CITIZEN xC Ladies Replica Watches in Cheap Price 2011

CITIZEN xC square ladies watch (EW9630-50A)

CITIZEN xC Ladies replica watch (EW9630-50A)
Stainless steel / B023 light energy movement / hours, minutes show / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 100 m / referencepPrice: NT $ 13,500

Show the elegance of women
gold CITIZEN xC replica new series of brilliant summer, is different from the previous round watch classic, elegant and re-launched in summer 2011 watch the charming square design, the new interpretation of the women insist on multiple styles, respectively, black, elegant white solid panel with stainless steel case and bracelet, and with Arabic numerals, Roman numerals and other time-scales, when the sword-shaped pointer buffer slowly across the face plate, a delicate balance can be deduced European aristocratic women like style, easily captured everyone’s attention.

CITIZEN xC square ladies watch (EW9630-50E)
Stainless steel / B023 light energy movement / hours, minutes show / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 100 m / reference price: NT $ 13,500

The combination of environmental protection and fashion
Watch exclusive Duratect hard by treatment of the stainless steel case strap, not only can reduce the wear and tear of everyday life, also fascinating to impressive fake CITIZEN xC watch is always glorious bloom. In addition, CITIZEN xC equipped with light energy drives the movement, through the any light source to charge the battery without the use of batteries, will not only avoid environmental pollution worries, in the release of personal charm also showed strength on the earth, the importance of natural, fully show the perfect combination of environmental protection and fashion.

Top Classic Citizen Campanola Grand Complication Moon Phase Replica Watch

Citizen Campanola Top Class Limited Edition Watch

Citizen Campanola Grand Complication Moon Phase replica watch series grand debut in China not long ago, over a hundred social elite, many experts gathered in this watch called “time blend art, timeless collection of Choice” dinner. Campanola series in 2007, first exhibited at the Basel Watch Fair, with its luxurious design and unique temperament shocked the industry, Campanola limited edition watch – Qian Zhou, limited edition of 300 worldwide, 20 of them on sale in China.Dial from the famous Japanese “Aizu Lacquer” traditional hand-painted art master, process complexity, the details of the Department reflects the art technology division.

Lacquer Series Classic Legends – Qian Zhou, a series of collections of Citizen Campanola replica watch for, handmade, using high-end optical kinetic energy technologies, through the carved shell small dial absorb visible light, led watches, running, and have the power show month phases, stopwatch timing and many other complex functions, even more amazing is its unique lacquer dial. Xi Zhou inspired by the universe, the moon reflects the sun and clouds, the dial is dotted with gas nebulae of Sin color, so the name “Sin-chou.”

Oriental lacquer is a special traditional art, there are 7000 years of history. Contained in the East noble, exquisite attention to detail Citizen Campanola will apply to the art of lacquer dial. Color inspiration from different, such as Buddhist Qibao of Gan glass, kingfisher feathers the color of jade, ancient legends of the stars. Citizen Campanola gorgeous color lacquer series of design, some style by adding powder to create, and more glory.

Top Fake Citizen Campanola Moon Phase watch completely hand-made watch, dial, designed in three-dimensional and deep sense of coordination of the various combination of extremely fine detail. Dial and case, watch mirror common form of the “hollow beauty” is Campanola essence. Dial the plating process to 1 / 1000 millimeters in the same area takes 10 hours to repeat plating. Movement of the sculpture also reflects beauty and exquisite technology. Case curve smoothly, and was very much a mirror-like polished shine. Connection strap lug is often difficult to polish some areas. In order to achieve the fine for each minor office, designers and even Campanola designed to separate the unique combination of parts to be constructed. Bracelet by designer’s careful calculations, the various bend, shape, combination of parts to be made into various forms section, guarantee and without struggle, resting the wrist.