Richard Mille Unveils RM 65-01 Automatic Split Seconds Replica Chronograph Watch

Sophisticated haute horlogerie brand Jeanrichard Terrascope 39mm has built its reputation upon the use of exotic materials, complex structure, and incredibly intricate sporty layout. These layouts are now icons of their own in the ultra-premium sports watch area, helping to drive a brand new generation of hypercomplex sports chronograph designs. When Richard Mille itself announces that its latest release is its most complex timepiece in history, then, this statement carries over a good quantity of weight. The Richard Mille RM 65-01 Automatic Split Seconds Chronograph provides on that promise, creating the brand’s first automated rattrapante chronograph layout in a technically innovative, exquisitely intricate package.Richard Mille Unveils RM 65-01 Automatic Split Seconds Replica Chronograph Watch

Offered in both Richard Mille’s proprietary layered Carbon TPT material and in a mix of red gold and Carbon TPT, the signature tonneau case of the RM 65-01 Automatic Split Seconds Chronograph steps in at a large 44mm by 49.9mm. The curving shape, sandwich structure, and identifying bezel screws should feel familiar to fans of the brand, but this new case sets itself apart with its tactical use of colour and a few genuinely unorthodox capabilities. The pushers at 2 o’clock, 4 o’clock, and 10 o’clock are all relatively comfortable, although left in a sculptural mix of Grade 5 titanium and Carbon TPT. These pushers handle the chronograph functions, together with the 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock pushers performing the traditional stop/start and reset functions respectively, while the 10 o’clock pusher interrupts the engagement of their split seconds function. All three of these pushers feature a dab of bright orange, while the rest of the pusher at 8 o’clock is rendered almost entirely in vibrant red. The titanium crown at 3 o’clock brings in further punches of color in intricate groups of rubberized green and red. But what do these colors mean? According to Richard Mille RM 031 replica, each of those colors denotes a unique function. Orange elements, as an example, are connected with the chronograph complication. Blue components relate to the rest seconds function, green is used for elements related to the date window, and crimson elements are tied to winding. While this red is self explanatory around the crown, its use to the 8 o’clock pusher hints at one of those RM 65-01’s advanced bash pieces. This pusher is a patented quick winding mechanism, able to fully wind the mainspring from vacant in 125 presses. The crown also hides a couple of unique tricks. Rather than the standard method of pulling out the crown to correct various configurations, a pusher in the middle of the crown instantaneously switches the function involving conventional hand twisting, date alteration, and time modification. Water resistance stands at 50 meters.Richard Mille Unveils RM 65-01 Automatic Split Seconds fake Chronograph Watch

SIHH 2011 JeanRichard Aquascope Hokusai Lady Night Fake Watch

JeanRichard Aquascope Lady “Night”

This diving watch gives to ladies, expressing the dazzling motion charm, on the other hand, it demonstrates the never giving-up exploration of JeanRichard Aquascope Hokusai replica. The beautiful blood relationship of this new masterpiece originated from an old watch of 1960.

JeanRichard Aquascope Lady “Night”

JeanRichard Aquascope Lady “Night” replica structure

Barrel-type outer case.

awesome replica JeanRichard Aquascope Lady Night

Technical Data


Polished and satin polished stainless steel case, aluminum outer ring

Size: 44.50 x 40 mm

Thickness: 11.85 mm

Anti-reflective sapphire crystal

Screw-in caseback

Waterproof: 300 meters

Two screw-in crown

Two-way rotating outer ring


JR1000 movement still vysha


Diameter: 11 1 / 2”’Law is divided

Pendulum frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)

Jewels: 27

Power reserve: 48 hours

Functions: hours, minutes, seconds and calendar instructions.


Black satin polished diamond pattern face the sun

Fluorescent black Arabic numerals and scale

Rhodium pointer fluorescent


Black fiber belt

Stainless steel folding buckle

Jeanrichard bressel 1665 Regulator Flying Hand Replica Watch

JeanRichard Bressel 1665 Flying Hand 42 Mm Watch

Jeanrichard bressel 1665 Regulator replica watch
Stainless steel / JR-1000 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date, power reserve display / power storage stored for 48 hours / 33 stone / watch diameter 42mm / earthquake frequency 28,800 / sapphire crystal case back after / waterproof 30 meters / crocodile leather strap / reference price: NT $ 221,800Bressel 1665 Flying Hand flour women diamond watch, designed specifically for women new watches, the white carved mother of pearl face plate, with the top bezel of the United States diamond inlaid, like facial disc extending to the colorful sparks flashing pearl skin strap, really beautiful.

As the design theme of fireworks
The wind and with a pop surrealist taste Jeanrichard Bressel 1665 Flying Hand replica, mainly to firework title, as the bright flame across the face plate sky. Huge 42mm case, the classical eccentric bearing (regulating) pointer display design, the design of a mechanical watch is not only a lively temperament, but also demonstrated a magical fantasy. Bressel 1665 Flying Hand in white, black and two color face plate, with emphasis on the aesthetics of neutral, although this year Basel watch is defined as the development of female form, but this black surface Bressel1665 Flying Hand, by virtue of their large size watch diameter and color, actually watch without losing respect for the yuppie fashion of a gentleman wearing options.

JeanRichard Bressel 1665 Flying Hand watch
Stainless steel / JR-1000 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date, power reserve display / power storage stored for 48 hours / 33 stone / case 52 round diamonds embedded in a total of 1.841 kt / white mother of pearl face plate / watch diameter 42mm / earthquake frequency 28,800 / sapphire crystal mirror, after the bottom / water 30 meters / pearl skin strap / reference price: NT $ 411,800

The original classic Marine style, modern style for aesthetic breakthrough
perfect copy JeanRichard Bressel 1665 Flying Hand display four-pin power reserve watch, both the original classic Marine style financial together a strong fashion design. The central minute hand shows the eccentric 12 o’clock hour, small seconds at 9 o’clock and 4 o’clock in the display panel direction of the 48-hour power reserve display, four different independent pointer shaft, which means that the autonomy of the time every second sex, and do not overlap; this break artistic boundaries, the old creative forms of subversion can be said that Bressel 1665 Flying Hand breakthrough masterpiece conservative academic watch. Figures on the face plate standard, like most of the magic master Salvador Dali are good at, “deformation” combination of the spark with a small second hand radial time scale, like the sky, floating light and shadow, level change is extremely clear, and the three o’clock date display window, this watch is close ingenuity, showing the financial and time hop Aesthetic.

JeanRichard Bressel Lady “Juliette” Replica Watch

Described by the British literary giant Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet” immortalized, Juliet ignore the secular prejudices lingering sad sacrifice for love is seen as the ultimate symbol of unwavering love. Shang-dimensional sand to Juliet’s character as inspiration, create a charming JeanRichard Bressel Lady “Juliette” Replica watch, love the chapter on light music playing.

JeanRichard Bressel Lady “Juliette” Watch

JeanRichard bressel lady juliette di jeanrichard prezzo replica watch and record the time bit by bit, but also contains the romantic passion: white mother of pearl dial, curved “Je t’aime, un peu, beaucoup, à la folie” (I love you, such as silk such as branches, frenzy) the words the location of light around 7:00 and 4:30 small second hand power reserve display; 12-bit hours drive paved the 127 diamonds, crystal light bright, and the bottom dial Rigid sweet words of passion relative.

This configuration still-dimensional sand-made watch JR1000 installed self-winding movement, exquisite design, make their best watchmakers derived other complex functions, create a more bold and innovative watch design, so still-dimensional sand to walk at the time of heaven and earth, minutes and seconds to a new interpretation of the mysteries of vision.

Shang-dimensional sand Swiss watch factory located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, and not far from the small village Bressel, and Bressel is the father of Swiss watches and brand founder Daniel Jeanrichard place of birth. Shang-dimensional sand the Bressel series to Jeanrichard birth name, highlight the brand to its highest consideration. Shang-dimensional sand of new ideas, embodied in the top qualtiy replica JeanRichard Bressel ladies series of moving beauty: 18K rose gold case, bezel set 58 diamonds, crown set with a round face sapphire, a harmonious match every detail, minute by minute , the romantic feelings pouring more than moving.

Technical Specifications

Movement: Automatic self-JR1000 movement (JR1040)

11 1 / 2”’law points, 29 stone, 28,800 times per hour pendulum frequency (4 Hz)

48 hours of power storage

Features: 12 bit hours drive; 7 position of small second hand, date display 3 position from time to time, 4:30 position power reserve display

Case: Bressel Lady Series 18K rose gold case

Bezel set with 58 diamonds (diamonds diameter of 1.70 mm), a total of approximately 1.16 kt

Diameter of 38 mm; thickness of 10.57 mm; dial 31 mm in diameter

Curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective mirror

Sapphire crystal case back from the six screws tight set

30 meters water depth

Insert a round face crown Sapphire

Dial: white mother of pearl dial, pink gold diamond division disk set 127

Strap: white alligator leather strap with folding buckle

JeanRichard Bressel 1665 Regulator Men’s Copy Watch

Contemporary design interesting eccentric instructions
JeanRichard Bressel 1665 Series
1665, JEANRICHARD Bressel 1665 replica watch still vysha the birth of the founder of Daniel JeanRichard, if not he watch the promotion of industrialization, today’s Swiss watch will be different from today’s grand picture. JEANRICHARD still vysha to revive the father of DanielJeanRichard watch brand watch the spirit of wisdom to enrich contemporary original aesthetic and technical responsibility tab for JEANRICHARD its watches to find modern design life, has an excellent list of traditional watchmaking values section, so that the grand re-ignite mechanical watches are the new wave of the 21st century. Bressel is the father of Daniel JeanRichard Bressel 1665 Regulator replica watch the birth and the creation of the brand site, the birth year of 1665 was Daniel JeanRichard, today still vysha Bressel1665 series of classic round case design, coupled with a strong non-centralized original pointer display, expression the father on the clock watch on the machinery industry due to the forward-looking vision of the highest respect.Self-made mechanical watch movement is all-loving connoisseur of the best model for the performance of the mechanical watch still vysha self-strength, and strength in watchmaking from traditional to very modern character of the Italian design aesthetics, design classic in the watch with a strong self-style models, respect for the traditional mechanical watch has a self-taste but definitely people nowadays do not follow the trend of the mechanical watch enthusiasts the best choice.

Self-movement of the endless possibilities

2005 still top quality fake JEANRICHARD Bressel 1665 series introduced a classic four-pin power reserve display watch. Marine style is classic combination of contemporary design with a strong sense of style watches, the classic 4-pin to give Bressel1665 power reserve watch a new show of modern life. Eccentric prescriptive (regulating) direct way, is no longer synonymous with classic side dish display, JEANRICHARD pointer to give the eccentric prescriptive new name, called Bressel 1665 special watch to commemorate the great pioneer. 2006 still vysha to Bressel 1665 series added a new member-Alternativ eccentric dynamic storage date watch, carrying the same R & D from the plant after four years of self-JR-1000-based movement. JR-1000 movement since 2004 has been delivered, not only represents yet vysha Watch independent tabulation of independent strength, still more determined JEANRICHAD vysha fine mechanical movement in the future expansion of production basis. Factory-made self-movement-based, JEANRICHAD still vysha designed for watches and more autonomy, and more possibilities of scalability.

Imagination to the limit will be extended

Bressel 1665 Date of eccentric power reserve watch, using the classic design of the prototype case to convey the insistence of traditional aesthetics and modern avant-garde style, continued to show the spirit of classical eccentric directions, in the face plate will be hours, minutes, small seconds, date and power reserve display five needles, the far side to express their independence is the special beauty of harmony. 12 o’clock position, points show ring, at 3 o’clock position indicator shows the date, 4:30 position shows the power reserve, 7:30 position display Small seconds, the color red face plate to mark the finishing touch of the visual impact, in one of swatch and elegant, creating a slightly avant-garde independent means. All of the needle circle shows the time scale to the size of the digit and the performance speed of scattered radiation feel the arrow, will extend to the most extreme imagination.