Bvlgari Diagono Performs Classic Sport Watch

Bvlgari Diagono watch name from the ancient Greek “agòn”, is “competition, competition” in Italy, on behalf of every second counts, and the sense of movement a race against time. Bvlgari Diagono series this year is the 20th anniversary of the birth, the first Bulgari Diagono watch design from a simple basic concept: in the event that is perceived before the moment of its existence, aware of its power to predict the tension. Source of inspiration as they design – the ancient Greek sculptor Mirone of “Discus” – Bvlgari Diagono presents the design of dynamic intensity reflects the symmetrical balance of mechanical technology, strong and solid but not flashy tricks.
Bvlgari Diagono Performs Classic Sport Watch
Bvlgari Diagono series is the acknowledged global watch style watches one of the best, was the first to combine different materials to create amazing creativity. In 2008, Bvlgari Diagono series in mechanical and power are more innovative breakthroughs in design: built-in column-wheel timer, has the world patent on the design phase window, watches and Bulgari increasing size were hand-built special complex movement. Bvlgari Diagono called a unique design, both inside and outside the professional watch, even the most minute details are very particular about: fog light case with polished edges, the side of personality characteristics title ring strap design, sophisticated multi-level dial . Crafted style, innovative material combinations, eye-catching color with superior, all conveyed with the use of traditional Swiss watchmaking Bvlgari process and re-create the essence of style watches new forms of movement intentions.

To celebrate the series  Bvlgari Diagono watch the 20th anniversary of listing, in 2008 Bvlgari Diagono series with a more concise lines, the use of superior materials and color, paragraph style to redefine the sports watch. Angular mount on a double logo engraved , lugs on the huge bolts and legible dial, showing tremendous momentum and fashion style, outline contemporary sport.

While the inherited historical tradition, the new  Bvlgari Diagono watch more to create a new concept: the classic campaign style (Classic Sport) new watches. Dial, the watch frame a new flat curve, 45 degrees outside the cut button, the watch lists the highest shoulder and ear, all has been redesigned, the new spiral elements are designed to reproduce the list Guanzhong. Be designed specifically for the series of indicators, the watch back, with improved performance and aesthetic structure design. Even polishing is also well-designed case, large fog light surface, and 45 ° angle polished shiny contrast. Each only new  Bvlgari Diagono watch is the highest quality Swiss watchmaking crystallization.

Re-interpretation of the new Diagono series of elegant sports watch models the concept of dynamic lines and high-precision timing movement. Gold, steel, rubber, with equal ingenuity and precision will perform. Large case with carved surface treatment, the new smooth bezel, glossy and matte staggered designed to highlight the characteristics of the watch section of the color line style. Bvlgari  trademark double, double stress the unique taste and personality.

Matte bracelet manufacturing processes require manual steps after 90 and 106 parts, to meet the requirements of performance and perfection. Steel Material List shall adopt safety button double folding steel clasp, to ensure comfort, efficiency and precision. Watch button adhering to the same performance and strong demand additional new non-slip surface, offers several versions to choose from: stainless steel, gold, or rubber. Dial exquisite relief surface, creating an overall vision of the depth and brilliance. Manual carefully crafted digital scale, so watch even more valuable. Re-design and very dynamic watch needle, with openwork design with luminous inner edge.  Bvlgari Diagono series offers standard or GMT time performance version, which also provides the female watches size, are the most top Swiss movement, providing the highest guarantee of timing precise and timeless.

Diagono Calibro 303 Chronograph watch, steel case material, diameter 42 mm, 18K white gold bezel
Anti-glare sapphire crystal mirror anti-wear, home-made three-level dial Bvlgari, Shilin satin, decorated with vertical lines.
Bvlgari self movement (No. BVL 303), composed by the 303 parts, carrying vertical wheel, 45 hours power reserve.
Number of 37 stones, hand-engraved Geneva corrugated, polished pearl dot pattern, Shilin satin.

Bvlgari Diagono watch to celebrate the 20th anniversary series listed shine launch Diagono Calibro 303 Chronograph. Case from 75 different component parts, features smooth shiny white k gold watch box. Diagono Calibro 303 Chronograph watch is a true milestone in watchmaking, extreme attention to detail, such as two vertical lines the surface of the timer button design to meet the slip resistance, matte and shiny case and on list staggered crown shoulder surrounded by design.

The new three-tier structure of the dial, presented in different ways: metal substrate to Satinée Soleil decorative pattern, dark vertical stripe superstructure to deal with, assisted by the circular window trimming time, with luminous hand-over section of the digital scale and outer scale manual details instructions. Back through the transparent sapphire glass watch, you can see the movement of the operation Bvlgari 303. 303 This number represents the build Zhezhi just watch the parts used in 303.

This hand-built ultra-thin self-winding watch has a case to make the wearer extremely comforwatch and pleasant. Zhezhi watch took 3,520 hours of research and development, using 10 different materials, only part of the substrate, that is, movement of the skeleton, we need 250 different hand-polishing and polishing procedures. Precision timing performance support system is an important leap forward technically, because the use of vertical wheel design, the vertical coupling of the gear can start, stop and reset when the pointer jumps to prevent the situation. Water depth of 100 meters.


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