Bell & Ross BaselWorld BR01 Instrument Tourbillon Replica Watch Exhibition New Items

Best qualtiy Bell & Ross replica watches compatible with the essence of traditional Swiss watchmaking and the sophisticated technology of the long, reliable performance to win the outstanding professionals in the same esteem.

Bell & Ross designers to capture inspiration from the flying time machines, and with the clarity and reliability read the two major principles, will be interpreted as professional flight total wrist timepieces.


In 2007 the brand into the top artistic level, the introduction of BR01 INSTRUMENT TOURBILLON watch, brand control complex functions witness the ability of mechanical watches.

In 2005, Bell & Ross launched INSTRUMENT series of innovative technology into traditional watch design, stylish Bell & Ross BaselWorld BR01 Instrument Tourbillon Replica watch soon to become a professional model


Undertake excellent performance in recent years, Bell & Ross again this year, the upper floor, the introduction of Luxury Bell & Ross BaselWorld replica watch series, with a new layout of the mechanical time to show the brand’s determination to study complex mechanical features.

Bell & Ross inherited form and the production of professional flight experience tourbillon watch, this year launched a strong BR INSTRUMENT MINUTEUR TOURBILLON watch and BR INSTRUMENT GRAND MINUTUER watch.

These two new concepts for the same but different layout, the assembly of two exclusive movement, tourbillon, big time disk, power reserve display and small second hand four functions perform their duties, must be demanding watch connoisseurs and professional a job well done.

BR INSTRUMENT MINUTEUR Tourbillon Chronograph

Accurate performance, excellent features, elegant style

BR INSTRUMENT MINUTEUR TOURBILLON Chronograph, contains the wonderful top-tabulation process, even when the meter instruments with superior grade, the perfect co-exist, who can resist when the total fan?

Accurate performance

MINUTEUR TOURBILLON Chronograph, set top precision timing functions and processes of the tourbillon in one respect, the embodiment of the brand technology. Expensive gold case, the framework will set off a noble tourbillon is even more moving.

Best Features

This new design ideas for the disk layout to highlight the theme of time-division, time division side dish for 3 day power reserve indicator and small second hand disk; timer dial on the left of the concentric inner and outer laps were 10 hours and 60 minutes time-scale; timing system with flyback fly back function, press the function button is automatically returned to perform three procedures: (1) stop the clock, (2) timing pointer to zero and (3) start the second time.

Elegant style

Luxurious rose gold case add elegance; carbon fiber dial and the movement of aluminum pieces of plywood to make the whole watch more light; rib-like support structure to enhance the durability case.