Swatch Watches-Never Change Is the Constant Change

Swatch renovates ceaselessly in order to meet the consumers’ needs of different levels, different ages, different hobbies and different tastes, it represents a lifestyle of relaxed and fashion. The trend is constantly changing, but the watch that produced for a long time still graceful and shining. If the quality...


New Swatch Manish Arora Watch

Indian fashion designer Manish Arora fashion gorgeous contrast to the use of color and delicate shape, shiny with Bollywood style, the trend of cultural elements and unique sense of humor, enthusiasm for the latest quarter to bring abundant Swatch wrist style. This design uses a series of Swatch watches...


Swatch Saves Swiss Watchmaking Industry

The late 20th century, 70, due to the rise of the Japanese watch industry, the Swiss watch industry into an unprecedented crisis. At that time, from the market share, the Swiss watch production produced in the proportion in the global market sharply from 43% to 15%; in technology, the...