Meet The Polished Glashütte Tourbillon Commemorative Fake Watch

This year marks the J. Assmann Glashütte Tourbillon commemorative replica watch I / SA 155th anniversary of the factory, Glashütte launched its legendary Assmann Memorial watches – Julius Assmann 4. Julius Assmann – watch this in the name of the historical city of Glashütte known until today are still writing brilliant. He watchmaking technology on the high standards of precision and perfect polish, the tab for the Glashütte wrote a glorious chapter in history. Julius Assmann 4 in the creation of this process, the Glashütte again proved their superior technology and excellent design. High limit this hollow carved masterpiece watches to diameter 45mm rose gold pocket watch case presented. Elegant movement operation and disk configuration, a common clock construction work of the most complex: Tourbillon.

Glashütte Tourbillon Commemorative Limited Edition Watch

Elegant 18K gold hollow galvanized dial visible charming Cal. 46 movement, movement two sides to bridge plate fixed tourbillon, and a dance performance against the clock. Surface and the winding hollow box of exquisite and ornate carving makes this 25 a unique art movement, also re-confirmed Glashütte replica watch technology on the high demand. Whether to use as a pocket watch with rose gold chain, or ways to wear a watch, Julius Assmann 4 is undoubtedly the outstanding achievements of men the most luxurious accessories.

Like other traditional craft production of movement, Cal. 46 hand chain Glashütte watchmaking movement to create the perfect unique. Hand-carved in relief along the flip, can see the gold sleeve, blue steel screws, grinding angle, polished stainless steel parts, sapphire crystal back of the pivot watch shows a two-wave decoration on the sprocket sunlight.

Glashütte has issued in recent years, tremendous and delicate beauty in 3 limited edition works. Glashütte to commemorate the 150th anniversary watch technology, Julius Assmann 1 to innovative shock suspension Tourbillon watches and clocks, Julius Assmann 2 in the Meissen porcelain factory with the cooperation of the traditional birth. In 2002, to commemorate the 175 birthday of Glashütte watchmaking master, Glashütte Original created the Julius Assmann 3 as souvenir. This year, we present an unparalleled masterpiece was Julius Assmann 4.

Assmann this exquisite fake Glashütte limited edition  commemorative watch the top, but also with a Louisiana crocodile leather strap, to watch the form of wear. Watch cover engraved with original registration of a limited number of display and collection of its precious value, in accordance with Assmann commemorative tradition, Julius Assmann 4 watch this master masterpiece, limited production 25

Exquisite watch process: PanoTourbillon XL

Since 1845 to consistently maintain the tradition of Glashütte is the most true, most close to the process of life, unique and extraordinary outstanding master advanced German-made mechanical watches by hand. This year, Glashütte Original Qiangzai to another master work-PanoTourbillon XL proud of. It is a bold design, let just this year launched Pano XL series models are more abundant.

Worthy collection PanoTourbillon XL, in addition to 42mm in diameter to increase the watch, the modern sense of full disk configuration is its prominent feature. Platinum dial presents elegant design style, with contrasting black disk and the silver composition, and is divided into two regions present. One minute tourbillon in the disk of the top flight, was below the peak that from the bottom to bring out the black galvanized silver Arabic numerals.

PanoTourbillon XL equipped with Cal. 41-02 movement, this hand-winding movement is floating tourbillon and carefully crafted in common with other parts of the composition, and has power back storage display and calendar display performance. Therefore, in Glashütte Original watches German top-level process in, PanoTourbillon XL representative status.


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