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BEST FROM: ReplicaInfo & Friends September 2, 2016 ABTW Round-Ups


There’s a decidedly Omega theme about this month’s roundup, and why shouldn’t there be? After all, Omega is a favorite amongst many readers and a bona fide icon of replica watchmaking. Specifically, we are going to focus on two affordable Omega replica watches that let readers “get in” to the Omega brand. If you have been lusting over an Omega, you won’t want to miss this story.

Following that, we are going to take a look at the recently concluded Olympics, in which Omega played a very big part by being the official timekeeper. But what does being the official timekeeper actually entail? And what does Omega do, exactly, to ensure that the Olympics run smoothly? We find out. And rounding things off is another Omega story, this time of a vintage Seamaster that was lost at a beach and then found again. If you have ever lost a replica watch in unusual circumstances, you will know how the protagonist of this story felt. Find out how the replica watch was recovered and how it finally made its way back to its owner.

1. Frédérique Constant Slimline Perpetual Calendar Manufacture Watch Hands-On

BEST FROM: ReplicaInfo & Friends September 2, 2016 ABTW Round-Ups


There’s an increasing emphasis on offering value to customers in the world of horology and few brands do a better job at offering value than Frédérique Constant. As their CEO Peter Stas often mentions, Frédérique Constant is all about offering affordable luxury. And for 2016, their intentions are clear with the new Slimline Perpetual Calendar Manufacture replica watch – a perpetual calendar replica watch for well under 10 grand. This makes it even more affordable than Montblanc’s Meisterstuck Heritage Perpetual Calendar replica watch. If a perpetual calendar replica watch is high on your list, do yourself a favor and hit the link below and check out this replica watch first.

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2. Cost Of Entry: Omega Watches

BEST FROM: ReplicaInfo & Friends September 2, 2016 ABTW Round-Ups


We are back with another installment of Cost of Entry, and this time around we are focusing on a very popular brand: Omega. Omega is undoubtedly one of the most storied brands in replica watchmaking. Its Speedmaster was the first replica watch on the moon, and it has made impressive strides recently in the field of materials with their new Master Co-Axial movements, which are almost impervious to magnetism. Today, however, our attention is on their more affordable, entry-level pieces and we will be taking a closer look at the Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Chronometer replica watch as well as the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M.

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3. Hublot Classic Fusion Power Reserve Titanium Watch Review

BEST FROM: ReplicaInfo & Friends September 2, 2016 ABTW Round-Ups


The Big Bang is often considered to be Hublot’s key collection and rightly so, but there’s also a lot to like from Hublot’s Classic Fusion line. One of the replica watches that I’d like to highlight is the Classic Fusion Power Reserve Titanium replica watch. It comes in a 45mm-wide titanium case and features a 4.4mm thin hand-wound movement that provides a whopping 8-day power reserve. Also interesting is how Hublot have decided to place the power reserve gauge at 10 o’clock, which calls to my mind the A. Lange & Söhne’s Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon replica watch, which also has its power reserve gauge at the same position. All in all, it’s a practical and refreshing change from the usual brash Big Bangs that Hublot offers.

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4. Girard-Perregaux Competizione Stradale Chronograph Watch Review

BEST FROM: ReplicaInfo & Friends September 2, 2016 ABTW Round-Ups


Girard-Perregaux is a brand that deserves more attention. Sure, it was recently celebrated for its awesome Constant Escapement replica watch, but the rest of its replica watches can be overlooked by a lot of replica watch people. One of the more interesting Girard-Perregaux replica watches that we reviewed recently is the Competizione Stradale Chronograph replica watch. As you can probably tell from the name, it’s motor racing-inspired. And looking at the picture here, you can probably also say that it’s a bit vintage-inspired too. But there’s more to the replica watch than that, and this review will tell you why the Competizione Stradale Chronograph replica watch is an excellent replica watch for anyone seeking a chronograph that’s a bit different from the usual.

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5. Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 5496P-015 Platinum Watch Hands-On

BEST FROM: ReplicaInfo & Friends September 2, 2016 ABTW Round-Ups


When it comes to perpetual calendar replica watches, Patek Philippe holds a special place. After all, the first perpetual calendar wristwatch was a Patek Philippe. For 2016, the reference 5496P-015 is the latest addition to Patek Philippe’s rich family of perpetual calendar replica watches. The reference 5496 was introduced in 2011 and is notable for its unusual dial configuration. Most perpetual calendars have sub-dials, but the reference 5496 eschews sub-dials and instead displays the month and day in two apertures and has a retrograde date display in the center of the dial. This particular new reference has a platinum case and a unique and warm silver dial with gold markers, which makes for a really unique combination.

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6. HourTime Show ‘Experiments’ Watch Podcast Now As Video & Audio Show

If you have been following our YouTube channel closely, this won’t be new to you. But if you are exclusively a reader of aBlogtoWatch, then you might be scratching your head at this point. Longtime readers of our site should be familiar with the HourTime Show Podcast that Ariel and John Biggs did for a long time. In case you were wondering where the podcast went, well, it hasn’t actually gone away. It just has a different format and a different home, and you can replica watch the first episode here, which was actually uploaded a couple of months earlier in June. And if you like it, you’ll be happy to know that there are more episodes for you to enjoy and more on the way. You can learn more about the current YouTube “experiments” and future plans for the HourTime Show at the link below.

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Our article picks from around the Web »

1. What is Omega as the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games doing?

BEST FROM: ReplicaInfo & Friends September 2, 2016 ABTW Round-Ups


Omega has been the official timer for almost every Olympic Games since 1932, and they were at it again in Rio for the 2016 Olympics. But have you wondered how Omega actually times these events? This article shows how Omega’s expertise in timekeeping was used in events like athletics, swimming, cycling, and more. And did you know that even sports like archery also require timing? I sure didn’t.

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2. Does Hand Finishing Matter? A Collector’s View Of Movement Decoration

BEST FROM: ReplicaInfo & Friends September 2, 2016 ABTW Round-Ups


Hand-finishing is a phrase that’s thrown around a lot when talking about really high-end replica watches. It is also often said that hand-finishing – the skill and labor required – makes all the difference, and is the primary reason that some replica watches cost as much as they do. But what is hand-finishing really? What does it entail, and do these finishes serve a practical purpose? And just as importantly, what does really good hand-finishing look like? All these questions and more are answered in the link below.

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3. Interview with a Watch Maker: Tõnis Leissoo of Estonia 1918

BEST FROM: ReplicaInfo & Friends September 2, 2016 ABTW Round-Ups


Interview with a Watch Maker is a series of posts that I recently came across and it’s interesting because it showcases various replica watchmakers from around the world. The latest installment features Tõnis Leissoo from the country of Estonia. Here, Tõnis talks about how he got into replica watches, the decision to go into replica watchmaking, and also shares some of the ideas and inspirations behind his latest replica watch.

Source: The Wrist Watch Review

4. The case of the lost and found Omega Seamaster

BEST FROM: ReplicaInfo & Friends September 2, 2016 ABTW Round-Ups


If you need any proof that dive replica watches are built like miniature bomb shelters, just take a look at this story. Without spoiling it too much for you, a businessman had gone swimming in the beaches of Galle, a small city in Sri Lanka, and lost his replica watch. He managed to recover it some time later, but it was not without some difficulty. Perhaps what’s more amazing is that despite being lost in the ocean, the replica watch was still working when he finally received it. Here is the story of how the replica watch was lost and found.

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5. The magic in the words ‘Marina Militare’

BEST FROM: ReplicaInfo & Friends September 2, 2016 ABTW Round-Ups


The words “Marina Militare” refer to the Italian Navy, and these two words alone are able to send Paneristis into a frenzy. Panerai’s association with the Italian Navy runs deep – after all, Panerai used to be the official supplier of diving equipment to the Italian Marina Militare. Today, just six Panerai replica watches have the words “Marina Militare” on the dial. Find out which replica watches these are and just how special and significant these two words are to Panerai replica watches and Paneristis.

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The Historic Root of Panerai Fake in Watch Field

1860: the foundation year of Panerai replica watch . Giovanni Panerai opens the first watchmaker’s shop in Florence. Panerai started to offer instruments and watches to the Italian Royal Navy due to its precision machinery and excellent quality. Till today, Panerai has become the world-known top luxury watch brand.

1890-1900 year: Guido Panerai expanded the Panerai’s business and become the official supplier of Italian Royal Navy.

1915-1918: Panerai precision instruments were used during the World War I by the Royal Italian Navy, including a night attack gun sight of the luminous device, timing device, depth gauge, and to help high-speed torpedo boats (MAS ) launched torpedo mechanical calculator.

1900: best quality fake Panerai watches was moved to the Piazza San Giovanni site in Florence. The name Orologeria Svizzera still visible today. In this period, the first deliveries of precision optical and mechanical instruments are made to the Ministry of Defence.

1910: It was a very important year for modern Panerai’s design. It saw the birth of luminous materials. The luminescence is achieved using a mix of zinc sulphide and radium bromide given later the name Radiomir. The luminescence feature is the common one of all Panerai watches. And a major collection of Panerai Radiomir was born. Later on, many variations of Panerai Radiomir copy watch were launched.

1934: Giuseppe and Maria started to control and continue developing their father’s business. Giuseppe devotes himself almost entirely to the company’s business of supplying underwater instruments, torches, wrist compasses and wrist depth gauges to the Royal Italian Navy, while Maria is mainly concerned with running the Orologeria Svizzera shop.

1936: To meet the Royal Italian Navy, Panerai offered a Radiomir prototype is submitted to the Command of the First Submarine Group and the watch passed all the tests with flying colours. It was a masterpiece withstand the extreme conditions.

1938: Panerai provided Radiomir watches for the Italian Navy. The Radiomir watch faetured 47 mm cushion-shaped case, wire loop strap attachments welded to the case, screw-down crown, luminous dial easy to read under water in the dark, and a hand-wound mechanical movement supplied by Rolex. The wide strap was made of oiled and punched leather with its extra long length for diving suit.

1949: Radiomir mix luminous substance was replaced by the patent granted Luminor based on tritium. The Luminor collection of Panerai watches take its names from this luminous substance.

You Will Love This Very Cool Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days PAM372 Replica Watch


Young ones such as the New A long time Working day very much because they can don new dresses and use new components at that day. Actually, older people also must prepare a little something new for a new calendar year so as to have a very good beginning. Have you ever bought your new watch for the 12 months of 2011? Otherwise, you may take into account the Piaget Limelight Garden Occasion for women when you are a lady. Although the Cool replica Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days (PAM 372) is really a superior accessory for just a gentleman this 12 months.

The Piaget Limelight Yard Party can be a glamorous timepiece. Practically all girls will be attracted by it as a consequence of its special shape and layout. It can be built of in 18-carat white gold. And it’s decorated with a lot of diamonds. It is actually an outstanding dress enjoy. It is accessible in two versions. You’ll be able to see the discrepancies clearly. The colours of your leafs (the decoration in the timepiece) are diverse from one another. One particular is embellished with diamonds of 5.two carats whilst another just one is adorned with 10 items of neutral marquise-cut diamonds. Both equally of them glance are gorgeous and graceful. It’s really a quartz enjoy which has a Swiss built movement: Piaget 56P.

The best fake Panerai Luminor 1950 three Days (PAM 372) is a new model of Panerai. It truly is powered via the new P.3000 entry-level manufacture-made movement which is made via the company. It really is explained that this design is ability reserved for at least seventy two several hours when absolutely wound thanks to the top movement. You can find a little 2nd display on the position of nine Oclock.

As being a costume enjoy, it only has the capabilities of hours and minutes. Both the situation as well as the bezel are made of 18-carat white gold. They usually function a specific shape which looks like almond. The dial is diamond-paved. It really is set with brilliant-cut diamonds about 0.three cts. The gold arms enable it to be look more charming. The strap is built of 18-carat white gold. The 1 that has a black satin strap functions with 44 brilliant-cut diamonds. The sapphire crystal plus the reliable situation back are also impressive. Any girl who wears this timepiece will appear a lot more attractive and charming! It couldnt be much better for her to get a far more charming look with these a timepiece for your new yr.

At 3Oclock, there is certainly a subsidiary next and date window. It is just a easy accessory with polished stainless steel case and bezel. The dial is unique together with the black color and black sandwich-style. It options Arabic numerals. It’s a costume Panerai PAM 372 copy watch for person with only functions of hours and minutes. The cushion case condition seems to be exclusive with all the spherical bezel. It’s got black dial and gold fingers. This one is extremely suited for any male to don day to day with water resistance of one hundred meters. The leather strap differs from straps of other watches with a brushed metal buckle with a significant dimension. The crystal is created of a exclusive product: Plexiglas. Which has a sapphire situation back again, this check out is resilient and chic.

These two watches are great for individuals to select as new add-ons with the new calendar year. They are really each tasteful and exquisite.

Panerai Luminor 1950 8 Days GMT replica wrist watches impressed by wonderful mechanism

Black Panerai GMT Watch

Many folks look for a perfect accessory for their entire lifestyle and from time to time they can not truly obtain the correct one particular since the provide for classy and uncomplicated ceramic Panerai Luminor 1950 8 Days GMT replica watches is pretty limited. The good news is, Panerai watches are exactly what someone who is into extra classy designs would want, a pleasant seeking wrist watches that display the time precisely and does not come with a great deal glamor. This is certainly in fact 1 of the watches that might impress everyone with its minimalistic
style, but modern day style and design even though still retaining a classy feel.In the event you worth classy issues, you’ll be impressed by how wonderful this
Panerai Luminor GMT wrist watches is.

The situation with the watch is just astonishing, it is brushed except to the bezel that is polished, which helps make a beautiful contrast and really gives additional awareness on the dial, so the encounter in the best fake Panerai Luminor GMT watches is a lot more ostentatious. If you’d like a wrist watches that is certainly rougher, you will love the truth that this a single includes a pretty thick situation. The dial features a beautiful balance concerning its colors as well as the way it displays points, much like a classy watches. You can see that it
has a clean, smooth, and black style and design with clearly printed hour markings, but also extremely easy hour, seconds and minute handles that have been filled up. This beautiful blend of grey, black and the silver case makes this copy black ceramic panerai 1850 8 days gmt watches extremely sophisticated. The strap is actually a relaxed leather strap in alligator fashion which has a pretty brown colour and only adds as much as the extraordinary design and style of the watch.

Closer Look At Awesome Panerai Luminor Daylight Chronograph Leather Strap Replica Watch PAM 250

Luminor Panerai Automatic Chrono

When you are just seeking some thing seriously simple to dress in, to ensure that you could ensure that it fits every one of the outfits you have got, this lovely minimalistic almost Panerai Luminor Daylight Chronograph replica watch is one thing that you just must get for your self. However, you might be in search of a very good watch for someone you hardly know, and this definitely tends to make to get a ideal present, as it doesn’t have any factors that may strike out rather than be liked by a certain particular person. This is a
very simple, classy and stylish Panerai Luminor copy watch that will undoubtedly be appreciated by many when you pick to purchase it like a present otherwise you opt for to put on it on your own.Nonetheless, it could be versatile ample to perform with far more informal objects and you
could even have the capacity to dress in it with jeans in addition to a shirt, what matters is really your mindset. With its stunning black and at ease bracelet this watch nevertheless oozes elegance and it’ll be a waste if you wouldn’t match it with a thing classy or sophisticated as it could be the perfect piece for that.

The Panerai Luminor chronograph PAM 250 copy watch includes a straightforward dial, a black one that has an attractive smooth finish to it. It truly is produced of steel with Arabic hour markings and really thin hour, seconds and minutes handles, to ensure it doesn’t stand out a lot of. This really is definitely a perfect watch for somebody who needs something which would go properly with their suits or something which they are able to dress in within a meeting. Nonetheless, it could be versatile ample to perform with far more informal objects and you
could even have the capacity to dress in it with jeans in addition to a shirt, what matters is really your mindset. With its stunning black and at ease bracelet this watch nevertheless oozes elegance and it’ll be a waste if you wouldn’t match it with a thing classy or sophisticated as it could be the perfect piece for that.

Panerai replica designer watches also include Americas current era

Replica Panerai Watch

Should you be looking for any watch which has a strong vintage really feel, after that any reproduction Panerai observe (or a genuine one particular in the event possible) may well be the most beneficial decision. Absolutely no group connected with designer watches yell 1940s if you ask me higher approach selections through Panerai. That observe Internet marketing emphasizing specifically is a Luminor Marina.

Panerais Luminor Marina includes hand-wound COSC licensed motion. That 44mm circumstance in addition to bezel tend to be also created from aluminum or maybe that good (yet light) titanium metal. The energy book is actually 56 a long time, and also the mineral water opposition is actually 3 hundred yards. And lastly, that strap could be set or maybe alligator; each strap versions tend to be built in which has a customized Panerai buckle.

That Luminor Marina in addition to Panerai replica designer watches also include Americas current era within just about every approach. Any reproduction Panerai observe would have been a good low-priced present for virtually every traditionalists group.

44MM Panerai PAM 438 Tuttonero Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT Automatic Ceramic Replica watch

“Tuttonero” is Italian for “all black,” therefore it made an ideal nickname for the 550d from Panerai, a brandname having a strong Florentine heritage. The entire title, according to usual with Panerai, is really a mouthful: Replica Paneria Tuttonero Luminor 1950 three days GMT Automatic Ceramica – 44 mm. Its Paneristi-friendly reference number is PAM00438.

The ceramic Panerai ways to use the Tuttonero is really a synthetic material according to zirconium oxide powder, which acquires a really uniform appearance along with a high amount of hardness – about five occasions more than those of stainless – via a complex finishing process. The ceramic can also be uncommonly resistant against scratches, corrosion and temps.

The timepiece, introduced in The month of january in the SIHH watch fair in Geneva, includes a situation and bracelet made entirely of matte black ceramic. Its Luminor 1950 situation is 44 mm across and it has the brand’s trademark crown protector. The dial is of Panerai PAM 438 copy watch ’s well-known “sandwich” construction, with ecru-colored Super-LumiNova around the numbers and hands (such as the tip from the center-mounted GMT hands) for night time visibility. The little seconds hands and markers, inside a subdial at 9 o’clock, and also the date, inside a window at 3 o’clock, will also be given the luminous material.

The bracelet’s links are built in the same ceramic, and utilizing the same process, because the situation, and are affixed to a PVD-covered, blown steel buckle that effortlessly blends in to the all-black theme. Each link is curved and asymmetrical, which gives the bracelet a gentle, comfortable feel around the wrist.
Panerai Tuttonero Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT Automatic Ceramic 44mm watch

Within the dusky situation is Swiss-made fake Ceramic Panerai Luminor 1950 three days GMT P.9001 quality, developed and built in the brand’s manufacture in Neuchatel, Europe. It’s an automatic movement with (as implied within the model title) a 3-day energy reserve along with a seconds-totally reset function. In conjuction with the watch’s all-black aesthetic, the movement, that is visible via a dark-tinted azure very within the caseback, went via a blackening process allow it exactly the same sleek, matte-black look because the situation. The title “Tuttonero” is engraved around the caseback. The timepiece, that is restricted to 500 pieces, has a U.S. retail cost of $16,300.

Technical qualities:

Movement: Panerai P.9001/B, automatic diameter = 13 3/4 lignes thickness = 7.9 mm 229 components 29 jewels 28,800 vph Glucydur balance Incabloc shock protection two barrels for 3-day energy reserve

Functions: Hrs, minutes, small seconds, date, second time zone indication, energy reserve indication on back, seconds totally reset

Situation and bracelet: Matte black ceramic situation, diameter = 44 mm, 2.3-mm-thick azure very with nonreflective coating, exhibition caseback, crown protector in black ceramic, water-resistant against 100 meters bracelet in black ceramic, steel buckle with hard black coating

Dial and hands: Black “sandwich” dial with luminous Arabic numbers and hour markers date in window at 3 o’clock, small seconds subdial at 9 o’clock, luminous hands

The Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo watch PAM00382

Over fifty percent a hundred years ago Panerai created a wrist watch for that Egyptian Navy. The 550d, bearing Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic replica watch reference PAM00382, is really a growth and development of that original piece. It’s unique feature would be that the situation is constructed from bronze, a fabric connected since antiquity using the ocean.

Look inside for launch dates, prices and wallpaper.

Bronze is definitely an alloy according to copper and something other metal, usually container, that additional factors can be included to achieve particular performance. The bronze selected by Officine Panerai for that situation from the new Luminor Submersible is CuSn8, an alloy of copper and pure container very resistant against corrosive action by ocean water and atmospheric agents. These components provides a high amount of structural strength, an because it age range, the initial warm pink gold shade acquires an aged appearance with the patina which provides coverage for it. This patina is caused by the response from the high qualtiy Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days bronze copy watch to exterior agents (air, humidity, warmth and put on) and it doesn’t affect the qualities from the material but is quite an indication of its ageing, making each example unique and personalized. Obviously when the owner desires, the situation could be polished to regenerate the initial glow. The characteristic bridge safeguarding the winding crown, using the lever making certain perfect water-resistance from the crown itself, can also be made from bronze. The azure back is bound towards the caseband with a ring of titanium, metallic selected because of its hypo-allergenic characteristics.

The 47mm blown bronze situation is water-resistant against 300 meters and it has a unidirectional rotating bezel with ratchet click and graduated scale for calculating the occasions of immersion, with elevated studs for reference.
Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo watch
The dial follows the characteristic appearance from the Luminor Submersible, but it’s performed within an unusual dark eco-friendly color that compliments the situation. The skeleton hands are highly luminous.

The fake Bronze Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950  three days Automatic is run by the automated P.9000 quality, entirely designed and created within the Officine Panerai manufacture in Neuchatel.

PAM00382 is going to be created inside a special edition of just one,000 models and can launch in August. The cost is going to be 7,300 pounds, or even the approximate equivalent in local currency.


Movement: Automatic mechanical, Panerai P.9000 quality, performed entirely by Panerai, 13? lignes, 7.9 mm thick, 28 jewels, Glucydur balance, 28,800 alternations/hour. Incabloc anti-shock device. Energy reserve three days, two barrels. 197 components.

Functions: Hrs, minutes, small seconds, date, calculation of immersion time.

Situation: Diameter 47 mm, blown bronze.

Bezel: Blown bronze with polished edges, anti-clockwise unidirectional rotating bezel with graduated scale for calculating time of immersion and ratchet click at minute times.

Back: See-through azure very, blown titanium exterior ring.

Device safeguarding the crown: (protected like a Trademark) Blown bronze.

Dial: Eco-friendly with luminous hour markers. Date at 3 o’clock, small seconds at 9 o’clock.

Very: Azure, produced from corundum, 4 mm thick. Anti-reflective coating.

Water- resistance: 30 bar (300 meters).

Strap: Paneri personalized leather strap and enormous-size blown titanium buckle. Provided having a second interchangeable strap along with a steel

Panerai Replica watches are a perfect example of great engineering with excellent beauty

If you’re a sportsperson or person related to sports, and also you like watches, certainly stainelss steel Panerai replica watches are the ultimate choice. These watches come with a built-in high range water proofing capacity, and it really works well underwater because it was mainly produced for that Italian navy. Because of its water proofing, shock resistance with excellent manufacturing, and it’s won the individuals heart.Panerai watches really are a best example of great engineering with excellent beauty. There is a cost range beginning from $ 4,000 – $20,000.
Panerai watches
best quatliy Panerai lumino rmarina automatic fake watches have exceptional design for shock resistance, large dial, obvious view with illumination inside which causes it to be unequalled. The maker produces a variety of models for various purposes, like under water operation, sports special and lots of other functions. These watches come with an exclusive range, for example Luminor Submersible, Luminor GMT, Luminor Chrono, Radiomir Chrono and could more.

Generally, these watches are manufactured from stainless and titanium, both model 40 and 44 mm may take pressure under 300 meters underwater using its Lumina facility meaning timepieces are often visible in darkness.

With calf leather and rubber strap exclusive Panerai copy watches has a wide range that you could choose according to your look! They are also available in the classic style with titanium and steel version. Stylish and ideal mechanism made timepieces in men’s most preferred list.

It may be beneficial to undergo all of the latest types of timepieces. You will find some which are based on latest designer watches. You are able to select a good watch by doing proper research.

Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Acciaio Copy Watch PAM00422

Replica Panerai LUMINOR MARINA 1950 3 DAYS-47mm (PAM00422) is the best witness to combines Panerai’s exquisite design and top technologies. The unique case design’s inspiration comes from an old Panerai watch edition. This special case design was very significant, because it witnessed the process that Panerai Radiomir turned to Luminor. This LUMINOR MARINA 1950 3 DAYS-47mm is an upgrade edition of Luminor 1950. LUMINOR MARINA 1950 3 DAYS-47mm wristwatch’s black dial is Panerai’s classic design: a sub-second dial set at 9 o’clock position, and it adopts extra-big number markers which inherits the tradition. The dial’s structure is a Sandwich-type; there is a layer of Super-LumiNova painting between two boards. The luminous layer can release light through the skeleton structure so that the dial looks deeper and easy to read. On the dial, there seal popular characters of “Luminor Marina” and “Panerai”, which makes the design perfect.Through the watch’s crystal case back, the movement’s operation can be seen very clearly. And the power storage displayed on the bridge board can be seen at the same time.
Panerai Wristwatch
Best quality fake LUMINOR MARINA 1950 3 DAYS-47mm wristwatch fixes a hand-winding P.3002 movement. This efficient and boutique movement is made in Panerai’s factory which locates at Neuchatel. The two winder boxes can provide three days power storage, the 13.2mm balance wheel can adjust the rotor’s speed rate so that to decrease the mistake. P.3002 movement is a very exquisite and extraordinary operation system for this vintage watch.

LUMINOR MARINA 1950 3 DAYS-47mm wristwatch’s functions covers hour, minute, sub-second, power storage display and return to zero device. The case is made of top-class stainless steel, very wearable and endurable. The leather strap is sealed with PANERAI logo, very cool and wearable one. Swiss-made replica LUMINOR MARINA 1950 3 DAYS-47mm wristwatch is really a symbol masterpiece to perform Panerai’s extraordinary craftsmanship and advanced technology.