High-performance White Richard Mille RM 031 Replica Watch

Richard Mille RM 031 replica watch is intended to launch an orthodox watch, which should not only inherit advanced watchmaking technology but also enjoy the pure line and extremely excellent component. Then the RM 031 “high performance” emerges as the requirement.
Richard Mille RM 031
Since the foundation Richard Mille brand in 2011, superior performance is its relentless pursuit. No matter on the timing or the technology, performance ideal has penetrated into every design, development and creativity of best quality replica Richard Mille.

The birth of the excellent products comes from the creative thinking, bold design and the use of better performance of new material: the subtle demonstration of sew world RM 015 Perini Navi, RM 025 and its 300m waterproof tourbillon chronograph movement, new RM 050 Felipe Massa and its extremely precise and complicated tourbillon rattrapante chronograph movement.

RM 031 movement is equipped with a positive pulse AP escapement structure which is a delicate combination of the detent escapement and the Swiss lever escapement, design by Renaud & Papi for Audemars Piguet. Due to the direct role of the escapement wheel to balance wheel, the system accuracy is higher. On the contrary, Swiss lever escapement lever directly acts on the escapement wheel.

The vibration frequency of AP escapement pendulum is 36000 times / hour. Comparing to the Elinvar double hair springs, the transmission efficiency is higher for the escape wheel has direct function to the pendulum. In order to prevent the components of displacement, the escapement structure is especially with a fine needle, the effect of striking: The exquisitely designed movement only has error of less than 30 seconds for month timing.

The floor and bridge deck are made by ARCAP alloy. Richard Mille RM 031 copy watch is the first to use this material in manufacturing RM 002 movement.

In order to ensure excellence in transmission of the double-barrel, it specially used special-shaped gear to form pressure angle of 20 degrees to help the gear group. The process of design inspiration is from the auto transmission which can input continuously the power to the high effective escapement structure through the gear.

RM 031 not only has excellent technical characteristics but extraordinary hand-retouching. Each component manufacture of movement is for several hours, such as baseboard and escapement supporting spring processed bead polishing, gear cut and polished, bead polish, chamfer and circle polish process and so on.

The new round quarter design of the case and its precision looks unique after cut and polishing.
Each detail has been carefully built, such as exquisitely designed lugs make the connecting line between cases and strap naturally.

RM 03’s platinum edition is limited edition of 10 pieces.