Speaking With Unique GRAHAM Chronofighter Stuffy Limited Edition Replica Watch

GRAHAM Chronofighter Stuffy Limited Edition

GRAHAM Chronofighter Stuffy replica watch
Stainless steel, PVD materials / Cal.G1722 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / chronograph function / observatory COSC certification / watch diameter 43mm, with crown 55mm / power reserve of 42 hours / 30 stone / earthquake frequency 28,800 / sapphire crystal mirror / water 50 meters / 110 global limited, PVD only 30 models only / reference price: NT $ 238,000  In addition to the unique design of the face plate outside, Chronofighter stuffy limited edition stainless steel watch case handled by the PVD, which is great series crown the first attempt, and with black cloth strap, full face plate and shell with echoes.

Air Force General to pay tribute to Sir Hugh Dowding
Tabulation process will be carried forward top British brand GRAHAM, then this brand new Chronofighter series presented in front of the world. Top quality Fake GRAHAM Chronofighter Stuffy limited edition to commemorate the in 1940, during World War II comes to careful strategy and operational model, the success ratio of combat power at that time the British repulse several times in the German military strength of Hugh Caswall Tremenheere Dowding will. Since the record is Sir Hugh Dowding concept for the design of the Air Force on the subject, so GRAHAM it was Sir Hugh Dowding to nickname Stuffy name to this watch, while the six o’clock position of the face plate is also “A Tribute To SIR HUGH DOWDING “the words, the only special commemorative watch to bring value and meaning.

Unique face plate design
GRAHAM Chronofighter Stuffy continuation of limited edition watch the appearance of the British crown big powerful style, face plate painted on the famous River Thames the British (about four o’clock in the face plate to eight o’clock at the position), three o’clock position for small second hand set, while nine o’clock on a 30-minute drive time a fire totem, the design inspiration is from the Second World War Royal Air Force fighter planes during the main ─ ─ Foo Fighters (Spitfire).

Replica GRAHAM Chronofighter watch series features the most unique design is its unique crown, just use the right hand thumb to control start, stop and zero the timer function. This particular design of the original inspiration for the crown to side British Royal Air Force will be flying in the air, or fighting, can do an efficient and precise timing, so in the case of the left there is a larger size crown and connecting rod, so that the pilot even at an altitude of 8000 meters with a thick high-altitude flight thick gloves can also be flexible to your right thumb to control timing rod, manual operation will minimize the timing error low. Chronofighter operation is very simple, time of start or stop function under the thumb rests the crown arc type of link control, zero is the case by at ten o’clock on the button, the chain can directly turn the crown, the operation is very simple.

46mm GRAHAM Swordfish Watch with Black Knight Yellow

GRAHAM Swordfish Black Knight Yellow 46 Mm

GRAHAM Swordfish replica Black Knight Yellow
PVD stainless steel material / G1710 self-winding movement, power reserve of 42 hours / hours, minutes, small seconds display / chronograph watch function / exclusive processes 15% of the mirror effect can be enlarge / watch diameter 46mm / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 100 meters / limited 500 / reference price: NT $ 250,000

Cutting-edge avant-garde design concept
Swordfish Black Knight Yellow Swordfish version still continued to watch the unique characteristics of series, including the large size of 46mm case, bold the design shape and color, left home version of the crown, etc., all swordfish are clearly demonstrate the unique characteristics of watch. This section best fake GRAHAM  sword fish watch equipped with G1710 automatic chronograph movement with 42 hours power reserve display; watch is practical and easy to control, face plate with a clear and easy to read luminous hour markers, 12 hours and small seconds display panel instructions are all located in the three o’clock, nine o’clock show is 30 minutes drive, amplify the effect through a sapphire crystal lens, making the wearer easy to operate.

Only solid Swordfish Black Knight Yellow special edition watches, rubber strap with anti-allergy or a sporty leather watch band; cutting the crown and face design with Clous de Paris decoration of the press to being placed in the left or right side of the case, wearing the use of the thumb or index finger may easily manipulated. As with all new style GRAHAM replica , swordfish watch for each, are in-depth distal to the most subtle, each aesthetic value in a design has a deeper meaning behind meaning. This section have left swordfish watch crown (L) and right crown (R) in two versions, the limited edition 500.