phases display / 40 hour power reserve / watch diameter 40 mm / sapphire crystal Perspective bottom

Master of Art and Classical Heritage
A 235-year history of the top watch brands Breguet, the founder of Under the guidance of master Breguet, akin to a famous master conductor, in the Workshops in command of a large and highly organized Symphony Orchestra, the overall echo each other with a view to every movement, every sound have been sufficient to play in harmony to achieve the highest level, its technicians are many excellent technology inspired by the master mask, concentrate on the design, carefully sculpted art-watches two hundred years later, is still the masters division of labor process by a group of technicians formed a “band” to achieve more perfect Breguet Sheets.

Breguet brand and the development of European history and culture are closely related, for art, music, heritage sustainability is sparing no effort, especially Breguet Philharmonic Orchestra for many years to support the world most famous Lucerne Festival in Switzerland, as well as to nurturing young musicians and sponsored by the Geneva International Music Competition, etc., and many of the classical music industry celebrities, including the pianist Arthur Rubinstein, Rachmaninov and Rossini operas are famous Breguet valued customer. The time of the phonological top Breguet watches Crafts Exhibition invited highly respected in today’s classical music pianist and harp player Mr. Chen Guanyu Ms. Xuan appreciation of the exchange solution, for the master works of art witnessed impressive more work behind it moved to the deeper meaning of heritage, the brand also hopes to share through this, and love of art and culture backward professionals work together to build cultural inheritance and exchange.


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