The Stainless Steel Tissot PRC200 Watch Replica

Tissot once again become the professional basketball league official time

Tissot Launched 8,888 Special Models

Tissot PRC200 replica Limited Edition series of 2008 CBA launched a grand!

Since the start of last season, Tissot has the honor to become the official basketball league time, the long-term agreement will last five years, the cooperation will cover all of China’s professional basketball league games, including playoffs, and very successful Annual All-Star Game.

Tissot friendly cooperation with the Chinese Basketball Association

Chinese Basketball League is one of the most popular television programs, and its ratings in recent years in all sports programs in China has been the highest. As new forms of promotion of the league, television coverage and the number of reports have greatly improved. The total viewing population has exceeded 400 million 2 million people. Whether overseas or domestic, the figure is any other league can not be compared. Cbachina its official website also provides an online report platform to provide all the relevant Chinese basketball league and a detailed report, the platform can also be the league’s TV coverage of a comprehensive and integrated statistics.

Francois, president of Tissot? Tim Bao said: “The great sporting events and project cooperation, for the Tissot PRC200 steel copy watch is very important because it fits the brand Tissot brand spirit and dynamic features, reflects our accurate and relentless pursuit of excellence. Tissot brand in China is the key to global development strategy. Therefore, the most popular television programs in China – Chinese Basketball League to cooperate is a matter of course, we believe that this project will in the future a better development. to provide for the Chinese basketball league service time and produce an exclusive design watches, Tissot in China to customers and cooperation partners for the more pride and Tissot. ”


Tissot replica watch time for the CBA, but also won the CBA can be made with a league and club logo watches and timers exclusive rights, Tissot company that started this sponsorship is critical. Tissot several other principal sponsor in the project, such as: the World Motorcycle Championship MotoGP, NASCAR racing and the American Automobile Federation World Championships in ice hockey are also very successfully used the same strategy, after which they will further promote the league, and fans to provide a more exciting opportunity to enjoy the fun of basketball, so that they feel Tissot CBA League and clubs for support. For Tissot, China is second only to the most important development the U.S. market. Tissot is also sponsored the first Chinese basketball, this is one of China’s two major sports.

Tissot watch masters of concern for the popular basketball league in China to develop a particular CBA PRC200 Limited Edition Automatic quartz movement watch. Limited edition of 8,888 models worldwide special edition watch, not only has the cool appearance, it is worthy of treasures.

Automatic quartz movement watch ETA205.911, the PRC200 CBA limited edition as a “quartz accuracy” and “self-winding” watch, after the power on the full string can be stored for 100 days.

In addition to available high-quality movement, the very cool watch box shape and a special collection of important factors worthy. Watch inspired by the basketball, the perfect arc on the dial as if the two-third of the pitch line, arc side of the eye-catching three digits to the watch movement to bring jump, the other side of the arc Calendar display a distinctive style, Tissot logo decorated in stripes brought against the background of steady sense.

Can be seen form the back swing watch automatic hammer, and the words engraved CBA and limited number significance. This chic watch is placed in the eye-catching basketball watch box, printed with red and white basketball Tissot watch boxes and CBA logo, off the watch box can be seen from the basketball watch top box placed inside the ball fine watches . From the inside out after a watchmakers carefully crafted watch vacated birth, it also gives great importance to the China market, Tissot and concern for the Chinese basketball.

Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, Li Yuanwei said, “This cooperation is the development of the Chinese Basketball League is a very important step. We can continue with international companies to establish partnerships that continue to develop in the CBA league and has become an international company use of Chinese sports brand founded in the Chinese market the best, most effective medium. ”

Infront Group (CBA’s advertising operator) President / CEO Blatter said, “This is a very important agreement with the well-known international brands to long-term cooperation, indicating that Chinese basketball is becoming a very attractive force sponsored by the media and methods, it can help China to attract international brand customers quickly. We believe we can work together to launch sponsorship programs and strategies for the Tissot and the Chinese Basketball Association are to achieve their goals, and to bring the two sides to huge values and interests.

PRC200 CBA limited edition goes on sale


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