Hublot Big Bang Mag Bang Chronograph Replica Watch Ref.320.VI.440.RX

Hublot Big Bang series to make people rush the Hublot fashion Hublot Big Bang Mag Bang replica watch, developed independently of ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy “Hublonium”, except movement and regulation of the major components of time structure of external balance, together with the Hublot Hublotard, watch bridge case, clasp, etc., all using the new materials developed Hublot Hublonium replica to launch ultra-lightweight weighing only 78 grams “Mag Bang” watches, is the decorative art of watchmaking with the perfect peak performance.To this end, Hublot, a particularly high-tech machinery in order to purchase a new production of required parts, and hired several outstanding and experienced watch master: René Maillefer, Cédric Grandperret and Fausto Berizzi, selfless sharing of skills and innovation necessary vitality and energy and enthusiasm on the watchmaking art, Royal Hublot watch has been able to watch the publication of the first one all over the world weighing only 78 grams of a stopwatch.
Hublot “Hublonium” Watch
Royal Hublot watch new fake Hublot Mag Bang Chronograph, all from the interior to the case by using the “Hublonium” aluminum-magnesium alloy, it weighs just 78 grams, almost equal to the watch industry common thin (sweep) wrist Watch. Watch which not only retains the Hublot Big Bang reaching new meaning of “integration” concept, also created a super lightweight high-tech watch important, is Hublotund to lead again by another fashion trend.

“Hublonium” Hublot Watch by Royal independently of the aluminum-magnesium alloy plant material, and to Hublot Hublot form the basis of the brand name “Hublonium”, not only the magical effect of the aluminum, magnesium itself is ultra-lightweight characteristics, but also retain strength and toughness , flexible and functional, is Hublot Royal Hublot watch top experts invited by the design, manufacturing as the main Hublotard and form bridges bearing movement, escape wheel, winding Hublotx components, the rugged nature of the watch can also be produced shell

Royal Hublot constantly search for innovative forms a challenge from the recently completed, the ability to obtain an independent tabulation. The watch shall show the complete consistency in the design of the three M on: mono-material (single material), monochrome (monochrome), microblasted (micro processing technology processing). Internal and external parts are polished with matte consistency and micro-abrasion material, which brought out a very special light, making this form shall become the outstanding works of art.

Hublot watch representative of the perfect blend of performance of traditional watchmaking skills and advanced technology, peak. Geneva-based watchmaker to design the Big Bang series of new watches “Mag Bang”, to maintain its simple lines and design sense. In order to strengthen a sense of lightness and harmony, and even belt buckle watch also used Hublonium innovative alloy, also makes a more mechanical fashion trend to wear the lightweight texture.

[Appendix]: Hublot Watch “Mag Bang” Technical data:

Movement: self-winding mechanical timer, Hublot and La Joux-Perret movement Hublot jointly developed HUB44, 27 stone, automatic titanium plate, concave cone coated with black PVD, 42 hours power reserve
Performance: small three-pin, Chronograph, Date Display
Case: Hublonium case, diameter 44.5mm, the six metal polished titanium H-shaped groove engraved on the top of the nut screws, double-glare sapphire crystal glass, lugs, stainless steel crown, with time according to natural rubber material, titanium with sapphire crystal case back, after perspective, waterproof to 100 meters.
Face plate: titanium color face plate and rhodium-plated hour markers, and more luminous pointer section Rhodium
Hublotard, Hublotttom: Hublonium alloy
Strap: Adjuswatch smooth natural black rubber strap, lateral Lou has Hublot logo, Hublonium clasp
Global limits: 250, individually numbered
Total weight: 78 grams


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