Hands-on With My Best Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Replica Watch

The Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 1969 replica watch is features a flyback chronograph with a central seconds hand, a 12-hour counter dial at 6 o’clock and a 30-minute counter dial at 3 o’clock.


Although Zenith aren’t at the pinnacle of the luxury Zenith replica watch market, the movement developed by Zenith, El Primero, is amongst the horological Hall Of Fame as the most reliable and precise movement manufactured to date.

Many of the top Swiss manufacturers, including Rolex, have developed and manufactured similar designs to that of the Zenith El Primero copy watch because of the truly inspiring precision given by the movement.

Zenith EL Primero Stratos Flyback Automatic Chronograph Black Replica Watch

Zenith Stratos Flyback


The Zenith manufacturer is probably the primary organizations with regards to advancement and style, and since 1865 it has gained numerous honors at essential worldwide expositions. Their designer zenith el primero stratos flyback copy watches are extremely valued and remarkably required globally by many watch enthusiasts, satisfying both women and men. With a high-quality adornment like a Zenith watch on your wrist, it really is difficult to walk undetected.

Zenith Watch Company is available in 2011 with brand-new extraordinary versions, the Stratos Flyback Watches, made up of the Stratos Flyback, the Stratos Flyback Impressive 1/10th, and also the Zenith EL Primero Stratos Flyback Automatic replica watch.


To bring life to the best fake Zenith Stratos Flyback Watches, the firm made a decision to endow them with the in-house manufactured El Primero Caliber 405B automatic movement which oscillates at 36,000 vph and stores energy for about 50-hour or with the Zenith El Primero 4057B Caliber movement featuring a accuracy of 1/10th of a second.
The costs for the Flyback Watches are around $10,000 and much more. Apart from, there is the special edition Stratos Flyback Black Alchron Special Edition Johan Nilson watch limited to 500 pieces, while the Stratos Flyback in Black Alchron on alligator leather strap isn’t limited. Overall, the brand new Stratos Flyback Watches are certainly beautiful manly models appropriate for the modern men who enjoy putting on their wrist a Zenith timepiece.

The watches use a 45.5 mm case created in a number of materials with a ceramic bezel insert discovered in all of the sport models nowadays. Furthermore, they utilize advanced dials which cater to main hands and applied hour markers. The dials are incredibly readable and flawlessly created so the hands and the hour markers are really easy to view on the dim background. They are built with three overlapping sub-dials along with an internal flange ring etched which has a partial minute scale. The watches are protected by a sapphire crystal with an AR coat on both sides for optimum dial visibility and feature a see-through sapphire case-back so the automatic movement can be adored by the interested eyes.

Show up stylishly clothed with crystal-like diamond women timepieces coordinated with silver earrings. The best fake Zenith Stratos Flyback Watches are strong and manly versions with a stylish style and an extremely technological accuracy being especially designed for modern men that have additionally a love for tough circumstances. The fantastic fake watches come in numerous variations and they are generally: the Stratos Flyback in steel on alligator leather strap, the Stratos Flyback in steel on metallic bracelet, the Stratos Flyback in black on a alligator strap, the Stratos Flyback Black Alchron Special Edition Johan Nilson, the Stratos Flyback Black Alchron case with rose gold on alligator leather strap and the Stratos Flyback in rose gold with black on alligator strap.

Best Quality Zenith El Primero Foudroyante Chronograph Replica Watch

Zenith El Primero Foudroyante Chronograph 110 Second Watch

Above 400 km from the top of our head, there is a giant object weighing 400 tons is now rotating. This enormous flyer is not a lost asteroid, but is an ISS revolving around the earth’s orbit. ISS is a research lab, 6 astronauts living there. In December 2010 a Swiss watch – best fake Zenith El Primero Foudroyante chronograph 1/10 second departed from the earth travelling by the Soyouz rocket launched from the Baïkonour base. According to a researched project of ESA, this high precision chronograph is worn on a European astronaut’s wrist, entering into Columbus lab, travelling around the orbit.

Europe and Space

European Space Agency is Europe’s leading space of the door, the Member States including Switzerland, a total of 18. In mid-December, the European Space Agency to be an astronaut to the International Space Station, perform a six-month mission. The engineer responsible for ensuring that a second aircraft supplies auto-European transport vehicles eleven Kepler (Johannes Kepler) auto-carrying spacecraft arrived safe side. He also plans for intensive scientific experiments, research projects range from tracking include study space radiation to sleep, etc., which sleep in space research for the treatment of insomnia on Earth one of the study plan.

Le Locle, December 2010. Side of the International Space Station as a huge puzzle weighing 400 tons, the participating countries developed by different laboratories capsule. International Space Station will be fully completed next year, then, the station will reach 110 meters total length, including about fifteen pressure chamber. The space monster per hour 27.700 km amazing speed flight around the globe just about a half hour. In the name of six space station astronauts have an international team, will spend six months in the space station.

The world’s largest peace cooperation program for the International Space Station’s top science labs, so that mankind may be involved in the space of all fields of science experiments. This is the peace of mankind unprecedented cooperation program, so that different countries with different ways of thinking unite. Program’s original purpose, to promote peace and to promote peace using space. The International Space Station, the space can make use of the unique characteristics of the two studies: the state of almost complete weightlessness, and almost empty of the external environment. These two features make humans on Earth can be carried out can not be achieved in the chemical and physical experiments. From eight countries, 196 researchers have entered the space station. 16 countries work together to combine national strength and ability to achieve this ambitious and forward-looking of the project, estimated to cost $ 100 billion.

Since inception, Zenith will continue to prove its ability to forward-looking vision and pioneering spirit. Technical fake Zenith EI Primero copy watch has always been around with adventurer and discoverer, for example, Zenith Ocean Chronograph was used to calculate the position of the ship in the ocean, and was explored by the sailors in navigation. Also accompany the pilot and watch the polar explorers to participate in the adventure. Therefore, the true force, participation in the history of this great adventure eleven human conquest of space-is a matter of course.

High precision Swiss chronograph – EI Primero Foudroyante chronograph 1 / 10 second, the only solution Universe

Swiss high precision chronograph – Swiss Replica Zenith EI Primero Foudroyante chronograph 1 / 10 seconds Soyuz rocket to the International Space Station. EI Primero movement is the world’s first swing 10 times per second movement, for the most complex production of mechanical movement, can show the most accurate time. EI Primero Foudroyante chronograph 1 / 10 second in 2010, called the watchmaking technology, significant progress: This remarkable movement every 1 / 10 second swing time, beating each time are clearly visible.

In 2010, the European Space total heat total of about 1,900 full-time staff and these excellent staff from all member states, including scientific researchers, engineers, IT engineers and administrative staff.

The European Space Agency in Europe leading to the total space of the door. European Space Agency research program designed to in-depth understanding of the Earth, near-Earth space environment, solar system, universe; the development of satellite technology and services; promote related industries in Europe. European Space total heat total of 18 member states Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Czech Republic, Switzerland. In addition, Canada, Hungary, Poland, Romania, the European Space Agency is also involved in a number of cooperation programs.

New Replica Zenith ChronoMaster Flagship Steel Watch

As a true symbol of force watchmaker, Zenith ChronoMaster flagship series goes without saying. The perfect fusion of tradition and modernity, he experienced Homecoming, but still classic fashion. The design, the dual bead profile case and wheat grain dial shows the master of the tabulation process and unique style. Open happy as a true force for the identification, interpretation of the chronograph movement ElPrimero 36,000 vibrations per hour.

Classic but modern, Zenith ChronoMaster Flagship replica watch to show the strength of its flagship series of arbitrary, constantly learn from the classical tradition but also to explore the future.

Zenith ChronoMaster Flagship Series New Watch


Great fun date flagship

Between light and shadow play in, which the extraordinary design of the watch a perfect interpretation of classical and modern fusion. Wheat grain dial, applique design and sword-shaped pointer praise the great classics, but contains no doubt that the modern atmosphere. Dial, delicate hazy effect hollow to create a transparent, subtle pearl beneath the plate and show the patent was awarded three large calendar system disk. Finally, the dial on the hollow as a symbol designed to show the new features introduced ElPrimero4039 complex movement, the more we reveal the mystery of years.

In 2008, with a unique and complex menu, this series will enter the field of advanced tab: ChronoMaster Tourbillon ElPrimero Day & NightMoonphase, flagship Tourbillon Moon phase watchs for sale on the night. At the same time, the series will add another complex function watch ChronomasterOpenGrande Date, the flagship happy big date.

The watch has a more bright side. Rose gold case with silver dial and stainless steel case with black or silver dial is. XT (45 mm) and T (40 mm) in two sizes to choose from, more integration of crocodile leather strap embellishment, create a more modern lines and comforwatch experience.

Female models flagship moon phase

Following last year for HIS WATCH FORHER men and women wearing the concept of the watch after the new female will be attracted to women fake zenith ChronoMaster Flagship Watch Series, the flagship of its inspiration from the ChronoMaster world. This year, moon phase with ChronoMaster MoonPhase flagship female models charming classic design, really force women to realize their dream of sparkling stars.

Dual case is more delicate beaded pattern (diameter 37.5 mm), mounted dazzling diamonds, sparkling pearl dial Fritillaria put on coat, but still retains its unique Roman ChronoMaster flagship digital mosaic and wheat grain patterns.

n order to meet different women desire a romantic extremely complex function of this option rose gold watch with brown crocodile leather strap or stainless steel with a black strap. Feminine grace and elegance with beautiful carols.

Zenith Brand in Belgium was founded in Switzerland in 1865 AD, when the test item has shared the 1,565 first prize in the Hong Kong Observatory. More than 140 years of history, is one of a handful with full design, manufacture, production capacity of all the movement and watch brands. And Patek Philippe, Jaeger LeCoultre, Rolex, tied for the Swiss four real “watch manufacturers.”

In 1999, when Lee joined the LVMH group really, really high-level watch manufacturer. Only able to design their own production, “the base board,” the company can be called is a “real watchmaker.” From participation in all stages of the design and manufacture their own workshop to produce the required tools, ZENITH really bold and creative force to watch the precision of mechanical feeling of integration with the United States, a half century, diligently, and strive to perfect , for the time dedicated tribute to the numerous and rich.

In 1969, ZENITH really benefit vibration frequency of 36,000 times per hour the ElPrimero movement was born, becoming the first full automatic chronograph, the victory of overcoming the challenges: in the smallest space into the most technical features. Even today, it remains the fastest vibration automatic chronograph is the world’s most accurate Zenith copy watch.