Hamilton Replica Watches CEO Sylvain Dolla Interview

Hamilton Watches CEO Sylvain Dolla Interview ABTW Interviews


Navigating the replica watch segment of €500 to €1,200 is like sailing in stormy seas. To get to safe harbour at the end of the year as one of the best-selling brands is a veritable feat, especially if there is a perfect storm brewing in the form of low sales, cut-throat competition, and the emergence of smartwatches. I’ve known Sylvain Dolla, Hamilton’s CEO, for some years now, and he has always been extremely agreeable and open. I managed to talk to him just before Baselworld to find out his thoughts on Hamilton’s sales strategy, how the brand wants to face the “connected” phenomenon, and his strategy in Hollywood.

Hamilton Watches CEO Sylvain Dolla Interview ABTW Interviews


aBlogtoWatch (ABTW): Just to have an idea of where Hamilton is today, which are your main markets?

Sylvain Dolla: For the last seven years, we have had fantastic growth and we are present in 70 countries. But in terms of sales, the main markets are Italy, US, Japan, Korea, and China. In Europe, Spain is very important because it is the third market for us after Italy and France. In fact, France and Spain are nearly at the same level.

ABTW: Why are you so successful in your market?

Sylvain Dolla: If you look at our main markets (Italy, Spain, France, Korea) they are the most demanding in terms of sophistication in products. And the press is the pickiest in terms of looking at details and perceived value. Japan is a trend-setting market in Asia, and Italy is probably the leader in terms of style for replica watches. So I’m very happy that the brand is performing well in one of the most demanding replica watch markets.

Hamilton Watches CEO Sylvain Dolla Interview ABTW Interviews


ABTW: You say that Spain demands quality and sophistication, is price a factor too?

Sylvain Dolla: Price is important everywhere, and more and more people want to buy a quality product with real history at a right price. And for that, Hamilton is perfect because it has a rich history, an authentic history. We don’t invent stories, for instance, when we talk about Hollywood – it goes back to 1950; or when we talk about aviation, because it goes back to right after WWI. People are more and more conscious about brand content. Nowadays people know more and more, and when they go to a shop they know exactly what they want, and they care about authenticity. And of course they do not want to be fooled. We are the leaders of the €500-1,200 mechanical replica watch segment because people know there is a lot of value in the product. We are talking about dials, the way we apply indexes with satin and polished contrast… lots of details that make the product feel nice at a reasonable price. At €500 or €1,200, it is already a lot of money, even if in the replica watch industry it is called entry price. For normal people this is money, and if I am going to spend €1,000 on something, I am going to think twice what I spend it on, and I don’t just want a name. I want something with content, with fine details. That’s why we rank so high.

Hamilton Watches CEO Sylvain Dolla Interview ABTW Interviews


ABTW: And how do you balance your American heritage with Hamilton being a fully Swiss company?

Sylvain Dolla: Actually, for us it is great to have this dual nationality. We have an American upbringing, so to speak, and it is an inspiration for us. We have been in more than 400 movies so far, and this year we are coming up again in a movie, in Independence Day: Resurgence. We have Elvis Presley (you can see the Elvis Ventura 80 replica watch hands-on here). That’s why our new collection is called Broadway, and we want the replica watch to be a permanent reminder of New York. We will never neglect the American part in favor of the Swiss part. To inspire people, our American Heritage is the key, and the Swiss part gives credibility about reliability.

ABTW: How do you get the Hollywood studios to use your replica watches over other brands?

Sylvain Dolla: We don’t have to sell it, they already know us. We know the costume designer, the prop master…. We’ve been working with them since 1950. When they want replica watches, they come to us. When Christopher Nolan did Interstellar and he wanted one specific replica watch designed for the movie he knew he could contact us and we would do it in record time, a concept replica watch we don’t even sell. You cannot delete 60 years of collaboration just like that.

Hamilton Watches CEO Sylvain Dolla Interview ABTW Interviews


ABTW: So, for instance, The Martian. Someone came to you and said “I want a BelowZero for Matt Damon?”

Sylvain Dolla: Actually they came and asked for a different model, and we said, “are you sure?” So we looked at the script at a very early stage and we were able to sway their decision slightly. Or some other times, as I said, we customize them for the movies.

ABTW: Would you say that one of your main competitors are the sister companies of the Swatch Group like Certina, Tissot, Mido…?

Sylvain Dolla: I wouldn’t say that because without the Swatch Group we would never be where we are today. Several of the replica watches we present this year come from ideas that we had and took to ETA to develop. Any company would love to have access to such powerful sources of technology. What is true, however, is that the leaders of the market are companies like those you have mentioned and, yes, they are very big in our price segment.

ABTW: This year brands have not gone crazy with novelties, there are not very many newcomers on the scene…

Sylvain Dolla: Well, we are presenting 57 new references. Actually, we are bringing two strategic product launches: Khaki Navy Frogman (hands-on here) and Broadway. And then the Khaki Field has new cases and new dials.

Hamilton Watches CEO Sylvain Dolla Interview ABTW Interviews
Hamilton Broadway Auto Chrono replica watch

ABTW: Well congratulations, that is certainly not the tendency of the market these days because things are rough: costs are going up, sales are going down, January was a shock for everybody and…

Sylvain Dolla: They were excellent for Hamilton, and February was fantastic too.

ABTW: Well, congratulations again! But do you think brands will follow that path of being more cautious, of taking things more slowly?

Sylvain Dolla: Let me say first that if I look at Hamilton in the US and Japan, I have to say that the market is not bad at all. But coming back to your question, I think the day you stop being creative you die. If you only think about sales when you are developing your product, you will not last longer than a few years. If we start to restrict ourselves because there is a tough market situation, it would be a terrible mistake. For instance, this year we launched not one, but two limited editions, well out of the average Hamilton price range: one at €3,700 and the other at €5,000 – a solid-gold replica watch! We sell a gold replica watch every, I don’t know, 10 years, because it is not our core business at all.

What I mean to say is that we need to continue being creative. It doesn’t mean launching too many replica watches. We took the decision to launch between 50 and 60 references per year and not more. Because even when times are good, retailers do not have unlimited space. So it would be crazy to double that quantity. You have to be realistic in terms of size, not of the environment.

Hamilton Watches CEO Sylvain Dolla Interview ABTW Interviews


ABTW: There is a common saying in the market that the “limited edition” concept is just another marketing gimmick. What is your opinion on that?

Sylvain Dolla: I would say that for some brands it might be a marketing tool, but for us it is just being reasonable: crazy ideas are great, but they do not sell by the tens of thousands. We have to be rationally crazy. And a limited edition can also be the source for future best sellers. The new gold replica watch, I love it so much I wouldn’t be surprised if in two or three Baselworlds you see a whole new collection based on this design.

ABTW: Connected replica watches. After a 2015 full of uncertainties, everybody is now thinking that smart replica watches can and will affect the quartz segment and not so much the mechanical replica watch market. If quartz replica watches generate around 27% of the sales of Swiss replica watches, then smart replica watches pose a real threat. Since TAG Heuer launched its connected replica watch and promoted it the way it did, smart replica watches now seem as legit as mechanical ones. To me it is a horrendously dishonest concept, but the truth is it is working for them, they are selling them well. Would you ever consider making a smart replica watch?

Hamilton Watches CEO Sylvain Dolla Interview ABTW Interviews


Sylvain Dolla: For us it is very clear. First, I’m not very enthusiastic about smart replica watches. I follow the market because I started in the Swatch Group on smart replica watches, the Swatch Paparazzi (the replica watch developed with Microsoft). So I could have pushed it on Hamilton, but we haven’t done it. First of all, our big success is with mechanical movements. People want to buy something that is not going to be obsolete in a couple of years. More than 80% of our sales are mechanical replica watches. These past years we have developed new movements and we will continue doing so, as you will see next year at Baselworld.

Having said that, we love technology. But whatever we may develop in the next years at Hamilton, it will remain a replica watch. A fine replica watch. It doesn’t mean it won’t integrate elements of intelligence or technologies, but it will remain a replica watch. And I will never make the compromise of integrating technology that will make a Hamilton replica watch obsolete in two years. That’s not what we are and that’s not what we need. I agree that in the €100 to €500 segment connectivity will be very important, but not in upper price markets. Yes, they will sell a lot at the beginning because it is cool, but afterwards… Look, prices are going down drastically, and smart replica watches seem to be working only on the very entry-level price point rather than at our price point.

Hamilton Watches CEO Sylvain Dolla Interview ABTW Interviews


Technology, we need it and we love it. But, again, replica watches. Not consumer electronics. I come from that market and don’t want to go back to it again because you are so focused on price that you lose all possible creativity.

ABTW: So, would you consider doing something along the lines of Montblanc’s E-Strap (that they apparently abandoned), for instance? But as soon as you incorporate electronics you have the obsolescence problem.

Sylvain Dolla: That’s why I said for Hamilton everything is replica watches. And if we integrate intelligence it is not at the price of obsolescence.

ABTW: For me, the best idea so far is the Swatch Bellamy because it is cheap and can reach the biggest consumer base: youngsters. I mean they cannot use a smart replica watch for their digital life because it is so intense; they need a phone to write, to take pictures to record videos… a smart replica watch is too small for that. But what do youngsters do? They consume. They buy stuff all the time, and for that, the Bellamy is perfect because it is cheap and it works in all the places they go to consume.

Hamilton Watches CEO Sylvain Dolla Interview ABTW Interviews
The smart replica watch debate has brought Sylvain to the edge of his seat. He is very vehement when he wants to make his point clear and moves his whole upper body to stress his points on this matter. But he never loses his smile.

Sylvain Dolla: True, and you don’t have to charge it. In Hamilton, as long as it is something that you don’t need to charge, we will do it.

ABTW: And would you consider selling your dials through iTunes or Google Play to be worn on smart replica watches?

Sylvain Dolla: I worked in the consumer electronics market, and I wanted out. I will not make the mistake of pushing Hamilton in that direction. It would be the biggest mistake. We may have technology coming to Hamilton at some point down the road, but it will be a replica watch. A fine replica watch.

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Hands-on Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Limited Edition Replica Wrist Watch

At the time that Hamilton entered the 120 anniversary of the timing of land, sky and sea, Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer replica Limited Edition watch reproduced deep ocean history of the brand. The precise timepiece is elaborately contemporary interpretations of the 1940’s Hamilton marine chronometer, with the dual use of the watch and desk clock. Conversion of the two forms is very clever and simple, highlighting the essence of modernity. This watch is based on the year of establishment of company in limited edition of 1,892 only and each is attached the serial numbers and exclusive Pará rubber trees box reproducing the wartime “predecessors”. Its design combines the proven pioneering spirit and dedication to detail to create the extraordinary appearance and performance. The wearer can choose to enjoy contemporary precise timing on the wrist or proudly put the Swiss Made Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer replica  watch on a safe and balance position of the desk or watch box without bring any negative impact to the and trend and operation.Tailor-made desk clock stainless steel universal joints or stitching leather strap to firmly fix the watch on the wrist erected an ultimate design of the bridge for the past and the present. In 2012, the marine chronometer enjoys wear-ability, multi function and fashion – and perfectly suit to life on land.
Hamilton New Khaki Navy Pioneer Limited Edition Wrist Watch
The original Hamilton replica watch marine chronometer demonstrates unparalleled precision and is called “zero error” perfection by the U.S. Naval Observatory. The current Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Limited Edition watches today hold the same great ambition, aiming against the highest standards of reliability. Swiss-made manual-winding mechanical movement drives this watch. Its exclusive decoration and unique carving is the evidence of the signature fine watchmaking technology and highlights the brand’s 120th anniversary milestone. Constantly walking second pointer on the independent dial at 6:00 matched perfectly with hour and minute pointers. The waterproof up to 100m makes a perfect ending for the watch.

The force power of 2012 Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Limited Edition watch is nostalgia and interprets the latest watchmaking technology and materials. Handmade marine blue pointer reminds people of the 1940s Hamilton marine chronometer unique blue pointer. The traditional case modeling integrated leather strap link ring as well as detailed side profile bezel, silver satin polish dial are full of classical luxury style.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Limited Edition
Case: stainless steel case
Diameter: 46.5mm
Dial: silver stain dial
Strap: brown stitching leather strap
Movement: 6498 manual winding movement
Mirror: sapphire crystal glass mirror
Waterproof: 100m
Limited edition: 1892

Best Quality Fake Hamilton Thin-O-Matic Chronograph Watch

The new Hamilton Thin-O-Matic replica design concept originated from the 1960s, at the same time, its prototype with a same time came out. The new model is available in two sizes, both adopt the slim Swiss made automatic movement, which is elegant and comfortable to wear. Thin-O-Matic’s original model is the thinnest automatic watch at that time. New chronograph inherits the outstanding Swizerland craftsmanship, reinjecting the fashionable horologe technology and design aesthetics. Thin-O-Matic is likewise the member of  when the same name as the original model of Modern Times by Top quality fake Hamilton, which inspired from the 1930s Charlie’s film, to witness the brand’s long history and several years’ achievement.Then selected nine strap style section of the metal, H-shaped section buckle a little interesting, while also echoing the 1960’s original model design. Customers can also choose the retro Gepi tapering at both ends of strap, the back of the decorative stitches, exquisite craft filling completely. Hamilton Thin-O-Matic Chronograph

Hamilton Thin-O-Matic Chronograph Automatic replica is superior to the traditional, deductive approach to fashion nostalgia element, such as the use of surface and second hand soft curved lines, together with the snap switch, and in the bottom engraved Hamilton classic logo and brand logos.

Taper at both ends of the retro Gepi strap, decorative stitching on the back, sophisticated technology with a full exhaustive

Cutting-edge modern technology

2824 automatic movement watch, slim level comparable to 1957, the original planet rotor movement, to ensure that today’s customers can really move with the times, with ease, coupled with cutting-edge clock wise, angular case fitted with non-ladder resistant sapphire crystal, more beautiful and durable. Hamilton Thin-O-Matic available for 38 and 42 mm case selection, men and women combined, two-hours are filled with timeless and elegant style. 38 mm models are also two Hamilton vacuum ion plating model, a unique light golden hue from the brand’s first in 1940, feeling warm, add a light and refined over the years have used many of Hamilton watches.

Technical parameters:

Hamilton Thin-O-Matic 38 mm

Size: 38 mm

Case: Stainless Steel

Surface: silver, black or champagne gold

Strap: black or brown leather strap or metal telescopic

Movement: Automatic movement, No. 2824

Sapphire crystal

Water resistance: 5 bar (50 m) / 73psi (164 feet)

Suggested Retail Price: 6,400 – HK $ 7,180

Release Date: February 2011

Hamilton Thin-O-Matic 42 mm

Size: 42 mm

Case: Stainless Steel

Surface: silver or black

Strap: black or brown leather strap or metal telescopic

Movement: Automatic movement, No. 2824

Sapphire crystal

Water resistance: 5 bar (50 m) / 73psi (164 feet)

Suggested Retail Price: 6,440 – HK $ 6,990

Swiss Replica HAMILTON Jazzmaster Watch

HAMILTON Jazzmaster Petite Seconde 2895

HAMILTON Jazzmaster replica watch
Stainless steel / ETA-2895-2 Automatic movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date / waterproof 50 meters / watch diameter 40mm / sapphire crystal mirror, transparent case back / reference price: NT $ 26,800

Popular best fake HAMILTON replica Jazz Masters rSeries
HAMILTON set up the watch from AD 1892 to now, its precise function and a durable and practical usual rough, integrity, innovation, daring the U.S. firm’s strong design style, appreciated by the people of the world, the Swiss-made quality assurance and modest price, will highlight the most HAMILTON into a unique personality mechanical entry preferred brand. Which the popular Jazz Masters Series, the elegant fashion, taste the spirit of easy design, such as refined, and elegant jazz constantly sung like jazz notes.

Top quality replica HAMILTON Jazzmaster Petite Seconde 2895
Stainless steel / ETA-2895-2 Automatic movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date / waterproof 50 meters / watch diameter 40mm / sapphire crystal mirror, transparent case back / reference price: NT $ 24,800

The new series published by Jazzmaster Petite Seconde
HAMILTON Jazzmaster 2011 watch exhibition, starting from September 7 to September 30 ends aptos west stores watches on display. Which will be on display in September released a new Jazzmaster Petite Seconde 2895 series, to hours of needles, constant dynamic small second hand, date window and lending a simple elegant circular elements generous dial design, interior equipped 2895-2 automatic movement, transparent and soft, the bottom cover pricing and classic plain design, is expected to set off a craze. The exhibition will also display the watch in groups of Jazz Masters watches, such as square automatic mechanical watch, ladies square watch, automatic chronograph square, jazz master automatic chronograph, that chronograph play home and just released earlier this year the first automatic mechanical support female form HAMILTON -time bouquet automatically ladies watch.

Best Quality Hamilton Replica Watch Store Entered in Taipei 101

HAMILTON into Taiwan since 2000, the watch market, a decade of rapid growth, unique personality and diversity of design styles, a new generation of consumers to a unique brand of choice for mechanical Hamilton Replica watches, in March 2010 about to enter the fashion boutique landmark Taipei 101, as low-key luxury taste a wide range of options to provide.

Hamilton Replica Watch store in Taipei 101 will show the full range of products, consumers not only to see the full range of products and can HAMILTON better understanding of this historic American brand and precision of the Swiss watchmaking technology, regardless of high fashion with the American Classic Series watch or Khaki series of personality, sports, the military form of the watch with the flight models, ranging in style, so consumers have more diverse choices.

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Take A Look At the Swiss Made Hamilton Khaki Action Replica Watch

2007, Hamilton Chronograph has introduced performance Khaki Action 44 mm Action stopwatch and Khaki Action 40 mm watch two action. The new action series Hamilton Khaki Action replica watch the birth of the watch movement elements onto a new level. Campaign gear rough shape rotating bezel engraved with the number of minutes scale processes, special Tornado crown and telescopic crown protection device can be more smooth adjustment time. Swiss precision movement combination of technology and sport performance, the urban elite and the best choice for outdoor adventurers.And Khaki Action 44 mm Chronograph action as, Khaki Action 40 mm watch action also has 200m of water depth.
Hamilton Latest Action Series Watch

The classical black and white color scheme as the design theme, with with luminous hour, minute, second hand design, Khaki Action 44 mm Chronograph action will be the most eye-catching sports stars. 12 o’clock position of zoom digital scale and 3,6,9 o’clock in the formation lap and harmony of balance, other figures also show a black or white bevel scale, date window placed at 6 o’clock position, the danger of practicality. Tornado’s crown easily rotate, offset with a black belt, brown alligator grain leather belt and stainless steel central embedded with white or black synthetic chain. Which also launched the limited edition brown alligator belt back three-dimensional models, the world’s limited 100.

Khaki Action 40 mm Swiss Fake Hamilton Khaki Action watch the same pose in black and white, enlarged 3,6,9,12 a simple digital scale lively and generous dial, rotating bezel with the minute digital scale each other well.

Hamilton replica watch since the establishment of development since 1892, with the precision of practical durable and consistent performance of rough, honest, innovative, bold and strong U.S. design firm, well welcome to the world. Hollywood films with the cooperation of more than 300, even more so Hamilton form to become the most representative of American culture brands. Hamilton 1974, Hamilton joined the world’s largest watch list Group – Swatch Group (The Swatch Group), its subsidiary, including Breguet (Breguet), Omega (Omega), radar (Rado), Longines (Longines), Tissot (Tissot), CK, Mido (Mido), Swatch (Swatch) and so many well-known watch brand, strong product portfolio composition. By the Swiss manufacturing quality assurance and The Swatch Group group advantage, Hamilton will create a unique personality that best demonstrate the preferred brand of mechanical watch entry.

Appendix: Khaki Action 44 mm data

◆ sapphire crystal mirror

◆ Movement: 7753 Automatic Chronograph movement

◆ Watch diameter: 44mm
◆ telescopic crown protection device
◆ Case: Stainless steel
◆ Strap: black belt, brown alligator grain leather belt, central stainless steel chain embedded in white or black with synthetic
◆ Dial color: white or black
◆ daily Waterproof: 200 meters

Khaki Action 40 mm data

◆ sapphire crystal mirror
◆ Movement: 2824 automatic movement
◆ Watch diameter is about: 40mm
◆ telescopic crown protection device
◆ Case: Stainless steel
◆ Strap: stainless steel white or black synthetic central embedded chain belt, black / brown crocodile grain leather belt
◆ Dial color: white or black
◆ daily Waterproof: 200 meters