Rado Red and White Ceramic True Sport Chronograph

Many people don’t know Rado replica watches is online resources ceramic watch, Rado brand happens to be obsessive about the non-steel super-hard material, and also develop variations. A week ago the company held a celebration in Shanghai, and styles the world’s unique red-colored & whitened ceramic Rado watch out for their first representative Rene
Rado Red and White Ceramic True Sport Chronograph

Rado’s online marketing strategy happens to be very European, however this year they choose Taiwan star Rene Liu his or her representative. Patric described:” Rene is our brand’s representative all across the globe, we demand not just popular, sweet, but additionally connotation. Rene Liu is great within the foreground, but additionally singer, director etc. Her image complements our brand perfectly.”
Rado has begun high-tech ceramic to create Rado chronograph copy watch as early as 1986, they understood everything about ceramic. The most challenging useful ceramic to create watch may be the different cold and hot expansion, so can’t mix with steel, titanium along with other metal. Actually, Rado already mastered we’ve got the technology itself, but regrettably the price of production is simply too high, therefore the needed to find different ways to cope with it.


2012 Baselworld– Rado Ceramic Replica Watch, Trio of New Materials

ultra-thin Rado copy watch committed to produce the products combining innovative design with high technology. The advent of a series of innovative materials and metallurgical treatment crafts makes it go further in this pursuit. Now its watch-making palette welcomes new materials– the precision Si3N4, the rose gold tone Ceramos and the high-tech ceramic with gold-tone plasma treatment.High-tech ceramic with gold-toned Plasma treatment– more remarkable in scratch-resistance and emerges sparkling color
After the launch of ultra-thin high-tech ceramic Rado replica watch in 2011, Rado continues to challenge the limits, one of the new members in its True Thineline also utilized with Si3N4. Si3N4 is called the futuristic ultra-light ceramic, its initial research and development is aims at applying to automobile engine parts such as valves and turbocharger rotor.

The rose gold tone Ceramos– solider than the rose golds

After the launch of platinum-colored Ceramos, Rado has made a significant improvement on this solid material so that it demonstrates a rose gold tone. The platinum-colored Ceramos was originally adopted in 2010; Ceramos evolves from the platinum-colored high-tech ceramic which black Rado chronograph replica watch introduced in 1993. This ceramic and metal composite was designed to have the optimal properties of both components. Today Ceramos accommodates a unique platinum steel look for use in sharp, edgy designs. It is a light material, which adjusts quickly to skin temperature, offering unrivalled comfort levels when used to make watch bracelets and cases. The new launch of Rado Specchio and HyperChrome combined the Ceramos in rose gold tone with high-tech ceramics in white or black, both of them have an elegant and beautiful appearance and offer a comfortable wear feeling.

Rado achieved new breakthroughs in ceramic processing– the high-tech ceramic with gold-toned Plasma treatment. As a pioneer in usage and the R & D of high-tech ceramics in the watch-making industry, Plasma processing is an exclusive technology for Rado since 1998. Its Rado True Thinline introduced in 2012 has used this technique.

Ceramic RADO Fake Watch Opened a New Flagship Store in Harbin

In the opening celebration, the brand’s nationwide Sales Director Michael Wan, and the brand’s global spokesperson Asia famous creator Rene Liu jointly struck a pose on the stage, commonly witnessing the splendid moments of the opening. At the same time, brand new Rado Centrix replica watch also shares the brightness with the ice city by its natural and crystal appearance.


RADO, highlight the Bard Vanguard style design

Rado Harbin ambitious flagship store’s bright and simple space is the perfect embodiment of the brand’s unique and advanced design. Rado stationed in Harbin is the first high-end Swiss rado centrix jubile copy watch brand, not only witnessed the prosperity and development of Harbin, also shared the same to each other pioneers, fearless difficult creative spirit. The shopping center is located in Harbin, lofty and ambitious flagship store is open since the mall came with the twelve summer and winter, the opening of the flagship store reloading significance.

RADO flagship store in Harbin ambitious new-store shopping center image

From left to right, followed by RADO National Sales Director Mr. Wan Zhifei, a global brand spokesperson for Miss Liu Ruoying, Black Ceramic RADO fake watch dealers Harbin Heng, general manager of North Mr. Wang Yonghuan, Harbin ambitious shopping mall Vice President Mr. Feng Rui

Brand national sales director Michael Wan Mr. Wan Zhifei speech at the scene, said: “Unlimited Spirit, is the essence of the brand radar, which can represent the pioneer spirit is not confined, as standing in the snow among the Harbin general, the radar is willing to The flagship store opening ceremony as an opportunity to reload, and Harbin together, shopping together with ambitious than in the past, and write history. ”

Talented Asian creative Rene: “RADO exemplar found my Unlimited Spirit”

And special events visit the scene of Asia’s leading all-round talented woman, a global brand spokesperson Rene Liu and guests witnessed not only the radar Harbin ambitious shopping mall opened flagship store reloading an important moment, the scene also generous to share her love and sympathy for the brand: ” Unlimited Spirit to me, represents much more than the quality of the radar’s insistence on the watch, but also to being across the singing, drama, writing, multi-faceted artist, I kind of incentive and recognition. very pleased that this event A representative of this radar pass unlimited pioneer spirit Harbin favorite watch every taste patriots. ”

Global brand ambassador Miss Rene Liu, attended the opening scene.

Rado Replica Watch 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Appeared in Shanghai

From the start until November this year, Christmas Eve, a full set of the overall total of five ceramic RADO replica watch limited edition ceramic series will be sealed in special display case in tailored black, fashionable in the Bund, Shanghai’s landmark Bund V “design Republic “exhibition. By then, you can also see domestic only “design republic” to show up RADO JasperMorrison Air Chair & Watch series and Corks series, can be a more direct understanding of Jasper Morrison’s design philosophy. That “Jasper Morrison” immediately think of the name to the smallest minimalism. Bold and brief out all trivial, almost miserly with the concept of aesthetics, as if any “decorative” related idea in front of Jasper Morrison is shameful. Has been cautious in the works of Jasper Morrison, in addition to several decades of the “moderate aesthetics” some crazy pursuit, the little “derailed.” However, Jasper Morrison in 2007 seemed unconventional, with the famous watchmaking brand Rado pioneer work, completing his own virgin in the watch industry for – RADO watch the radar the whole limited edition series of ceramic.Fully reflects the overall Rado fake watch Jasper Morrison used some of the “minimalist” spirit, each element appears, are appropriate, and again before making reservations.
Rado 50th Anniversary Limited Edition
Rado has always been to “Less is More” simple design features but without losing the function of excellence, and Jasper Morrison’s style can be described as a perfect fit. To celebrate the brand 50 years anniversary, RADO found Jasper Morrison, want to co-create a classic commemorative watch. Jasper Morrison to create this limited edition series consists of five watches of a similar composition, representing the black ceramic Rado copy watch years of innovation process the radar. Jasper Morrison’s subtraction game design at this time, the practice started around the dial and the overall ratio. Followed the classic set of three time windows, time window and dial details are mounted at different fineness of gold, both highlight the 50-year anniversary of the honor, in turn five watches, one by one distinction.