Mickey Retrograde Watch

If we carefully look at all the history of the watch works, should find a lot of watches fact watchmaking craftsmanship, innovation, invention and the performance looks beautiful and elegant, but eventually vanishing in the history of relentless upheaval, did not collection of pictures can arouse the enthusiasm of the world. What kind of watch in the end to cross the boundaries of time and space, spread from generation to generation? In fact, the watch is considered an art of time, courage and creativity is a very important factor, the only way to show a unique personality.

Gerald Genta watch

Founded in 1969, Gerald Genta watch in addition to the tab with unmatched skill, has been published over the world’s thinnest three-question form, the first automatic tourbillon watch movement and the world’s most sophisticated four-hammer from the minute repeater Ming watchs, jump watchs, and also against the development of watch hopping dominate. More importantly, Gerald Genta watch from the limitations of traditional, innovative and dynamic spirit of the collectors tend to feel different every novelty. Disney characters such as Gerald Genta will be used in surface design and a unique reverse action to explain the performance of jump pointers, can be described as the perfect combination of technology and fashion, a unique combination of Gerald Genta in the fun at the show ingenuity. Gerald Genta set not only technology, creativity and beauty in a more unique personality with a distinctive attention to the traditional altar watch in the stand out, watch the natural taste of success by the players love the work.

Has always been bold and creative in the extreme personality Gerald Genta watches famous in the Disney cartoon characters to the theme of Fantasy series is a collection of the most complex performance to meet the players and watch a unique representation of the desired theme watches. Mickey, have been active in the cartoon world on the legendary role of the remaining 80 with the combination of their own creativity, when the watch cartoon naughty naughty encounter in the popular cartoon theme Taste the superb art of watchmaking. Gerald Genta excellent lively surface design, extreme sports of 2005 continued the design theme, this section in the car after the launch of the pilot Mickey Mickey, the same cartoon characters will be presented on the pursuit of passion for adventure precise timing process.

41mm stainless steel case with rubber bezel surface, the left-hour jump word by the window, the aircraft fuselage metal bonding pattern. The surface of the center is the engine turbine design, Mickey handsome pilot model, the left hand means that the minute hand on a white plate, a reverse jump performance is even more interesting fun. At the same time there are 360 seconds. Built-in self-winding mechanical movement, 42 hours power reserve. Anti-reflective sapphire glass bead surface and screw-shaped crown. And brown leather with black rubber strap two models to choose from.


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