Swatch Saves Swiss Watchmaking Industry

The late 20th century, 70, due to the rise of the Japanese watch industry, the Swiss watch industry into an unprecedented crisis. At that time, from the market share, the Swiss watch production produced in the proportion in the global market sharply from 43% to 15%; in technology, the Japanese watch industry in 1978 produced the world’s thinnest at the time watch. Swiss watch industry has been unprecedented challenges, with a century-old Swiss watch industry how to revitalize it?

Into the eighties of last century, the Swiss watch industry turning point.

In 1985, swatch — the father of Nicolas Hayek on asuag g · and ssih had lasted more than four years after the reorganization, and eventually to the merger of the two clocks, which set up a swatch group. In the “swatch” father led, swatch group soon gave birth to the world record of the latest ultra-thin sheet, and also invented a new tabulation process.


As we all know, a symbol of Swiss watch of high quality and high prices. To make Swiss watches to the public, to let more people experience the superb Swiss watches, swatch of the craftsmen who thought the use of plastic to produce a more cost-watch. Made use of plastic should be easy to watch and set the movement on the chain must also be able to install from its plastic case of the side of the movement. In addition, the plastic watchs of men’s, women’s watches all have the same base. After countless improvements, swatch group watchmakers use 51 parts instead of the usual form of at least 91 parts watch, may eventually become a plastic sheet. This is not only a daring subversion of watchmaking, but also led the Swiss watch industry swatch group embarked on a Swiss watch world, popular journey begins.

With the adoption of the Swiss quartz movement, synthetic material of the swatch watch the launch, more and more people are easy to enjoy the Swiss watch dream become a reality; while increasing sales, but also for many had been unemployed The best Swiss watchmaking technicians back on the job, the Swiss watch industry began to decline out of the bottleneck.

At the same time, swatch father — g · Nicolas Hayek in a “human rich in content, style, limited edition” design line. Year, swatch of the designers based on national culture and historical events designed the world’s limited-edition colored style watch, because both waterproof shockproof, precise timing, price and other outstanding advantages of inexpensive, swatch watch people around the world quickly like.

For example, in China, Swatch with China’s national culture, a series of “Chinese flavor” to commemorate the watch. In 2003, swatch 08 to commemorate the Beijing Olympic Games successful bid to host the special listed Dragon series; hire Li endorsement of “snow season the sky” as the representative of the mountain range; early 2006, for the Chinese Lunar New Year has launched a special watch by the Chinese consumers in hot pursuit, the design is undoubtedly the swatch to watch cultural characteristics, combined with the idea for a model of the essence.

There is no doubt, swatch of pay, is now paid off.

Since 1996, swatch watch the Olympic Games become the “pet.” 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece as well as many major international events, swatch watches have become the official timer. By the year 2002, swatch watch production exceeded 200 million, with production soaring, swatch of the market leading position continued to strengthen. Now, in the exclusive Swiss-made watches swatch has become a passion, interest caused by moving, the perfect symbol of life goals and implication of fashion history and culture collections, but also fully confirmed the swatch in the 20th century, the early 80s to the development strategies Swiss watch industry back to glory in the fact.

Swatch group leaps and bounds, impressive, it’s now already have many watch brands, including swatch (Swatch), breguet (Breguet), blancpain (Blancpain), léonhatot, omega (Omega), longines (Longines), rado (radar), tis-sot (Tissot), flikflak (Fei Fei) and bijoux jewelry and many other avant-garde brand, deserved to become the world’s leading watch group.


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