The Glashutte Original Senator Perpetual Calendar Replica Watch

Since 1997, the Senator line has been the pillar of collection for  Glashutte Original Senator Perpetual Calendar replica. Today, this line is injected modern fashion while it maintain being as exquisite and elegant as its predecessors. The flagship of this collection is still Senator Perpetual Calendar.The Senator Perpetual Calendar with black dial is set with silver starts and a radiant silver moon, while on the silver dial version, the silver moon is revealed by the blue dial.
Glashutte Original
Handcrafted by Glashutte Original, the technical stylish fake Glashutte Senator Perpetual Calendar expresses the ongoing quest for the perfect combination between mechanical complications and art. The Saxon manufactory presented this exquisite watch which is encased in red gold with a matt black dial in last Baselworld. In this year’s Baselworld, Glashutte Original presents three new models of this beautiful watch: in red gold with a silver dial and in stainless steel with warm silver or matt black dial.

All of the Glashutte Senator Perpetual replica has a clear readability and perfect harmony. Through the anti-reflective sapphire crystal, the date, month, and the eye-catching panoramic date fully show their markers in white or black against the dial

To power the watch is the automatic movement with caliber 100-02, featuring hours, minutes and seconds, reset function, Perpetual calendar with day, month, leap year and moon phases as well as the panorama date.

Each part of the watch made with exquisite finished to enhance the artistic design. The unique Glashutte Original three-quarter plate engraved with Glashutte ribbing and the skeletonized rotor is designed to 21ct gold oscillation weight. Glashutte Original. And the movement within the watch completes with twin spring barrels and swan-neck fine adjustment.

The black Louisiana alligator leather or rubber strap is paired with red gold or stainless steel folding clasps, which complement the elegance of the Senator Perpetual Calendar to be compelling aesthetics.

Gold Glashutte Original Panograph Moon Phase Fake Watch

Glashutte replica watch has continued to lead the trend over the world, let alone the Baselworld 2012. Along with the Panograph, the PanoReserve and  PanoInverse XL as well as PanoMatilunar were added to Pano Collection to display in this Baselworld, characterized by Glashutte Original’s exquisite design and high precision. From here, you will know more about the PanoReserve, PanoInverse XL and PanoMatilunar.The back of the case is made of sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides. Inside the case is the manual winding movement with Caliber 65-01, which features hours and minutes, small second, power reserve display, second stop and panorama date.
Glashutte Original Pano collection
The PanoReserve represents a stylish and sophisticated timepiece with a subtle German touch. it is regarded as “Three variations of an Art & Technik masterpiece take to the stage at Baselworld 2012.” This Glashutte Original Panograph Moon Phase replica watch has three editions: 18ct red gold, silver and ruthenium. A red gold edition is set with a Louisiana Alligator leather strap and also available with Nubuk strap. While the silver and ruthenium edition is fitted with Louisiana Alligator Nubuk strap and also available with metal bracelet.

The Cheap Glashutte PanoInverse XL replica , known as “A successful timepiece with a twist,” is first introduced in 2008. This year, two new versions of PanoInverse XL come in with its larger case and expansive dial; one is cased in 18ct red gold while the other one is cased in stainless steel. A red gold model, limited to 200 pieces, is coupled with Louisiana Alligator leather Nubuk strap. The stainless steel model is equipped with Louisiana Alligator leather Nubuk strap and also available with metal bracelet. The sapphire crystal caseback showcases the manual winding movement with Caliber 66-05 or Caliber 66-06 that remarks hours and minutes, small second display, power reserve indicator, second stop and other finished work.

The PanoMatilunar is a superb timepiece with a fresh design. In this Baselworld, three versions of the PanoMatilunar come from Glashutte Original, the high-end German watchmaker. The versions of this watch have the completely same design as the PanoReserve. Inside the 40mm case, the automatic movement with Caliber 90-02 is displayed through the sapphire crystal case back which is treated with anti-reflective on both sides. This type of movement features hours and minutes, small second display, second stop, moon phase, panorama date as well as other exquisitely finished work.

Glashütte Original Senator Diary Replica Watch with Calendar and Big Date

Do not worry, your assistant comes: Glashütte Original Senator Diary replica watch. No other mechanical watches can allow you set the alarm up to 30 days. When you set the alarm, the tightly wind the spring, to which is responsible for everything. Take over their own lives, Senator Diary will remind you of all the important things.The right side of the crown and buttons are responsible for operating the big date window at 3 o’clock position of the ruthenium-plated dial. White gold hours, minutes and seconds further enhance the elegant feeling of the overall design.

Glashütte Original Senator Diary rose gold watch (side face)
Yellow gold Glashutte replica watch launched a new Senator Diary white gold edition watch with grey Nubuk leather strap. The watch design is delicate and symmetrical, on both sides of the case are set with two crowns, each possesses a button.

Glashütte Original Senator Diary rose gold watch (front face)

Expert’s attention will quickly focus on a calendar-style alarm – there are a small ruthenium counter with Germany silver ring at 9 o’clock and a slightly arc window indicated by red arrow at 6 o’clock. Press the button at 8 o’clock until the letter inside the window can change into “d,” rotate the crown at 10 o’clock until the red and silver pointers can choose the accurate date of 1 to 31 Arabic numerals. When setting the time, you should press the button once again, turning the letter into “h,” then rotating the crown, choosing the accurate time from 00.15 to 24.00 at the 6 o’clock window.

Glashütte Original Senator Diary white gold watch (front face)
After starting the alarm, you should press the button for the window turning into the alarm symbol (bell), and then rotate the crown to help the alarm winding. When the setting date and time are up, the alarm will beep – the longest sustained one minute. To stop the alarm (or cancel the previous setting), hold down the button at the 8 o’clock position untill the window turns into the alarm symbol (on the bell streaking a black line).

The heart of this Glashutte Senator Diary big date replica watch is the Glashütte 100-13 movement, this movement combines the 100-03 movement and a new diary special module, which has a total of 600 parts (modules have a special journal just 340 parts), In addition the few, other are designed, manufactured, processed and manually winded by Glashütte watch factory. As the craft model of Glashütte, its ingenious interlocking mechanism can be set by the wearers at the end of a month, so you do not re- set the alarm. Alarm module builds the third barrel box inside, to ensure that even if the time stopped, the alarm remains on the chain state.

Glashutte Original 100-13 self-winding movement
100-13 self-winding movement puts forward the further proof for Glashütte. It is equipped with three fourth plywood, polished stainless steel parts, poured angle and blue steel screws. These exquisite decorations can be completely seen by the sapphire crystal glass.

In addition to these models, Glashütte Original Senator Diary watch is also available in stainless steel and rose gold version. The latter uses rose gold case, rose gold hour, minute and sliding second hand, silver dial is equipped with rose gold hour markers, small diary-style alarm disc date display and diary-style alarm time window’s small indicative arrow at 6 o’clock, consistently use the color blue. All versions are equipped with elaborate Louisiana crocodile leather strap.

You Will Love The Fake Glashütte original watch music festival award


Glashütte Music Awards trophy

Replica Glashütte Original Music Award in 2004 by the Dresden Music Festival’s top watch brand Glashütte Germany jointly set up. The award granted to those who make a significant contribution to the art of the artist. Get Glashütte Music Awards Lifetime Achievement Award are: German conductor Kurt Mather President, American dancer John Neumeier President, German opera conductor Joachim Herz, Mr. Dan Clem Latvian violinist Gidon kremer and Mr. German singer Christa Ludwig.

As the conductor 2009 Gustava Dudamel received his ladies’ Glashütte replica watch, this award has a new meaning. This is the first Glashütte Music Awards were awarded to young artists to make a significant contribution to the aim of encouraging more young people. Similarly, the young Russian Valery Gergiev, Mr. – the famous Mariinsky Theater director also received this award in 2010.

Glashütte Music Awards trophy

Glashütte Music Awards replica trophy by the brand Glashütte watchmaking school Alfred Hai Weige two apprentices making. Each year 12 young watchmakers and three tool makers of this watch school graduation. Trophy design is traditional watchmaking and modern materials combine. Trophy of the upper part represents the highest level of watchmaking flying tourbillon – 1920 by the German town of Glashütte watchmaking school instructor invented by Alfred Haiwei Ge.

Glashütte Germany’s top mechanical watch brands, watch full range of its high load-made movement. 165 years of the inheritors of the German watchmaking. Glashütte Original and high quality watch is a symbol of the German engineering and manufacturing excellence of natural expression.

Glashütte Original Replica Celebrated the Success of the 61st Berlin International Films Festival

From the opening night to the ceremony, Glashütte Original replica lounge and showroom ushered in more than 500 distinguished guests everyday. In Europe’s fastest elevator ride to reach Potsdamer Platz 1, Kollhoff the top floor of the VIP showroom in Glashütte, including Germany, Mr. President Christian Wulff, the Berlin Film Festival, Mr. Chairman Dieter Kosslick and many famous directors, stars and film crew.
Glashütte Original

Ms. Isabella Rossellini, 2011 Berlin Film Festival International Jury President and her colleagues – Bollywood super star Aamir Khan visited more than once, Mr. Glashütte lounge and showroom. Glashütte looked out from the lounge you can see beautiful scenery, but also a suiwatch access site.

VIP hall and exhibition hall design originated from in the 1970s adventure movie, hospitable staff wearing uniforms pilots and crew, the windows is close to the 40-year history of the Berlin Film Festival review. The lounge and showroom layout and Glashütte to commemorate the 61st Berlin Film Festival has produced a watch – watch the calendar seventies big echoes, this watch is vintage Glashütte to commemorate the seven 1980s gift. This new Glashutre replica watch for guests showed great interest, while others enjoyed the display of the watch. A young watchmaker in the showroom the other side of the display for the guests watch the fun. Many of the new watch is the first time in 2011 during the Berlin Film Festival show, the German high-end Glashutte moon phase replica watchmaking art event to pay tribute to the German culture!

In this interview guests with Norwegian director and actress Liv Ullmann, Ms.; Irish actor Brendan Gleeson President; Jonathan Sagall President and his Lipstikka crew; German film director Wim Wenders in the VIP room for his new work – “PINA” held conference. His dance film records the Wubotaer dancer Pina Bausch Dance Theatre. Mr. German President Christian Wulff visited the conference, and with crew members and cast a cordial conversation. Barber Si Beige studio, the legendary German film studio, also held a Glashütte VIP reception.


2011 Glashütte Original Seventies Panorama Fake Watch with Date Cal.39-47

Glashütte Original Seventies Panorama Date replica is to grab people’s attention, from cars to aircraft; from furniture to fashion, have become an important representative of seventies. In this decade, the stunning new art and design, even today can also see the shadow of its design. New Horizons provides a seventies look at the world, watching the big screen shot from the moon to the earth amazing images of Star Wars science fiction almost equal degree. The new high capacity aircraft, making everyone realize the distant adventure, and the young generation of people can explore the Earth. Science fiction and space adventure from the design inspiration, quickly reflected in the daily necessities, including cars, chairs and watches, has emerged simple, curved, and the dynamic sense of flow lines.Arc sapphire crystal case back that provides excellent wear resistance and comfort, compared to polishing with the abrasive manner of the stainless steel case and bracelet, fully revealing the distinctive appearance and flavor of retro seventies.

It was received from the seventies with the design and refined appearance, becoming today’s classic. To view the full ten-year risk and the general salute, the replica Glashütte Original Seventies Panorama big date watch seventies big date. Young German Design for defendants and the Glashütte watchmaking tradition of the Seventies Panorama Date collection, there are three watches. They have a remarkable feature seventies, streamlined stainless steel case the arc curve, revealing the spirit of seventies attractive design. Germany face plate made of silver, with silver, ruthenium, and three versions of the blue, ruthenium-plated face plate engraved with the sun radiating lines; silver version is a beautiful classical flavor; delicate blue face plate is from center to edge with the shading. Another proud of the series features, is inlaid with white hour markers and K gold or rose gold hands. 
Glashütte Original Seventies Panorama Date watch

Glashütte Original Seventies Panorama Date watch

Elaborate four metal chain belt, according to the wearer to adjust the wrist circumference of a perfect, all thanks to the brand specially developed patented strap fine-tuning the system, made of double G logo buckle chain is not only a Glashütte Original replica watch, but also an excellent fine-tuning body to a cell of a millimeter (mm) means fine-tuning, adjuswatch up to a total of 8 8 mm grid, completely obedient to the perfect state of the wrist. Chain with a screw in each chain begin with a seamless connection, compared to the traditional ways to connect to emboli more durable and easy removal. Buckle on both sides of the watch with a safety switch, push in to open the buckle to prevent accidental turn off watch cause.

Glashütte Cal.39-47 Automatic movement

Tribute to the seventies, carrying Cal.39-47 self-winding movement, sapphire crystal case back through the arc, you can enjoy this quality of self-movement, experienced from the traditional watchmaker Glashütte watch factory It is also since 1845 been the cradle of the production of mechanical watches top!

Best Quality Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Replica Watch with Date

Rose gold case Black dial surround, elegant and independent, revealing a trace of anti-modern style.

The design of the 1960s, continue to bring our 10 years of the 20th century, inspiring life. During this unique design creativity and cleaned up everything, from music to movies, from architecture to product design, left their mark in various fields. Standing in their own world, the Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama date replica watch to never forget a large design and true German fashion tribute to the spirit of that era.Big Calendar sixties traditional mechanical watch is an excellent technology and six years of watchmaking design the perfect combination of gorgeous classic.

Rose gold case around a black dial. Do not have the charm of white Arabic numerals, rose gold hands, diamond cutting time scale, of course, white on black large calendar display. Elegant and independent, revealing a trace of anti-modern style.

Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama replica different calendar display in the vaulted great plating black dial particularly noticeable. 3,6,9,12 point to a time scale not have the charm of the Arabic figures, and with a white minute ring. Tail slightly curved rose gold hour, minute and second hands, and diamond cutting time scale, but also to enhance the design elegance.
Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date Watch

Through the sapphire crystal at the end, you can see 39-47 self-winding movement and 21K gold automatic swing Tuo.

Through the sapphire crystal at the end, you can clearly see the 39-47 self-winding movement and 21K gold automatic swing Tuo. Fine polished rose gold case and black Louisiana crocodile leather strap, so retro classic design more perfect. top fake Glashütte Big Calendar watch while the sixties have two colors silver and black dial to choose from.

Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date watch

Technical parameters
No. :39 -47-02-01-04 printed crocodile leather strap in the back of Anna Louis
Case diameter: 42.0 mm
Thickness: 12.4 mm
Case material: red and gold
Glass: double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass
Watch at the end: sapphire crystal glass
Movement: Caliber 39-47
Size: diameter 30.95 mm, thickness 5.9 mm
Balance: balance of silver in Germany
Oscillation frequency: 28,800 vph, is equal to 4 Hz
Power reserve: 40 hours (+ / – 5%)
Balance spring: Nivarox flat springs
Shock device: Incabloc
Jewels: 39
Other: Automatic movement, plating black dial, sweep seconds, large calendar window at 6 o’clock, luminous coating with red gold hands, luminous hour mark. Fine grinding movement, polished steel parts, beveled polished, decorated with stripes Glashütte 3 / 4 plywood, with, with 21K gold decoration, and decorative hollow Glashütte stripes automatically placed Tuo, gooseneck tuning

Hands-on Glashutte PanoInverse XL Replica Watch

Glashutte Original PanoInverse XL watch

Glashutte PanoInverse XL replica watch
18K white gold / Cal.66 manual winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / tourbillon device / power storage display / sapphire crystal mirror

Creative fine-tuning device double gooseneck
Glashütte Original introduced in 2002 Double goose neck type tuning device, this was originally made for the movement of the creation Cal.65 mechanism to accurately adjust the balance wheel frequency of movement speed, this mechanism is a fixed bridge in balance board, its design is one of the rare creative fake Glashutte PanoInverse XL watchmaking. Double gooseneck is not just a technical fine-tuning the mechanical mechanism, it is visually a major focus of attention of the perfect function of the device, which is also the Glashütte Original watch factory designer watches designer and movement who tried to do all of this magnificent machine mechanism to show the main reason on the face plate, and finally, in the BASEL 2011 exhibition, PanoInverse XL watch the exciting process of its transparent appearance by others. These re-changes involve three main elements of the design movement of plywood must be re-arranged, the movement bearing wheel system also needs to re-install gear set, the location of power reserve display mechanism must be arranged so that it can make a perfect side dish on the proportion of regrets, finally, the new R & D restructuring Cal.66 Thus was born the manual winding movement.

In order to achieve the design performance of the above, in the mechanical movement in the structure contains a number of different combinations, including parts, wheel department of combinations must be re-produced or re-development. Some of the most important changes to rearrange the balance wheel is fixed deck location, and arrangements must be re-sprocket system, which is also derived from the balance wheel must be re-designed brake springs. More further round of change also includes the direction of transmission correction, face plate design also needs to rethink.

Glashutte Original PanoInverse XL watch watches did not follow the general to completely cover the surface of plate movement design practices, but will watch necessary to display a small needle circle design to replace the general face plate, try to make each part of the movement can be directly in the mirror the following are clearly visible. Black eccentric hours, minutes and seconds display circle and 3,9,12 o’clock position of the needle sparkling rose gold material Arabic numerals contrast, the other in the movement of the symbol with elements of Glashütte watchmaking tradition, such as gold sleeve, blue steel screws, etc., are even better on a silver shine splint. Fine polished rose gold hands in three-quarters of plywood, the light across the power reserve display, the wearer can be left clear that the current power winding movement information. There is no hidden in the Glashutte replica watch design, the hand-carved decorative patterns of the balance wheel and the wonderful double fixed deck gooseneck tuning is undoubtedly focused its attention on the movement of the host. Balance sheet at a fixed rule of the swing bridge to the most charming the method of display time, every clever details of the process, are so PanoInverse have the most unparalleled art beauty. The only unique watch with polished rose gold or platinum case, with black or brown, Louisiana that crocodile leather strap.

Glashutte Golden Dragon Replica Watch with Diamonds Bezel


Glashutte Golden Dragon Replica Watch
18K white gold / Cal. 100 self-winding movement / hours, minutes show / face plate painted enamel / sapphire crystal lens face / Global Limited nine sets of nine full

Watch awe-inspiring debut, Taichung Astronomy
Boutique focused on the spending power Taichung, Taiwan’s only only a limited set of Glashütte Original (GLASHÜTTE ORIGINAL) Dragon Wall Kowloon sets of watchs, astronomical clocks for the first time in Taichung, Taiwan Watch fans to meet. The dragon Wall is the most ancient porcelains and Europe – German Meissen porcelain Meissen together to create a full set of nine, limited only nine sets of the world. It is worth mentioning that, inspired by the very front of the hall imperial Forbidden City, “Nine Dragon Wall,” the Dragon wall Kowloon sets of watchs; in its crystal clear enamel surface, with Kowloon hand-painted, each dragon totem were tossed freely and different patterns.
GLASHUTTE ORIGINAL 1878 Moritz Grossmann limited edition
GLASHUTTE 1878 Moritz Grossmann replica limited edition
18K rose gold material / Cal.100-11 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / manual blue steel hands / watch diameter 40mm / sapphire crystal, transparent case back / Limited 130

German technology show
The exhibition theme, in addition to Taiwan the only set of Dragon Wall, Kowloon, sheet sets and more full range of 2008 new products, such as flip it – in Germany PanoInverse XL, the most important feature is the movement of the flip to positive hand, the classic double-gooseneck tuning, three-quarters of plywood and gold sleeve and other German machinery technology, all at a glance. In addition, specifically for the just completed in May 2008 the Best fake Glashütte museum 1878 launched read the watch, will also be presented in this together, and another to demonstrate a variety of ladies mechanical watch is expected to be launched in Taichung another round of chasing the German technology boom.

2011 Glashutte G. O. Senator Navigator Automatic Fake Watch

Glashutte G. O. Senator Navigator 2011 Limited Edition

Glashutte G. O. Senator Navigator Replica 2011 Limited Edition
Stainless steel / Senator 100 self-winding movement / hour, minute, seconds display / first returned to zero seconds, short 60 second timer / sapphire crystal, transparent case back / retro-style leather strap / watch diameter 44 mm / water 50 m / Rimowa limited edition watch collection box / with tools, spare stainless steel case back, after, dark green canvas strap skinned/ Limited 100 / Taiwan is only 10 / Reference Price: NT $ 267,000

Top quality brands to work together in Germany
Following the Senator Navigator first launched in 2006, after great acclaim in 2007, Glashütte then “limited version of “face which launched military form, the more top-quality suitcase with Germany RIMOWA, together to create this common mot only listed the first sensation of Senator Navigator, RIMOWA the classic sense of the future full of aluminum and silver dream Magic Suitcase, the way in miniature, as the GO limited military special watch watch box, rough military men yellow gold Glashutte fake watch with a full sense of the future REMOWA, double Germany’s top brands together to create original German flavor!!

Retro 40’s limited military flight detection watch
Air watch must have a high degree of accuracy, and even in places with poor lighting, as the reading of the superior. Senator Navigator is a traditional-style black dial and large Arabic numerals and the linear scale to display minutes and seconds. As early as Glashutte replica watches, in order to provide the best night vision, and all the whole point of the dual scale, fine scale of minutes, Hour minute and second hands are embedded in luminous SuperLumiNova. In addition, 12 places have special triangular Tag makes it easier for dial positioning. Only 100 worldwide limited edition of 40 limited edition replica of the watch’s military flight investigation is GO quality stainless steel material for the first time in limited edition in 2007, the German plant to reduce the production of stainless steel models under the policy Senator Navigator’s rarity and value of the collection will not lose the precious metals for the demands of the general section of the watch.

Top self-movement Cal. 100
In The Satin finish, solid stainless steel in 44 mm, equipped with excellent self-winding movement Caliber 100. Its characteristics are (1) two-way step on the chain (2) double barrel. Watch second hand independent of the watch itself can be outside of active, It can be configured with zero mechanism, which makes it easier to synchronize the second hand is feasible. When the watchs are pulled when the crown, the watch of the balance wheel will keep running as usual, which means that the movement will still be operational. Zero by an independent mechanism initiated by the very special.