Tissot Sea-Touch Replica Magic Watch

Harbour runaway, Tissot Sea-Touch replica watch the magic of potential intellectual Series

Sea-Touch breakthrough new products, technology and the combination of charm

Tissot Sea-Touch Series


best Fake Tissot Sea-Touch watch series in line with European EN13319 dive regulations, the underwater light, seismic, magnetic resistance, strap firmness, timing reliability are fully met and exceeded the strict regulations. Through a number of patented technology, this magic Sea-Touch and can be displayed Scuba diving record important data. It is very user-friendly data display: When the diver reaches a certain depth into the water (water at or below 1.4 m), re-merging point to 9 o’clock pointer position. Once the divers continue to dive, watch the measurements get started: the minute hand turning, diving through the bezel figures show the depth, the clock while turning the dial readings by divers swimming speed (unit: m / min). Fluorescent materials and high brightness backlit display ensures clear identification of degrees on the dial. Tissot unique patented technology ensures covered with rubber protective layer, the watch has a dual protection by the water can be maintained even in the excellent handling characteristics.

The Unique copy Tissot Sea-Touch watches have always been synonymous. Intellectual potential of this newly developed series of watches, carrying a number of patents, whether on land or underwater, possess magic magic performance. Divers underwater to 200 meters deep, easily understood by a number of mirror-Sea-Touch watch information. This series of watches are important features include: diving depth, dive speed, calendar date, compass, dual time zone, digital Piagetdown timer, alarm, and temperature measurements, all functions are used Sea-Touch operation.

Super diving machine

Boutique charm wrist

Numerous submarine is always full of surprises and charm, deeply attracted attention of divers. Sea-Touch series watch, with a deep marine atmosphere, can bring friends around the same surprise and charm. Of just strap, with the edges of the case and bezel is stronger to protect the precious Sea-Touch watch mirror, complex movement and other components. Cosmic silver, black and vibrant orange dial of violence were in harmony with silver, white, orange scale, simple, bright and full of personality. With a rubber hood look at the mysterious and unique. Imagine wearing this watch, not only shows you the movement of infinite charm, and in playing Sea-Touch features, in particular, demonstrates your dive log, how much we envy.


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