The Energetic I-Gucci Wristwatch

I-Gucci ‘GRAMMY Museum’ wristwatch is a latest edition of I-Gucci XXL Sport replica Collection. The benefit of this wristwatch will donate to sport the classic music conservation and storage project held by Gucci and The Grammy Museum. I-Gucci watch has a 49mm big case and contains a serious of technological parts, for example the double numbers time display, double time zone display, date display and alarm collection. Grammy Museum special edition even has some new complicated function, including spilt second movement, countdown function, speed measurement and special designed navigation chronograph for surfing competitions. The latest gucci i-gucci xxl gents replica watch is equipped with luminous background and the hands can replace the number to show local time.The one who wears this I-Gucci watch will be a focus among the crowd. And it is a very practical and stylish timepiece for daily wearing or attending important occasions.
I-Gucci watch
The most outstanding specialist of this collection is there ‘GRAMMY Museum Gucci Limited Edition’ characters sealed at the bezel. The grey PVD polished back case also carved with the logo of Grammy Museum logo. The surface is made of brilliant black and golden color which is perfect match the black leather strap. The Swiss made logo is at 6 o’clock, which is a powerful witness to prove this watch’s statues. elegant Gucci replica watch is a close partner of Grammy Awards and this watch is full of musical style.

I-Gucci Sport functions cover number display, double time zones display, date display and alarm clock. The LCD technology will help to display time in a very direct and clear way. The wearable and durable sapphire crystal made surface shows Swiss made exquisite craftsmanship. This watch will be recommended as a limited edition, so it will be a very hot item. The creative appearance design can meet the fashion trendy very well.

GUCCI Twirl Heart & Twirl Rubber Stainless Steel Case

GUCCI Twirl Heart watch

GUCCI Twirl Heart Replica watch
(Left) stainless steel / hours, minutes show / pink mother of pearl surface / Wide 23.5mm / reference price: NT $ 31,000, (right) stainless steel / hours, minutes show / pink mother of pearl surface / skinny 16.8mm / participation test price: NT $ 31,000The Twirl Heart watch with a white and pink mother of pearl surface, not only feel more beautiful and elegant; and with a 18K gold case decorated with 34 diamonds, precious watches.

Soulmate watch is full of clever design
The GG logo design Twirl watch series begin with a 360-degree flip the main case for the design-oriented, as is to elegant fake GUCCI Twirl Heart watch looks like a bracelet can be worn normally, and continues to introduce new design, is to become a major favorite female customers one of the reasons. And this spring, has launched a Twirl Heart series, but also can be seen mainly in the year GUCCI “Love and Care” as the theme of the design of the package section, and accessories, Twirl Heart to GG hollow bracelet, complete the United States into the hollow of the “heart-shaped” design, superior technology will not only show the brand tradition, but also full of ingenuity.
Gucci Twirl Rubber watch
Gucci Twirl Rubber watch
(Left), stainless steel case / hours, minutes show / Black GG embossed rubber bracelets, black matte surface / W Version 23.5 mm / reference price: NT $ 27,000, (right) stainless steel case / hours, minutes show / white GG embossed rubber bracelets black matte surface / Wide 23.5mm / Reference Price: NT $ 27,000

Show women elegant style
Compared to Twirl Rubber series, it is a bold use of rubber material as the strap part of the pressure on the rubber bracelet India GG logo, so that texture perfection; and a considerable variety of colors to choose from, and have their own characteristics, black and white paragraph of the best Swiss Gucci replica watch show the generous, elegant, full of personal charm, pink watch is the revealed priorities of women-owned elegant style, not only adorable pink looks more radiant. Twirl new watch models provide a variety of multi-element with a choice of arbitrary sway exclusively GUCCI unique taste, but also for fashion in 2009 opened a new page.