Introducing The Best DIOR Chiffre Rouge Diver Replica Watch


DIOR Chiffre Rouge Diving watch
Stainless steel / hours, minutes, seconds display / watch diameter 42mm / waterproof 300 m / sapphire crystal mirror / reference price: NT $ 115,500

Collectors savor the designer DIOR Chiffre Rouge Diver replica watch
Kris Van Assche personally by the surgeon design DIOR HOMME CHIFFRE ROUGE DIVING Diving watch series, stainless steel and steel high-tech plastic composite material Texin 985U two materials were not showing a completely the sportsman with style. Kris Van Assche’s design in the pursuit of a poetic realism with the original characteristics of the new men quality, the intention is to make people look more elegant. He did not handle the classic design of disposable CHIFFRE ROUGE, also added a number of exclusively his own design elements. In addition to the asymmetric case, the design of Scar, and his 6 time at 9:00, in particular, to enlarge the number of 06 and 09, in the face plate to form a witty arrangement.

best fake DIOR Chiffre Rouge Diving watch
Texin 985U material / hours, minutes, seconds display / watch diameter 42mm / waterproof 300 m / sapphire crystal mirror / Reference Price: NT $ 133,000

Gentleman-style show features professional diving
42MM large size face plate, the water depth of 300 meters engraved amplifier to form a bridge in nursing, special screw-type leader, need to borrow back to open the bottom cover by rotating the bridge protecting the DIOR replica watch, and then unscrew the faucet and adjust the time. In the design of the back bottom, at the time-consuming production work continued on the original several times, use sapphire crystal and mineral glass making back bottom two materials, only in order to uphold Xunran he wanted on the special red membrane and gray. As a result, this section can dive through the watch owner through the eyes of the designer to appreciate the movement of the operation, but also to enjoy the diving depth of 300 meters waterproof function. Details at such as adjuswatch watchs section, in accordance with the thickness of wetsuit for fine-tuning.


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