Replica Piaget’s headline introduction at this year’s SIHH watch fair was Gouverneur

Piaget’s headline introduction only at that year’s SIHH watch fair in Geneva would be a new assortment of dress Piaget replica watches known as Gouverneur. Click the link to see our set of the 3 models within the line, including photos from the watches as well as their actions together with an interesting product video.
Piaget’s Gouverneur Collection

You will find three best fake Piaget Gouverneur chronograph versions available: a computerized, a computerized chronograph along with a tourbillon with moon-phase display. Have the ability to in-house actions (the chronograph and tourbillon calibers are new this season) as well as in-house cases (43 mm across) too. Timepieces are available in rose or white gold or platinum the whitened-gold models are positioned with diamonds. All seriously leather straps.

The Piaget Black Tie Gouverneur replica models’ distinguishing feature may be the form of their cases and bezels: have the ability to a round situation as well as an oblong dial opening. Each dial, consequently, includes a circular chapter ring, developing a round, oblong, round pattern in the dial towards the outdoors from the situation.

The automated consists of Quality 800P, that is just 4 mm thick. It’s two barrels, that provide it a energy reserve of 85 hrs (rose-gold version: $26,000). The whitened-gold model includes a black rotor the rose-gold one a rose-gold-colored one.

West Swiss Made Replica Wristwatches Show Chinese Affection

In 2012 the Chinese year of Dragon, we will close to the culture fashion that we are pursuing. China has five thousand years of culture history, the dragon, the porcelain with blue-and-white patterns and twelve Chinese Zodiacs are the smartest art. While the west best quality replica wristwatches Harry Winston and Altiplano show Chinese affection.
Altiplano wristwatches
Dragon, came from the ancient totem and tales, is the most miraculous, the symbol of emperor, meaning the lucky or happy things will happen. Meanwhile, it is the representative of China image. We are the descendants of the dragon. Since the dragon became the totem of Chinese, Chinese nation is always connected with dragon. By exquisite enamel craftsmanship, the Piaget Altiplano ladies replica wristwatches carves lively dragon pattern with Chinese affection.

Harry Winston wristwatch

The blue and white porcelains are the most characteristic with Chinese affection. The Harry Winston replica wristwatch reappear the white and blue porcelain traditional technology, noble and resplendent, memorable and sensational.

The Chinese five thousand years culture is extensive and profound. Tai Chi originated from ancient china, is a meditative movements. Tai Chi culture contains all things in the world and deeply respected. It is not only just a pattern but also imply the infinite changes and possibilities. The TAG Heur Saskia maaike Bouvier series watches attract public’s eyes. First is the Tai Chi dial consists of full white and black diamonds, which highlight Chinese flavor and creative.

Twelve zodiacs just like the twelve constellations. In china, twelve zodiacs means auspicious and nice. Take the zodiacs as the watch design elements, replica Piaget Dancer zodiacs series watches inspired from the Chinese traditional chronology. Each watch is an image of visual zodiacs full of nimbus and its collection are of great value.

The Beijing Olympic Games of 2008, in order to let the world friends to further understand China, wristwatches brands are take this opportunity to launch the 2008 limited watch editions to commemorate the Beijing Olympics. On the delicate dial, it looks like the genuine bird’s nest. In honor of 2008, Ulysse Nardin engraved the bright red “2008” on the 288 dials of its ladies collection.

Reviewing The Fully Polished Elegant Swiss Replica Watch – the Men’s Favorite Gifts

Watch not only makes people aware of the time, but also the performance of people’s identity, especially the men.There are many top watches in the world, such as Piaget Emperador Coussin replica watch White Gold Diamond Perpetual Calendar, Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme LAB watch, Baume & Mercier William Baume Jump watch, which are the men’s most wanted gifts.
Piaget Emperador Coussin White Gold Diamond Perpetual Calendar
Piaget Emperador Coussin White Gold Diamond Perpetual Calendar
Piaget Emperador Coussin White Gold Diamond Perpetual Calendar uses the 856P automatic winding movement with a number of functions, such as the small second hand dial in the position of 4 o’clock, month and leap year display in the position of 12 o’clock. What’s more, with other calendar watch, there are the day and night display in the position of hour hands.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme LAB watch
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master replica Compressor Extreme LAB watch
All parts of Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme LAB watch are PVD coating. And the key escapement parts use the silicon material, which not only ensures the movement can operate normally when the temperature is under 50 degrees, but also reduces the weight of the movement. Besides, the case is made of ultra-light titanium and very sturdy.
Baume & Mercier William Baume Jump watch
Best fake Baume & Mercier William Baume Jump watch
Baume & Mercier William Baume Jump watch has the number display dial to display the hour in the position of 12 o’clock. As the hour changes, the numbers on the dial will jump immediately. At the same time, the independent minute hand and second hand will continue to display the minute and second. It is very suitable for businessmen.
Hublot Big Bang World Cup Limited Edition Watch
Hublot Big Bang World Cup Limited Edition Watch
The case of Hublot Big Bang World Cup Limited Edition Watch uses the rose gold and the bezel is treated by black matte treatment. The dial with the micro-sandblasting show the dark blue. The hand with red matte appliqué and yellow fluorescent seems very unique.
Panerai Luminor Marina Special Edition Watch
Panerai Luminor Marina Special Edition Watch
Panerai Luminor Marina Special Edition Watch uses the Panerai specially made OPII manual-winding mechanical movement. Most importantly, the position of 6 o’clock is engraved a Chinese word “Fu”, full of China flavor.
Hermes Carre H Watch
Hermes Carre H Watch
Hermes Carre H watch is made of titanium and the overlapping use of the square. Outstanding diagonal design features, small second dial and the big dial of the scale show very harmonious.

New Fake Piaget Limelight Dancing Light of ”Four Seasons” Watches

Inspired by four seasons, Piaget launched the new Piaget Limelight Dancing Light replica timepieces. The design of this collection is all in originality: the Limelight Dancing Light watch makes a moving decoration twirl around the dial with the patterns respectively representing the four seasons. At the slightest movement of the wrist, it turns first in one direction and then in another with amazing speed.Inspired by the summer, the heat of summer is represented by a central hour dial set with radiant, luminous yellow diamonds.
Limelight Dancing Light of “spring” watch
best fake Limelight Dancing Light copy watch

Drawn inspiration from the spring, the fluttering butterflies gracefully twirling between a floral dial of mother-of-pearl marquetry and transfers placed under the sapphire crystal, herald the coming of spring and the awakening of Nature. The Limelight Dancing Light of “spring” watch comes in a 39 mm case in 18K white gold and set with 128 circular brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 1.7 ct). It features a dial in pink and green mother-of-pearl marquetry, its buckle is setting with 15 circular brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.1 ct) and equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement.
Limelight Dancing Light of “summer” watch
Limelight Dancing Light of “summer” watch

The Diamonds replica Piaget Limelight Dancing Light of “summer” watch has a 39 mm case in 18K white gold set with 72 circular brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 1.6 ct). It boasts a dial in blue and white mother-of-pearl marquetry set with 101 circular brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.3 ct). Its decorative ring is adorned with bees, flowers and wheat patterns. Secured by a buckle set with 15 circular brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.1 ct), it is powered by Piaget 56P quartz movement.
Limelight Dancing Light of “fall” watch
Limelight Dancing Light of “fall” watch

The mellow leaves of the fall lead us on a mad waltz over a mother-of-pearl dial on which a number of the leaves have managed to settle. The Limelight Dancing Light of “fall” watch embraces a 39 mm case in 18K white gold set with 126 circular brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 1.8 ct) and a dial in violet mother-of-pearl marquetry and gold-leaf. Its buckle is inlaid with 15 circular brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.1 ct); it houses Piaget 56P quartz movement.

SIHH 2011 Best Replica Piaget Emperador Coussin Tourbillon Automatic Watch

Brand new Piaget Emperador Coussin tourbillon automatic replica watch has a case thickness of 10.4 mm, becoming the thinnest automatic tourbillon watch on the market. It caries the new 1270 automatic tourbillon movement, inheriting Piaget two legendary movement’s excellent feature: including the global thinnest 600P manual winding rectangle tourbillon movement and the global thinnest 1208P automatic movement.Elegant and stylish watch also has to show the style of Black Tie style design ideas, such as the dial on the machine engraved Microhyla, tapered eccentric time-scale point, the sub-pointer Center, or even automatic rotor and Tourbillon Window the outer edge of the decorative gold border, begin with an elegant fusion of contemporary re-interpretation of tolerance.

While this new watch is elegant fake Piaget Emperador series, by virtue of its strong design and aesthetic characteristics of avant-garde style, Black Tie series is bound to become the bright focus. This particular style laser engraved with sapphire crystal dial to create a unique surface effect, through the sapphire crystal dial, you can clearly see from the winding to the minute details of compatibility group, fully breaking the current high watch making tradition. Designed to not only watch so eccentric gold automatic rotor to do now in front, and with the eccentric Tourbillon framework, skillfully fight even as lucky number “8.” The eccentric style hour and minute hands are located at the 5 position. Through the sapphire crystal dial, allow the wearer to enjoy the movement of meticulous grooming.

Over the past half century, the Piaget in the history of ultra-thin movement and wrote numerous glorious one. Cushion-shaped 1270P movement can be described as a symbol of fine watch-making craft, equipped with movement within the case in the same shape. Automatic Tourbillon watch for the traditional field of one of the most representative of the complex function, movement within the 18K gold automatic rotor, so that the movement 1270P While this is more unique. In the micro-shaped volume to produce complex components with 269 movement is undoubtedly a major feature of technology, some of the gear is only 0.12 mm thick, at the same time, While 1270P movement also has superior appearance, highlighted Impressive replica Piaget Emperador Coussin automatic watch modern fashion style. Like other new complex movement, like Piaget, While this combination of sophisticated technology and creative movement equipped in 18K rose gold or platinum case is made of cushion-shaped Emperador, the case diameter of 46.5 mm Water-resistant to 3ATM. Gold bottom cover engraved family crests and 1270P movement Piaget reference mark, there are two different perspectives at the same time window, one for the power reserve display, you can spy on another tourbillon frame. Piaget Emperador Coussin automatic tourbillon watch more together with crocodile leather strap and 18K gold folding clasp.

Piaget Emperador Coussin Automatic Tourbillon Watch

Piaget Emperador Coussin Automatic Tourbillon watch

Case diameter: 46.5 mm

The world’s thinnest automatic Tourbillon watch (movement thickness 10.4 mm)

18K white gold watch

Laser engraved dial, sapphire crystal, see-through movement device

Tip-type time-scale point eccentric dial

Piaget system equipped with 1270P automatic Tourbillon movement

Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds and power reserve display

Eccentric, the minutes indicate the location at 4:00 pm

Movement thickness: 5.55 mm

Movement diameter: 15 ½ fractionation (34.9 mm x 34.9 mm)

Movement of jewels: 35 stone

Frequency: 21,600 times per hour

Eccentric Tourbillon framework at 1 location

Tourbillon framework Weight: 0.2 grams (3 Titanium Watch Bridge)

Tourbillon frame thickness: 2.8 mm

Platinum automatic rotor, at 10 o’clock position

Power reserve: 40 hours, the bottom at the watch behind

Movement decoration: Geneva wave decoration veins (back), matte finish carved sun radial machine Microhyla board (front), splints to modify hand-chamfered and decorated with engraved decoration veins sun radial (positive), matte finish ring Corrugated gear, spring lid with matte finish and decorated with engraved decoration veins radiating sun, blue steel screws, oscillating weight engraved gold automatic Piaget family crests, with polished tourbillon frame modified the letter “P”, Tourbillon bracket hand-modified chamfer

18K white gold folding clasp

Black crocodile leather strap

Ref. G0A36040

SIHH 2011 Fake Diamonds Piaget Limelight Garden Party Watch

Beautiful diamond garland, foreign odd birds, shiny leaves. Piaget opens a door for you leading to the sparkle and luxurious garden. Stop the time, revel in the party, throw off the restriction, and show the touching look among the laughter and eye contact, no one can resist this unforgettable night. When darkness, the garden gives off the colourful and charming shine. Piaget Limelight diamonds replica watch invites you to enjoy this special moment jointly. Watch and jewelry run over with the attractive taste. This irresistable watch and jewelry series invites you and me to dance together.Piaget Limelight Garden Party diamond watches and jewelry Piaget jewelry replica watch expose the extraordinary creativity, inspiration must be free of this bold master and first-class watch and jewelry artist’s combination of professional skills in order to perfect its exquisitely personal interpretation of style.

Piaget Limelight Garden Party Diamond Watch


Piaget’s jewelry in the garden, meandering winding ivy flashing, just like soft lace. Diamond and emerald-based jewelry line, including necklaces, rings and earrings and other styles, atmosphere of spontaneous joy, bringing the early spring garden party atmosphere of elegance and fresh, and bring out the ladies’ Piaget Limelight copy watch diamond or emerald jewel case.


Here, emerald leaves of cherry stems charming, pleasant; side of the Diamond Rose also show light. Distance from the mouth of a bird cage to escape a mouth, pearl, diamond and full of ivy leaves wrapped around the branches. Diamonds shining everywhere in the garden, a rich eye-catching and attractive … … the party has just begun. By the emerald and diamond patterns woven, natural jewelry exudes eye-catching look.

Black background with stones around, birds, the birds dance jump, set with 165 round diamonds with the Limelight watch the rhythm of turning the dial to bring happiness. Happy singing birds in the branches, brooch and earrings with pearls on the side by side. People forget that moment of time, the music echoed in the night sky, diamond earrings hanging on the neck like a waterfall-like edge. Leaf necklace flashing on the shape of each diamond in the skin gently shake. Flowers in the Queen – Rose is a natural focus of the party, its beauty and metaphorical been highly respected in the diamond under the costume exudes timeless elegance.

Cornelian cherry inlaid with diamonds and pearls in the branches bloom, oozing skin of interesting and lively Spring fever. The gorgeous emerald ring like vines, like fingers gently around, watching with red tourmaline diamond ring shines light emitted, how can anyone not yield? Together with the diamond and emerald are blooming, the birds were together gently kiss.

18K White Gold PIAGET Limelight Replica Emperador Watch

PIAGET Limelight Emperador 18K White Gold Watch

PIAGET Limelight replica Emperador watch
18K white gold / 850P Automatic movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date / time display two functions / black mother of pearl face plate / 30 stone / power reserve of approximately 42 hours / earthquake frequency 21,600 times per hour / case, face plate, then the crown inlaid U.S. Diamond / crocodile leather strap / sapphire crystal mirror / reference price: NT $ 15,341,000The large window at 12 o’clock for the date showed that 5 o’clock for the small seconds display panel, and 7 o’clock positions, compared with the small dial shows day and night, the second black and white time display panel, the entire watch only in the simple, solid design of the next large show extraordinary performance; then with hundreds of stars diamond Cutting all the top white and black mother of pearl face plate, the seemingly simple diamonds Piaget copy watch the original design, adding a tremendous respect your gorgeous texture, both inside and outside only topic of couture watches.

Watch both inside and outside the topic of
Watch and Jewellery making with leading technology PIAGET, in 2006 the top five special custom jewelry watch, among them, equipped with self-850P Automatic movement ladies’ Piaget Limelight Emperador copy watch most all type cushions attention, full PIAGET watches jewelry in the top area of creativity and superb tabulation process. While this by the PIAGET 850P-made automatic movement, dual time zone, thickness of only 4mm, with a 42-hour power reserve, balance shock a frequency of 21,600 times per hour, to ensure that the watch is the time between any accuracy. This watch is not only in appearance special cushion shape, the complex will also feature the presentation of unique and creative ingenuity.

Pre-SIHH 2011 Piaget Altiplano Tourbillon Skeleton Pocket Replica Watch

Piaget Altiplano Tourbillon pocket watch

Piaget Altiplano Tourbillon pocket replica watch
18K white gold / manual winding movement / hours, minutes show / tourbillon device / 22 stone / watch diameter 40mm / earthquake frequency per hour, 21,600 times / power reserve of 40 hours / sapphire crystal mirror / and another 25 in rose gold limited edition models / with leather Strap, 18K gold bracelet, leather base and leather care kits / global limited 25 / not priced Watch back emblem engraved on the traditional crafts and face plate type black Barton time scale and pointer, which convey the classic, timeless strong feelings, and then deal with chamfered by hand, and decorated with Geneva corrugated sheet of plywood and the bridge, the perfect present this limited edition watch collection process aesthetic value.

Pocket watch collection presents the perfect value of aesthetics and technology
In 1957, PIAGET published the world’s thinnest, is also a legend of the first ultra-thin PIAGET 9P manual movement of winding movement. In 2011, PIAGET still poured out to develop a series of home-made ultra-thin movement, but in other watch factory are focused in the development of large-size Piaget Altiplano Skeleton copy watch at the same time, PIAGET shift the tentacles extending to the more refined, elegant designer direction. To celebrate the 9P manual-winding movement has been around since the 50th anniversary, PIAGET special 9P manual-winding movement will be based basis of Cal.600P manual tourbillon movement, in this world equipped with only 25 of the Swiss-made replica Piaget Altiplano Tourbillon pocket watch. Thickness of only 3.5mm of Cal.600P manual tourbillon movement, produced a high degree of difficulty, the need to take into account the stability of their movement given the degree and quality polished performance, called for the PIAGET in the tabulation process on a great achievement. 9 o’clock position through the face plate the hollow window can be seen with the brand initials “P” words flying tourbillon device, which is a tourbillon device composed of 42 components, weighing only 0.2 grams.

Best Quality Replica Piaget’s International Brand Ambassador: Maggie Cheung


The first time for the first time Piaget and Maggie Cheung co-operation
Piaget, chief executive of the International Wheat Zhenjie on March 26, 2011 leave Beijing Contemporary Art Centre in the news conference, is proud to announce the first time for the first time Piaget and Maggie Cheung co-operation. The yuan has appeared in over seventy films works of actors, by virtue of her innate elegance and legendary experience led her replica Piaget diamonds watch and jewelry brand with Piaget time soon. From the birth of two flashes as long as the growth track star, showing that this fate is not accidental. Maggie Cheung difference in the count almost with the birth of a century, the count originated in the mountains of the Swiss Jura La Côtes-aux-Fées small village, and Maggie Cheung’s childhood was spent in the prosaic way, they both extraordinary development of the future so quietly open. The former is full of creativity as an international brand, which is to start from fashion models to become the world’s attention the star.She quickly became popular in Asia, with Maggie Cheung in 1992, directed by Stanley Kwan’s “Center Stage” won the Park Lin International Film Festival Best Actress “Silver Bear.” The director Wong Kar-wai’s “In the Mood for Love” made her into an international dance Taiwan, and received numerous praise. In 2004, she was “clean” in the excellent acting skills for which she won the Cannes International Film Festival Gold Palm Award for Best Actress.

The unique atmosphere of refined luxury
Since 1874, the count many famous Piaget fake watch factory began manufacturing high-level watch brand movement, until 1940, made significant decided to count the formal creation of the brand, all stamped their mark on the watch. Since then, the brand’s innovative spirit to in the field of technical and aesthetic deeply rooted. The count developed in the fifties 9P and 12P movement, a movement of ultra-thin experts; and become a model of fine jewelry watches, permeated with a unique atmosphere of refined luxury. These achievements with their perseverance, bold innovation and a rich creative spirit, the brand has quickly gained an international reputation, and continue to develop. Coincidentally, Maggie Cheung will be the fate of their own hands. 18-year-old resident of the UK left the small back to his the birthplace of Hong Kong, this extraordinary success of her transformation. Starting from the fashion model, after the filming of the film after another, in silver frequently appeared on the screen.

Maggie Cheung fully demonstrated multi-faceted three-dimensional fashion and mysterious atmosphere proficient in the use of light and portrait photographer Patrick Demarchelier is a master of dazzling Piaget copy watch and jewelry worn Maggie Cheung Piaget exquisite shot a stunning fashion photographs. The internationally renowned fashion photographer in the lens, with Maggie Cheung Piaget watches and jewelry, full of her multi-faceted three-dimensional fashion and mysterious atmosphere. Also specifically select Piaget Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, the Asian art platform to officially become the Piaget of global brand Maggie Cheung ambassador.

Unparalleled creative power given to the count
Piaget and Maggie Cheung finally met in Beijing on a special significance for all of them in the city. In the past 15 years, China is particularly important for the development of the count, but Beijing is China’s major portals. Piaget now has 36 in Asia specialty shops, including six located in China, including Beijing, 3. Proud of his success will continue to count the China market development. Maggie Cheung shuttle most of the time in Paris, London and Hong Kong, but she has a special sense of belonging to Beijing, it is this she was in Beijing have their own homes. As China’s capital, Beijing with its ancient and unique fusion of traditional ways these two opposites and modern, giving the count unparalleled creative power, while giving Maggie Cheung’s acting career has more room for development. These common points to go with the final count and Maggie Cheung. She has a unique temperament, is Mr. Mak has been seeking Zhenjie brand ambassador: “Maggie Cheung’s extraordinary style and the perfect blend of traditional and modern ability, the rich really my personality. She’s international image, the status of distinguished and unique qualities, making her Piaget global brand ambassador for the perfect candidate. “Maggie Cheung responded:” I am honored to count items that I was brand ambassador perfect candidate. In fact, I’ve always loved the count seeking the ultimate spirit and continue to pass order of the elegance and perfection. I believe our cooperation will be wonderful. “Art was never in the life of Piaget and Maggie Cheung leave the operation is the partnership of art is full of color.

Promotion: The Replica Piaget Possession and Magic Hour Diamond Fake Watches

The Piaget shows the extraordinary professional accomplishments perfect masculine Men wrist watches and fine, and the divergence in the long winter night shine ladies Piaget replica watch and jewelry fire, will celebrate the Feast of the few year-end, integrated into a refined elegance and glamorous charm of the bright moments.Case charming elegant arc, adjuvanted with elegant white silk quality strap, case turning on the activities of more than diamond bezel, silver dial ring with black Arabic numerals central flying time scale, arbitrary as the freedom of the breeze reminding us of scenes being reckless flying swing, while the same section rings and necklaces, it is the dance of a flame in the best partner.

Piaget Possession diamond watch

Dressed in fresh white coating on the platinum for the clothes, Piaget Possession diamond fake watch of muddy bodies glow with brilliant luster. 192 diamonds and three pear-cut pink sapphire crystal, fine and delicate to cross the round pendant, and sketched out the trajectory of Arab vine pattern, also provides the occasion neck skin silky smooth touch. Diamond rain skillfully diamond ring hanging in the end only. This pear-shaped diamond drop of precious rain, with 18 diamonds, precious and delicate being put to the endless lace.
Piaget Magic Hour diamond watch
Quiet, flicker, or arrogant gorgeous, Piaget Magic Hour diamond watch the ever-changing face of the story unfolds, the feelings of the moment with the wearer when the synchronization. Thanks to hidden in the case under the strict confidentiality by the Workshop made the  Piaget mechanical structure, 3 styles and 3 different ways by a single re wearing only watch, in the refined machine dial decorated with engraved decoration veins to the phase grand show different perspective. When the dial is the level of placement, augmented by the cross-diamond oval case fitted case, showing a touch of classic harmonious atmosphere; to the side of the case briefly in rotation angle, became an instant to create a spectacular leaning effect, the release of elegant replica Piaget Magic Hour watch naughty and lively in the face of blood; then more than 45 degrees angle, along with a complete disclosure of the watch face jewelry – diamonds inlaid on the surface of the numerals for the hours – the time of transfer into a sparkling diamond Chan light. Dazzling Magic Hour is undoubtedly unique and at the same time with multiple face the Qianmiannvlang, as their girls wear the same.