Introducing The Elegant And Luxury Baume & Mercier Replia Watch

Elegance and being full of the temperament of times, tradition and not losing the modern temperament, these feature can be perfectly interpreted in Baume & Mercier replica watch for men and ladies. Each masterpiece of Baume & Mercier fully expresses the constant pursuit for exquisite and excellent craftsmanship. Beautiful Greek letter PHI has became Baume & Mericer’s brand mark since 1964 by means of its perfect emblematic meaning and the philosophy concept. PHI mark completely present the perfect, harmonious and timeless proportion, combining aesthetic art value and functional design doctrine, and incorporating noble, classical and charming temperament, and harmonious pleasing perfect proportion. Its symbolic connotation and luxury essence can also define our watch design, and the standard of pursuing the eternal and lasting style. Baume & Mercier inherits the long history, at the same time, it confirmedly gives expression to the determination to the future, and constantly pays attention to ladies by virtue of various kinds of ways. This is not the shiny design, and not aimless follows the trend. Since 1920, classic rose gold Baume & Mercier replica has became the famous watch and established its important position in the field of design by means of numerous classic watch models, such as Catwalk, Linea, Hampton, Riviera and ilea. It is a fact that this basic theory based on sexual is an adventurous try, and the result also witness the lady designer’s involvement of humanism and the attention to reality. The second phase news report is still full of the theme of women, and sincerely invites you to experience the immortal classic masterpiece of Baume & Mercier.

Today, all the watches look so similar, I dare say it is hard to distinguish from a distance, Baume & Mercier replica watch and other branded products. I tell you, all this will be changed. people began to re-think elegant and beautiful objects, not just a bracelet with a precision timer, but they fascinated the gorgeous items. because people will pay attention to worn on the wrist to the wrist watch, so the aesthetic is the most important value they want is a fully expose the watch wearer’s personality. “Paul Mercier William Baume in 1919 wrote a letter.

Baume & Mercier

In order to touch the depths of time and soul fusion, Baume & Mercier is constantly seeking, innovation, and technical constraints to break the tab, try different shapes and Smart design curve. In the creation of a new watch every time, Baume & Mercier always adhere to this basic principle. Remains from the modern tradition of celebrities every product penetration ratio eternal, perfect harmony and ultimate elegant and charming temperament. Visual fully reflected in the wear process. There are no flashy dazzling impression, do not need to fleeting fashion, replaced by the unique design of the pursuit of the perfect faek Baume & Mercier watch timeless classic design combined with modern elements of the traditional charm of the past.

PHI represents the aesthetic standards and the magic of mathematical logic, which also represents the long-lasting aesthetic value and the perfect harmony philosophy of mysterious symbols, it is also known as golden, irrational, charming figure and divine proportion. Geometry in the ratio of 1:1.618 is the perfect symbol of the eternal division. Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Parthenon, theater, Leonardo • Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso and Mondrian’s painting, Le • Le Corbusier’s architectural works, New York, United Nations Building , Stradivari violin, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, the center of sunflowers, pine core, the body structure … are using PHI standard. PHI is a constant factor, each with its geometric structure are encoded as a regular measure. As the curvature measurement needs a compass, measure the diameter need to scale, protractor measure the angle required. PHI for celebrities, it is a creative design process in a precise guiding principle is to pursue the concept of perfect harmony, but also a philosophical sense – “Classima Executives”, “Catwalk” , “Capeland”, “Diamant” and “iléa” series of watches are self-evident to reflect on this concept, rather than simply express mathematical logic.

“Watch was so surprising! But with the industrialization process, the watch manufacturer in the past 50 years has been focused on the technical level of development – accuracy and mechanics. Technology is important, but now cost-effective to buy a watch is not difficult, however, for the pursuit of aesthetic value was forgotten! look back to era of production that your grandfather’s watch, they are the real masterpiece: completely carved, inlaid chi jewelry or decorated with delicate engraving and decorative grain and we have completely forgotten these excellent quality.

In shape design, performance and price between the pursuit of the perfect balance: the design is determined by the sex of it? Not entirely true, especially when people have been successfully interpreted the women’s side. However, the instinctive nature of women in all aspects so that they become more prominent. Women gave us more interesting creative inspiration, they are not by women in this capacity, but through the unique individual to show himself and others different. “At the same design products for men and women? Opportunities and challenges!” This is a design studio in the same three designers ideas.

“Design a new classic round watch is facing one of the most difficult challenges you must be precise, with perfect proportions and attention to every details.” – Ilea series of design teacher Sabine Rochat

Iléa, is her Yoshina. The name consists of four letters, I is intimate, L on behalf of luxury, E on behalf of elegance, a representative of dynamic. In the eternal feminine and lasting commitment, the charm of her pure and noble nature of interpretation of luxury. Ilea series, is a great classic, timeless style and her very modern. She is a perfect style reflects the divine proportion, but also to express the brand of modern women and the elegance of the ultimate nature praise.

Fine details

Bracelet full of soft lines, light and shadow of each other, sophisticated design, exquisite seductive curves, the perfect blend of pure charm and ultimate charm.

Moving features

Crown set with a centrifugal exquisite diamonds, like a sign of intimacy characteristic.

Singing female charm

She has a unique and rich texture, polished and brushed the surface of each other, crafted of solid stainless steel material, some models with inlaid hand-made jewelry or fine jewelry, Ilea series celebrating the supremacy of the eternal feminine is .