The Cool, Masculine Corum Ti-Bridge Replica Watch

Corum has selected an attractive Corum Ti-Bridge replica watch to accommodate the unveiling of their second in-house quality, the CO 007 movement, inspired by their famous Golden Bridge quality. As the movement might be similar the best fake Corum Ti-Bridge watch is a classic unique and stunning contemporary creation. The Ti-Bridge is really a special edition manufacture of only 750 pieces and it is a stylish and impressive accessory for the company. The 42.5 x 41.5 mm Tonneau-formed situation consists of titanium having a Polished finish on top of the situation with two sand-blasted grooves and satin-finished situation sides.
The timepiece includes a fluted titanium crown with satin and polished finishes and it is embellished with Swiss replica CORUM key 6-screw satin-finished situation-back with engraved CORUM logo design. The dial from the Ti-Bridge is non-existent as you can tell staraight throught towards the movement. The hour and minute hands are baton formed and also have been given super luminova for simple readability. The movement remains safe and secure with a Azure very with anti-reflective coating. The situation is placed on the Genuine hands sewn black crocodile leather strap having a titanium triple folding clasp. The Corum Ti-Bridge includes a energy reserve of 72 hrs and it is water-resistant to 50 meters.

High-efficiency New Corum Admiral’s Cup Seafender 47 Tourbillon GMT Replica Watch

Admiral collection is one of Corum’s most important watches. The new Admiral’s Cup Seafender 47 Tourbillon GMT watch contains tourbillon and second time zone functions. And the 12-gon arch-shaped case is a well-known sign of brand’s Admiral Collection. For half a century, the representative Admiral collection is committed to its faith and spirit, and it is deeply loved by those people who like marine motorsport. The brand pursues for excellent watchmaking crafts and adheres to its principle. It creates this excellent Croum Admiral’s Cup Seafender 47 Tourbillon GMT replica watch, which remains solid character of the original one. Corum tries its best to make its Admiral collection enter into the field of senior complicated watchmaking industry.This watch is full of sports style, and it is the first Corum replica watch of Admiral’s collection that equipped with automatic tourbillon movement. Its vibration is up to 28,800 times per hour. It has an impressive power reserve for 50 hours

Corum Admiral’s Cup Seafender 47 Tourbillon GMT watch
The new best fake Admiral’s Cup Seafender 47 Tourbillon GMT watch is equipped with C0397 automatic movement. The tourbillon located in the position of half past 10 o’clock, while the second time zone display window placed in the position of 6 o’clock. Tourbillon developed by Abraham-Louis Breguet is used to offset the gravity, which impacts the operation of the watch movement. And GMT performance shows different time in two different zones. The combination of these two functions confirms that the new Admiral’s Cup Seafender 47 Tourbillon GMT watch is committed to the top traditional watchmakign crafts. .

Admiral’s Cup Seafender 47 Tourbillon GMT watch came in 47mm diameter case with anti-glare sapphire crystal glass. Its inner layer is engraved with “CORUM” and “Admiral’s Cup”. The screw-in case back is also engraved with “CORUM” and “Admiral’s Cup”. Admiral’s Cup Seafender 47 Tourbillon GMT watch offers two models: one represents original and light, this watch came in 7075 aluminum coating case, bezel and crown; another is 18K rose gold watch, which came in 18K gold luminous pointers and hour markers. All these two watches are equipped with crocodile leader straps with water resistance is up to 50 meters.

Meet the Swiss Made Corum Admiral’s Cup Rattrapante Replica Watch

Corum Admiral’s Cup Rattrapante 44 limited edition

Corum Admiral’s Cup Rattrapante 44 limited edition
18K rose gold / self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / dual chronographs stopwatch / COSC Switzerland Observatory certification / watch diameter 44mm / glare sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 100 meters / 600 global limited reference price: NT $ 730,000

Disdain for excellence pilot
Corum Admiral’s Cup Rattrapante 44 replica watch watch company will be held in Taipei, “Corum watches exhibition” on display when the rooms from December 10 to December 16 only for a period of seven days. The display will show the watch by the Corum code on behalf of Admiral’s Cup series for the tone, style and the magnificent marine leisure luxury fashion trends throughout the audience, as a remarkable and unique taste of the feast, always bold and creative Alarmed by the Kunlun watch. High refined to show the sales watch the famous “Golden Watch Company”, a long time and professional tailor senior watch watch collection of information and services to attract collectors and those who love the watch. GONG Ming Zhang, general manager of gold watches and clocks that form the Corum and creativity has been known for precision manufacturing work, the admiral classic series also received by the market’s enthusiastic response. The Corum gold watches in the display watch is to allow players to experience the charming maritime sailing and watch unlimited possibilities.
Corum Admiral’s Cup 48 watches
Corum Admiral’s Cup 48 replica watches
18K rose gold material / self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / displays on the 12 o’clock position relative to earnings loss and the tidal strength / 9 o’clock displays the tide height and flow strength / 6 o’clock displays the tide time / watch diameter 48mm / glare sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 300 meters / reference price: NT $ 698,000

Unique super high-tech industry’s only
Admiral’s Cup is a biennial unofficial offshore sailing events for the 1983 best fake Corum Admiral’s Cup watch at the time Admiral’s Cup race winner designed by Admiral’s Cup watch, opened the prelude to this series; 1987 Corum more the establishment of the fleet, the actual participation in the sailing events, and in 1991 won the well-known international ocean races. This into pattern was carved on the navy base will watches covered the post, becoming a symbol of the series. The Corum is also sailing events to find inspiration, the 12 international maritime flag of the embodiment of color face plate scale on the time scale as the Corum Admiral’s Cup watch will be the most distinctive mark, and continues today. Admiral’s Cup 48 watches provide all the on tidal important information, including: moon phases, tide strength, estimated the height of the sea and tidal current strength of the time; three different mechanical equipment installation with tidal movement, the movement of this unique device is Kunlun from 1988 – In 1991 a total of three years of research and development within the time made, even during the Geneva Observatory and the French in brest the “Hydrology and Marine Information Centre” (SHOW) work closely with the Kunlun able to confirm its superior accuracy. This Japan, the device is still complicated the only high technology industry’s unique design. In addition to titanium case, there 18K rose gold watches to choose from.
Corum Admiral’s Cup 48 automatic watch
Corum Admiral’s Cup 48 automatic watch
18K rose gold material / self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date, week display / COSC Swiss astronomical Taiwan certification / watch diameter 48mm / glare sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 300 meters / reference price: NT $ 698,000

Extreme simplicity of line with modern luxury design
Corum, introduced in 2007 limited edition watch sailing events for the 44 pairs of 18K rose gold chronograph. Equipped with the Valjoux Corum basement specially designed for the exclusive integration of the movement device, certified by the Swiss Observatory, with two-seconds chronograph function devices, the unique black face plate for the granular shape, with rose gold time ring box. Black high-temperature vulcanized rubber crown ear and strap design, the ultimate luxury of simple lines with modern design, the world’s limited 600, issued in the Prince of Monaco and the only one from the top watch brand based “Only Watch” 2011 charity auction, the more the focus of public attention. Admiral’s Cup 48 watch, followed the Admiral series into 12 side-line of the case, in part of the crown with rubber shoulder pad protect its unique scalability is more light in the operation, after the case back to a major screw-turn disk. The most special is its use of independent watchmaking workshops developed by La Joux Perret 8325 movement, the movement was when the representatives of the most praised as reliable movement. Observatory with the Swiss certification, which is located nine o’clock positions of the eccentric seconds design is its greatest feature. 18K rose gold case design, even more extraordinary grace and bearing.
Corum Mucha Four Seasons watch
Corum Mucha Four Seasons watch
White K Gold NT $ 1,150,000, white diamond K set NT $ 1,500,000, rose gold NT $ 1,, 060,000, rose gold diamond inlay NT $ 1,390,000

Delicate brush strokes and rich colors
The Kunlun classic “Mucha Four Seasons” set of watchs, is based on well-known artist Mucha of the work, “Four Seasons” is modeled color pen to reproduce Mucha beautiful woman in the four seasons is showing the different aesthetic. There are miniature painted face plate spring four summer autumn and winter, each pattern 25 Global Limited. Miniature painting master the delicate brush strokes and rich colors, so that the beauty of a woman at the Four Seasons in view of the watch charm leap into the eyes of those, a total of white K, white K set diamond and rose gold, rose gold diamond set a total of four, put it down and appreciate works of art worth collecting. The exhibition will be the 2007 Queensland Admiral’s Cup series watch Hai-based performances, from stainless steel, titanium, 18K rose gold watch to automatic watch, time watch and tide watches, plus watch exclusive sales of gold classic “Mucha Four Seasons” and other rich display the perfect watch, to see the high degree of people who love the watch can be sure to get the chance, come to appreciate.

Best Quality Corum Admiral’s Cup Replica Watch Hands-On

Corum Admiral’s Cup watch

Corum Admiral’s Cup watch
Titanium materials / Cal. CO-753 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / Swiss Observatory identified Card / waterproof 300 m / reference price undetermined

Clear and easy identification of the new structure
Admiral left the crown 50 is a challenge to Corum Admiral’s Cup Replica watch the ultimate measurement of short-term instruments, the watchmaker and the design team in order to create the best performance of the timing measurement instruments, in particular, has increased the Admiral left the crown to watch 50 of the case; large-size design can be easily readable with a variety of watches available time information, face plate size increased, virtually standard now too, small seconds display panel, and timed the release position shown considerable disk space. Because this watch is a short creative concept the measurement of time, which omitted the display when the time set, while the visual focus of the second time the central case and sub-time on the display panel, stressed that the best reading of, and in the time scale and the scale is also marked to the same simple about the design concept. Face plate has exaggerated the top 12 o’clock a large “60” numerals, the left crown Admiral 50 chronograph will be so persuasive way to express the presentation of minutes and seconds of time, this watch is the primary image.

Mechanics of the Forza Motorsport
Admiral left the crown 50 equipped with the exclusive Corum Admiral’s Cup self-winding chronograph replica watch, the surface of its fine run rigorous jewellery and oscillating pendulum engraved with the CORUM brand name, every detail of the fine have shown high levels of watches and clocks and the pursuit of the perfect motive.

Excellent ergonomic design
Classic 12 Admiral Marine flag marked with black and white paint in case the outer edge of color, clever design of the balance of the overall simplicity aesthetic concepts. From the left in case the exact timer button has always been accurate, the crown covered with delicate precision black PVD coating, two pusher chronograph button switch located in the ten o’clock and eight o’clock position, a perfect link in the watch crown ear, on the whole, always pursue the Swiss Corum replica watch to highlight the superior functionality and excellent time to improve the accuracy guarantee the maximum score. The black and dark as the tone of calm simplicity of the concept of interwoven, but also shows that the classical tradition characterization and design aesthetics. Case is carbon black, titanium metal refining. Titanium has been using its excellent the durability and texture characteristics of light known. Kunlun team in addition to the five selected aerospace industry to build the titanium watch, but also will study how the tentacles make the wearer more comforwatch and suitable ergonomics, with the new R & D high-temperature vulcanized rubber strap, wrist range of properties with its soft paste to wear clothes, strap Corum brand logo chart more sample. Water resistant up to 990 more ft / 30 atmospheric pressure.
Corum Admiral’s Cup chronograph diamond watch
Corum Admiral’s Cup chronograph diamond watch
18K rose gold material / Cal. CO-984 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / Swiss Observatory identified card / mother of pearl on the back panel / setting 66 diamonds, weighing a total of 0.924 kt / water 50 meters / reference price undetermined

Elegant fashion fashionable dynamic
The Corum and launched a tailor-made for female admiral time drilling watch 40, the great naval brand value general series, in addition to a unique exterior design, such as the 12-sided polygon of the case as well as internationally to do the 12 maritime flags standard scale drawings too, there should be particularly designed for women relative to comfort and put it on the wrist strap, used to different from the male watch design. In addition, the Corum watch in Switzerland La Chaux-de-Fonds headquarters of the design team selection polynesian from the housing wall deep sea shells, made of mother of pearl face plate, with a magnificent light refraction was fantasy emerged sparkling effect; in the ring portion of the watch is set with a 66 VVS diamonds top level, so that people feel the beauty of their luxury.

Contains the top bright beautiful watchmaking
In addition, the strap, face plate, watch and even the crown ring on the ear have done a small delicate changes and amendments; in time yet luxurious black exterior, the only part of more colors from the case flange indicated at 12 as a time-scale sea what flag pattern, with one end in the timing pointer are the key to the shape of the Corum, showing time and time display panel pointer then coated with cold, to ensure that the interpretation at night. This watch is a stainless steel case with vulcanized rubber strap and 18 high-temperature K rose gold case with two rare crocodile leather strap watches to choose from.

Black Titanium Skeleton CORUM Golden Bridge Replica Watch

2011, called the brand’s creative, the Corum replica watch are also put on the new black watch new clothes, to show a low-key luxury. From the case, face plate and even movement, all components are added the net surface color coating, and the charming Christmas night a wonderful pair. Both titanium watch also show his black attitude.More to the technical limits of the Corum Watch challenge is made by the fifth grade titanium case, the most difficult to deal with the metal, but also the only way to deal with different polishing of titanium metal.
Corum Golden Bridge black titanium watch
Corum Golden Bridge black titanium replica watch uses lightweight solid titanium, the perfect combination of a transparent sapphire crystal case is made of fine, coated with black PVD coating introduced titanium watch styles. Titanium case set with superior technology in a contemporary, sophisticated and elegant movement of the narrow rectangular perfect match.

With watchmaker’s excellent skills, best fake Corum Golden Bridge watch ‘s inline manual-winding movement with 40 hour power reserve. After a polished deep black case, so that manual movement of gold engraved logo more eye-catching. The bridge column to the motherboard and the same is made 18K gold, accompanied by skeleton black hour and minute hands, a strong contrast. While this watch as Corum, the other permanent classic form, combined with the essence of modern and traditional watchmaking. Corum Golden Bridge black titanium watch is limited to 138.

Hands-on Corum Admiral’s Cup Grand Prix Chronograph Replica Watch

Corum Mountains form an imBlancpainrtant member of the sailing community, has long been tied to all major international tournaments. And in 2009 the sailing events in the double-Okalys and the Grand Prix (JULIUS BAER contest one of the main race) KVB watch team; this independent watch brand will continue in 2010, last year’s event, to employ talented and charismatic The Loick Peyron, declared in April at the Bol d’Or Mirabaud Race partners. At the same time, and this year marks the four pillars of the brand Admiral ㄧ the fiftieth anniversary of the birth family, the flag of the Corum Admiral’s Cup replica watch will also be filled with the shores of Lake Geneva; In order to celebrate the 2010 JULIUS BAER Cup yacht race schedule beginning the brand also launched Corum Admiral’s Cup Grand Prix limited edition 2010.Admiral words Corum Watch highest Blancpainsition on the dial at 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock in the limited direction of the word.

Corum Admiral’s Cup Grand Prix Limited Edition 2010
As a Corum Admiral’s Cup Grand Prix Chronograph repilca competition Corum watch and Okalys-CORUM an official partner of the team, especially in the Corum Admiral’s Cup Grand Prix limited edition 2010 this year, the official launch of watches, and Okalys-CORUM team team colors for the color. System equipped with a titanium case and rubber in the shape of thick crust edge cover 12, face plate is a monochrome maritime flag of the classic moments, and the hour, minutes, seconds, and two timing pins and small seconds (minutes display panel is located 3 o’clock, Small seconds at 9 o’clock plate) to Okalys-CORUM team performance of team-color classic bright orange, in stark contrast to this watch more attractive.

CO-753 movement of the vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, with 42 hours of stored Blancpainwer. Case switch on the chronograph a unique design of the system pusher stop, black rubber bezel around the glare sapphire crystal, black titanium metal and the screw case back engraved Xuan into the Best fake Corum watch after the Grand Prix trophy for the decoration. Geneva wave dial adds more uniqueness of this watch. Bright orange luminescent material manufactured minute drive, with gray eyes showed strong contrast dial, black dial carving the same material by the system.

Luminescent face plate on the hour and minute hands and deal with luminous minute mark, at the time of the central seconds hand dial color is bright orange, the shape of the key patterns Corum watch. Minutes shown in the 3 o’clock Blancpainsition, Small seconds at 9 o’clock, the same bright orange luminescent materials are to manufacturing. Date display window is located at 3 o’clock. Case outer surface of flange 12 at the 12-hour maritime flag marked, it is the classic representative of this series of unique features. Black and white look and the aesthetic design of this watch coordinated, arranged in a way to create a perfect harmony, all the time to show the performance of the Corum watch list for the quality and aesthetic design of the attention. The appearance of seemingly textile leather strap, strap hand-stitched outline of the orange line, the words engraved on the strap buckle brand. Admiral 48 time-Grand Prix limited edition commemorative watch waterproof to a depth of up to 300 meters.

In 1960 came the first series of watches admiral, set the watch a successful example of the Corum. Today, Admiral watch the birth in 2010 to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of this classic series is not only the world’s major yacht race and the famous navigator combination of its unique arched edge 12 Aesthetic Design case, and the surface 12 International Maritime disk flag standard, but also a symbol it irreplaceable in the history of the status, unique, eye-catching prominent feature. This annual event dedicated to the watch, before the upcoming October 2010 issue of listing, the global total of 100 limited edition, Taiwan quota 2.