Roger Dubuis Excalibur 5th Anniversary Exhibition

ROGER DUBUIS Excalibur replica watch push the Geneva Seal certification with the Royal Observatory
Geneva Seal is called a symbol of Swiss watchmaking is one of the top, the Observatory is like a blessing certification mortal spirit into the crown, a few collectors very familiar with the Geneva Seal mark, the Observatory certification is proof of consumers familiar with the quality; all Series watches are a mark of ROGER DUBUIS Geneva in 2010 pioneered the industry’s move to formally promote the Geneva Observatory certification mark and the top tab of double standards and target with the first wave of top-level appreciation of consumers in Asia Pacific, from now until July stop at the end of the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Pacific Plaza ROGER DUBUIS EXALIBUR 5th anniversary exhibition, and eagerly look forward to increasingly close and from Hong Kong to visit Taiwan’s top VIP participants, the taste of top-level appreciation of the general tabulation process everyone can understand . Exhibitions like EXCALIBUR time tunnel, also witnessed the evolution of CALIBUR king, by the original generous help of the exhibition was not easy, therefore, in particular, look outside Hong Kong collector in addition to the appreciation of the Hong Kong meeting.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur 5th Anniversary

The Geneva Seal criteria, has been regarded as works of art classes appreciation watch sign one of the criteria, but rarely has a mark on the best ROGER DUBUIS copy watch while the Geneva Observatory to obtain certification; pursuit of reaching the perfect watch not only the full range of ROGER DUBUIS watch has the Geneva Seal, announced in 2010 while promoting its mark and watch the Geneva Observatory to obtain certification, and from now until the end of July in Hong Kong “EXCALIBUR fifth anniversary of the Memorial Exhibition” exhibition in the formal debut, along with display also including EXCALIBUR three questions, such as calendar and double tourbillon watch a variety of top-level process.

Geneva Watch Fair 2005 (SIHH) on, ROGER DUBUIS launched a new series of EXCALIBUR, immediately tripartite world’s top brand watches brand on the plate. EXCALIBUR means the Excalibur, the name of an imposing appearance! Dial large, brand-specific section of the watch three ears, beautiful crown protection device and the concave profile bezel give this model glance, surging powerfully. EXCALIBUR’s first-ever double tourbillon that is representative, showing that the vow of commitment to world-renowned art scene; In just five years, EXCALIBUR three asked, such as calendar and double tourbillon style are all detached, so that the top-made arts Its easy to become Zhendian treasure. To mark the occasion, and in recognition of his eminent position, ROGER DUBUIS specially renovated two stores in Hong Kong, organized “EXCALIBUR fifth anniversary exhibition”; is hoping to be the mini-pendulum Tuo EXCALIBUR perspective Tourbillon leader, with 20 new EXCALIBUR watch to Hong Kong.

When the Geneva Seal certification EXCALIBUR aspirations to a perfect case of the throne of the Hong Kong Observatory
In 1886, the Geneva watchmaker is only superior quality and style of issuing a qualified certificate of origin specifications. Covered with the Geneva Seal (Poinçon de Genève) of the movement, polished valve gear, the movement part of the chamfer grinding and cutting of the tab according to strict specifications. Each movement has its own unique history and characteristics, a symbol of the inalienable identity. Themselves freely to the United States has always been the pursuer, the movement across the board by the Geneva Seal (Poinçon de Genève) ROGER DUBUIS seems to be only in the “basic requirements.” Introduced this year, four new movement, they alone EXCALIBUR exclusive Third: RD520, RD14B and RD781, shows a decisive role in this series. RD520 also won this year’s Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC), a double precision clock device quality assurance, accuracy is no doubt.

Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR Pendulum Tourbillon watch

“Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR Double Retrograde Calendar Watch” The new movement stimulate visual senses
ROGER DUBUIS perfect technology turned new, “EXCALIBUR double retrograde calendar watch the” new movement RD14B as a foundation, will double back to the calendar display for the design of symmetrical butterfly-shaped spindle, date to the left and right display plate mark, another brand new original design!

Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR Double Retrograde Calendar Watch

Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR Tourbillon replica watch,” a newly developed self-winding Tourbillon movement
Configuration RD520 new movement, not only COSC chronometer certification, and by an independent laboratory and watch factory tested, modified flawless engraved Geneva Seal, no less experience of perfection. Breakthrough in the pursuit of self-concept based on the brand new ideas for each occasion, put it back to the surface of micro-swing set Tuo 10 position, decorated with embossed rose gold piece, full of beauty trends; with human motion, such as micro-rotating pendulum Tuo speeding sports car. Automatic Tourbillon placed in 7 locations, the external use of mother of pearl finishes, engraved Arabic numerals, and micro-placed Tuo alternate embraced, refined appearance, as people at first sight. Limit 88.

Arabic numerals dial surrounded the gray double-reversal symmetry of the carbon calendar display, the perfect costume with gold hour markers; orange pointer to the left went from 1 to 15 days off, jump back to the starting point, hidden in 12 figures; another pointer and then to the right start, visual effects as strong as the playing field athletes, Relay moment, the audience are all breath breathing, concentration, attention.

“Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR Pendulum Chronograph,” extremely accurate timer
Configuration Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC) RD781 movement, as ROGER DUBUIS proud new design. Watch advertised superb technical details for the first time put Tuo placed in the surface layer micro-, mini-placed sides are decorated with traditional Tuo’s «Côtes de Genève», high-end technology Jiaoren sigh concept only. Roman numerals on the dial ring with the micro-rotation of the pendulum Tourbillon echoed. Obtained in different ways to deal with depressed elegant gray tone, strong mechanical flavor, charm, as senior sports car, yacht and other superior technology products.

All shows are exclusive and unique way to dial engraved in large and small; as shown on the timing disk is created by the unique way of carving out the superior results, even the small details also it is very clear.

Configuration including the above three new watch movement, a total of 21 EXCALIBUR new watch will be “EXCALIBUR fifth anniversary Exhibition,” with appearances, as the top watch enthusiasts a rare and unparalleled opportunity to appreciate the fun close !


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