Hermes Arceau Skeleton Watch 18K White Gold

Hermes Arceau skeleton watch

Hermes Arceau skeleton watch
18K white gold
/ Vaucher H1932 Automatic movement / hours, minutes show / double barrel / 22K rose gold Automatic disk / glare sapphire crystal mirror / watch diameter 41mm / water 50 meters / Reference Price: NT $ 1,541,200 / Global Limited 24 / Hermes watch collection box attached

Expertise and the crystallization of the imagination
Famous French writer Colette once said: “Hermes products, from the inside out, from front to back are also valuable. “Since the Hermes with the Swiss watch factory VAUCHER top began to become working partners, the complexity of the machine to create professional watch of Hermes in terms of mechanical-pei, particularly creative, the timing is different from the traditional design tools. From expertise combined with the infinite creativity of the two under, Hermes watches bearing the mark of excellence and trust, combined with design accountants, watchmaker and leather craftsmen this group of people striving for perfection, using their respective expertise created by the genius extraordinary timepiece.

Contemporary “Bauhaus Bauhaus” aesthetic
Arceau hollow mechanical watch movement device works by Hermes made H1932 Vaucher movement, from a positive appreciation of Arceau skeleton form, it has a circular dial, just can Arceau elegant italic numerals placed on it, skeleton center of the movement was part of the substrate, one can see through the entire movement. Unlike traditional skeleton production methods, H1932 movement of the hollow making heritage “Bauhaus Bauhaus” design spirit of the original structure preserved machine movement able to engrave wear board and plywood, does not destroy the original shape of the movement parts, using abstract geometric shapes, simple lines, balanced by the rhythmic movement of symmetry to the performance of hollow beauty, the wonderful hollow technology, the sophisticated and complex machines presents the core components of the perspective of contemporary design aesthetic.

Rising sun, Yamaha Pentium
Skeleton watch on the back of appreciation from the Arceau movement and do not have another flavor, because at this time we can see layer upon layer of machine perform their duties in the operation of the core part, structured as a symphony. The most nowatch is carved “Rising Sun Dongsheng, Yamaha Pentium “in 22K gold automatic disk to a dynamic pattern of lines echo the function of automatic disk, but also the watch Hermes is the core spirit. This unique watch movements to the traditional process to make assembly, with contemporary Morocco Gordon’s skeleton design concept, modern and past encounters, and issued bright spark, that the best technology and aesthetics with head, create a perfect visual effect.

Exclusive Hermes watch collection box
Arceau hollow Watch 24 Global Limited, is where to head to Paris, Hermes Avenue 24 To Fubao Italy, each only a limited number were engraved, and with an exclusive Hermes watch collection box. The collection box was originally a love of horses cigar box, the external material for the Indian rosewood, the box is a cedar, a very close watch for cigars and the top possession of use. In addition to the Hermes watch collection stitched leather covered base, but still retains cigar box humidor used with humidity watch, so that each Arceau collectors have both hollow watch top cigar box Hermes, and enjoy the ultimate taste comforwatch life.


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