TISSOT PRC100 Automatic Chronograph Replica Watch

TISSOT PRC100 Automatic replica watch and well-known sporting events closely connected, has become part of the brand DNA in the past ten years, TISSOT on the basketball, motorcycle competitions, ice hockey, fencing competitions … and so the contribution is obvious. As a product brand Ambassador endorsement is the best example of Michael Owen, his pursuit of victory in the sports arena and will form the high now, as TISSOT always seeking self-tabulation process breakthroughs and new heights!

And brand with a breakthrough victory “watch ”
TISSOT today the launch of the annual Basel Watch Fair’s exclusive Tissot PRC100 Michael Owen Michael chronograph. Owen limited edition chronograph in 2009, face plate on the 10 o’clock time with a red face plate 10 can be said for over the past 10 years, Michael Owen as the spokesman for best fake TISSOT PRC100 chronograph watch designed by a competent, is also to Michael Owen played for the Newcastle team over the past draw a perfect period, bottom part of the surface geometry using lines football design, and individually numbered limited edition signature and M. Owen, who represents nothing more than a profound love with Tissot Yi’s world soccer star, continue to heat and light for the new arena, and inspired a young and exciting every heart.

Tissot PRC100 Michael Owen chronograph
Tissot PRC100 Michael Owen chronograph
Stainless steel / quartz movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date / Blue gem crystal mirror / water depth 100 meters / Global Limited 4999 / Reference Price: NT $ 15,100

Presents the core values of the brand football golden boy
29-year-old well-known football golden boy Michael Owen, who played for Real Madrid and Liverpool, his Newcastle team the agreement also formally launched in June 30, 2009 expiration. The awful highlight of the summer, turn the UK’s largest football team situation, but also Michael Owen to join Manchester United after the truth. TISSOT replica watch president also said that cooperation over the ambassadors speak over ten years, is deeply honored for TISSOT, and for Michael Owen for the world-renowned Manchester United played for pride. In the new event comes a time when, Michael Owen has always been in the football tournament will be put on
In the back of No. VII revered Manchester United shirt and then stand on the pitch.


Look at the Brilliant Tissot T-Touch Titanium Replica Watch

Following the main celebration Tissot T-Touch Titanium replica  watches series after the tenth anniversary release, Tissot recently made to use touch technology for inspiration, to create emphasis on the new brand and product features Tissot official website, with gently Click the mouse, you can turn the touch-case, the concept of entering Shenju Tissot future world.

Tissot T-Touch watches

In addition to formally launched the new official website, the Tissot T-Touch expert solar copy watch ram in the most established global social networking site dedicated community space, the convenience of using Facebook, fun, so that fans like the brand Tissot, anytime understand the brand’s global developments, including event sponsorship, new store openings, the latest watch to introduce and advocate activities, can this be the most immediate information sharing; In addition, fans can also form Tissot Facebook, freedom and enthusiasts discuss the issue of experiences wear watches and use of experience

This year, Titanium Tissot replica watch integrates Facebook and the official online personalized information services, allowing consumers worldwide to better the future of information through a convenient platform for a better understanding of Tissot “extraordinary creativity, from the traditional” brand meaning and New product news. And hope with the interactive platform of communication, and consumer demand to share their watch in the future marketing, and closer to the market demand, to meet public expectations.

The new Tissot official website of the new Tissot extensive use of interactive multimedia design, including personalized search and watch video viewing area and so on, through audio and video components, consumers seem to enter the three-dimensional space, visit the brand more and complete information; for example, Tissot watch sporting events sponsored by, or query the brand ambassador Michael Owen and spokesman for Greater China, a large S the latest news … and so on. Meanwhile, the new official website to provide information showing eight languages platform to make the site more closely the use of the global demand for watch fans..

TISSOT PRC 200 C01.211 and T-Race MotoGP Automatic Chronograph Watches

Fancy watches and clocks, in Tainan consumers appreciate the taste and needs, Tissot special on Valentine’s Day until 2010 at the Fashion Museum of Tainan Chinese watch TISSOT PRC 200 C01.211  Automatic Chronograph watch. On the other hand, in order to allow the Tainan area Yashi ladies who love the watch, to better understand the unique Tissot watch the classic design style, but also in the collection on display in another display TISSOT Equi-T Ladies Watch and MOTOGP Auto Valjoux limited edition watch. TISSOT Tissot beyond the experience of a half-century watchmaking, not only to provide precise timing, its many watches, but also a symbol of TISSOT footprint through each era. The watchs show, can be said TISSOT Tissot unique creative design, fashion and taste are the epitome of watchmaking! I believe for those who like Tissot, and watch the player is undoubtedly a remarkable shocker!

TISSOT PRC 200 C01.211

Many media players on the PRC 200 C01.211 with automatic timing men’s watch, hold a high level of interest, especially that it is loaded wear developed by the new ETA chronograph movement “C01.211” When looking at it is not more non-! Derived from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has designated as special access to NATO military watch movement, has been discontinued classic chronograph movement “Lemania 5100”, ETA C01.211 same with the Lemania 5100, although the appearance of a more crude ore, but is more suiwatch for mass production of practical chronograph movement, the movement of some parts used to strengthen plastic parts production, in addition to weight, the impact resistance much better than metal parts; balance of material and shock absorbers are also used a new part, the number of the movement of parts much less than the Lemania 5100, can be said that production in both the cost and difficulty, and made the best design. The heart is Gengrang players, in order to “PRC 200 C01.211 Automatic Chronograph men’s watch,” the function of beauty fullest, Tissot specially designed transparent case back, the player with the owner of a large area through the transparent sheet back, a glimpse of ETA C01.211 Automatic chronograph movement rhythm style, whether it is for everyday use, or play with taste, are excellent quality choices.

Face left of the plate with three circular plot calculations, and in the crown and the right time by the two embraced each other, the visual sense is quite balanced; face plate and watch models and printed name and in the 3 o’clock position with date display function, so that a more practical degree a plus; pointer like a symphony conductor as in the columnar lined the command dial on the leisurely time of 0-60 minutes, respectively, by 12 representatives of 5 minutes columnar time scale that legible and clear; with screw-down back and crown, water resistant to 200 meters, plus a variety of functions can be used for a variety with a unique shape, suiwatch for various occasions to wear, can be that is to allow men to start not in a multi-functional non-premium Swiss mechanical chronograph.

This watch uses high quality materials and components, rounded matte stainless steel case, watch the top only be used by the anti-resistant sapphire crystal; watch microscopic three-dimensional stripes of black or white face plate texture of high-level, emitting a the purification of the maturity of modern men, but also show a dynamic fashion design, up to 200 meters water depth, not only for steady and pure, gentlemen, let the sunshine boys love outdoor sports who can be more interesting every piece of fashion fun time. Watch with a leather strap or chain, regardless of zone, were significantly refined and charming.

Limited edition MotoGP watch automatic timing, the world’s limited 2008, only 150 in Taiwan, each individually numbered watches are available to show honor and commemorative value. Limited edition MotoGP watch is equipped with automatic timing system Valjoux Automatic Swiss chronograph movement, transparent case back through the watch list of the operation of the mechanical rhythm of the movement. The MotoGP race against the clock speed, for the time precision is even more demanding, like limited edition MotoGP watch automatic chronograph watch box helmet design for the watch with automatic winding mechanism to function, can be divided into minutes and seconds seconds to ensure the uninterrupted time with high accuracy performance.

MotoGP watch the classic “wheel box” hollow bottom design and heavy-duty motorcycle brake disc bezel design inspiration, to comply with the MotoGP motorcycle race in the original spirit of the design of the watch has a sense of speed work. The use of black and silver colors, with delicate details of the design of carbon fiber surface, are everywhere Tissot MotoGP Competition Need for Speed for the perfect interpretation. To heavy competition for the dashboard on a motorcycle inspired by the yellow color design decorated to highlight the car’s power and beauty. Black carbon fiber face plate with a type of luminous hour markers, 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions, respectively, 12 hours, 30 minutes with needle circle time, small seconds at 9 o’clock for the ring, at 3 o’clock for the date week display window , even with the inner face plate 60 per hour to 400 kilometers meter speed calibration pin circle.

TISSOT MotoGP watch
Sophisticated technology to create the Tissot T-Race MotoGP automatic chronograph watch, sports-style elegance to show tolerance, and the delicate workmanship of the watch to complete the details. Stainless steel case polishing surface through the fog, showing good texture, with a leather strap watch exudes elegant demeanor. Each is only 2008 T-Race MotoGP Valjoux automatic chronograph watch is limited, respectively, the special shape of the black knight helmet packaging, watch box with automatic chain mechanism to ensure adequate power watches. Tissot MotoGP since 2001, became the official timepiece brand, continue to watch the professional development of technology and the latest technology, introduce new kinds of limited edition MotoGP watch. 2008 limited edition watch the latest automatic timing, it is equipped with the most swatch and most reliable ETA7750 Valjoux Automatic Swiss chronograph movement, both inside and outside the quality section of the watch is absolutely the best choice for sports enthusiasts.

Pursuit of modern ladies is not only romantic and elegant, they are more bright to show determination in the workplace, strong and skilful side, the atmosphere in the spirit in coincides with the decorative arts. Therefore, in the Equi-T ladies watch, you can see all the Art Deco era of the representative symbol: rectangular stainless steel case, diamond-shaped sculptured face plate, and the texture of silk satin strap, with these simple shapes interpretation of the rational and emotional, is the essence of Art Deco. In addition, the small details at the same sloppy, cleverly integrated into the lugs Tissot brand messages to the minimalist lines of the T-case and strap a perfect connection and had to be impressed on the ingenuity of craftsmen impressed.

The Opening of Tissot Public Flagship Store in Taichung

Potential for increasing consumption in the Taiwan market, Tissot choose the Lunar New Year, opened in Taichung City in Taiwan’s first independent street store, which was recently organized the “Man in Love Tissot ‧ Yuan expression” public flagship store in Taichung opening press conference. Store in red, black and white interwoven eye-catching colors, spreading out, the modern avant-garde fashion style, from large floor-windows and peep, not only bright sPots, but also to stimulate the consumer’s perception of fashion.

Tissot and the opening of its first flagship store in Taiwan at a press conference to announce Sponsorship second Tour de Taiwan 2010 Cycling Race. In this regard, the organizers employed the use of the concept of cycling power to arrange a “ride” the heart of the performance of the new store opening ceremony, echoing the brand of fashion design, both the content of motor function, calling in the scene S and Taichung Mayor Jason Hu Exhibition flywheel skill, Tissot Taichung public flagship store officially opened, into the fashion, music life force.

Two-story space with Tissot public flagship store in Taichung, spacious and bright, first floor, the scene in addition demonstrate that fashion, watches and diverse range of features for consumers to buy Mid-Autumn, and walk a careful watch on professional description; II House is stocked with the maintenance area, with professional watch repair division provides instant service to consumers, and watch maintenance advice; the same time maintenance of the surrounding area with the background profile brand Tissot, recorded its development history, classical and world commodity spokesperson, so fans can know more about watch Tissot deep plowing step by step process. The Tissot public flagship store in Taichung  design also reflects the attitude of its concern for consumers, not only emphasis on R & D efforts in product diversification, and look forward with more dealers, to provide better after sales service, so that all consumers in the future to each Tissot outlets, can enjoy the intimate love of a Tissot personnel, professional services, identify the most suiwatch for them, with records of life time partners.

In addition to sponsoring cycling resPonse to the question de Taiwan, Tissot and uphold the brand promotion exercise and health awareness of carbon reduction, the opening ceremony, organizers cycling power to the concept of creativity presented by the brand ambassador Big S, Taichung Mayor Jason Hu and the Executive The guests rode with pedal cycle activity, as Tissot flagship store in Taichung, the official opening of the public, into the fashion, music life force. The Cycling Association Secretary-General Lee Chi is also a special trip north from Kaohsiung to the identity of partners as Tissot site. Tissot also invited to as the “King-round star” of the Taichung drivers – Feng Junkai invited to join the opening ceremony and accept the brand ambassador for large S the gift watch, in recognition of National Games in 2009, Taichung, Cycling Individual projects Kerry first broke the national record performance, but also expect Fengjun Kai in the upcoming Asian Games in Guangzhou in 2010, but also to have excellent performance, winning glory for Taiwan.

Tissot Display Design Contest

The Tissot replica watch innovation to demonstrate the importance for the design, and look forward to receiving the entries are quite detailed, to a certain standard, so the game also encourages students to team (four people maximum) to participate in addition to head office to provide selected works The team bonus, each member will receive a selection of Tissot watches, each member of winning teams, but also the Swiss Honors to Tissot Swiss headquarters to participate in ceremony to accept praise, and its design will be made into real products, with a watch in the world displayed on each channel, so that the whole world can see the winners of the new ideas.

Full e-competition activities do not stop 24-hour

Global Call for Papers for this large-scale activities, to facilitate the flow of information and material integrity and timeliness, from registration to delivery, full use of e-operations. Participants must first log on the Internet basic information on the status of certification; completed log, you can get permission to download the brand of visual material, and design specifications and requirements, details of navigation instructions to facilitate the design direction to meet the theme. Competition with other soliciting the biggest difference lies in the fact TDDC activities take into account participants and cost-effective use of time considering the level of design concepts require only marked, material, assembly structure, use the design-based artwork; completed manuscripts through the activities of the site upload can be their own creativity and ideas, Switzerland, Steel Fake Tissot watch  immediately passed to the Corporation, has extensive experience in the professional referees display.

Top quality Tissot copy watch to break through the traditional window display mode, display on the watch to the consumer a new experience, especially in 2010, 2 / 15 until 4 / 30 only, at the start of a global design-related departments for the students, the wrist Call for Tissot display design contest. Call for Papers and hope that this campus, allowing a better understanding of the young student group Tissot brand is full of vitality and creativity of content, while exploring emerging designers, visual image for the brand new add different elements of the past.


Tissot My-T Tonneau Laides Diamod Replica Watch

The new series of barrel-shaped Tissot My-T Tonneau replica watch expressed a new “time never sleeps,” the highest regard for the truth! Elegant tonneau-shaped case with two T-strap attachment and connected with solid and agile, lightweight and strong. This is another innovative design Tissot, time suddenly to life again. With the rhythm of its own stop watch operation, dial the unique Wave shading design, special “T” word lugs, a type of spiraling bracelet, every detail so that My-T Tonneau of three barrel-shaped wrist Watch for the wearer to create a graceful sense of hierarchy, this is not only a tool for reading, but also in the show wearing an elegant personality wristlet.Bracelet by connecting together components of different sizes, both sides of the slightly smaller, slightly larger than the middle. These designs are a create a stylish sense of depth. Ting in the U.S. series, “elegant” and not just “simple” to equate the design masters Tissot create a sense of the level of more feminine elegance and changeable.

Tissot My-T Tonneau Watch


Extreme models sparkling embellishment

Steel Tissot My-T Tonneau copy watch of barrel-shaped Extreme models is to allow the wearer shine, shiny diamond decorated to watch! Top Wesselton diamonds around the outer edge of the case, and “T” word lugs are completely covered with sparkling diamonds, each reflecting a slight wrist action can sparkle of diamonds. Flashing diamonds and a beautiful sun dial embraced dial pattern, combined with highly geometric sense of the case and strap design, the new US-ting tonneau confident independent women of today to create a poetic romance, but also to women waved moment, displaying timeless elegance.

New in the barrel-shaped, with smooth flowing best fake ladies’ Tissot  designer fine lines outline of the case, bring out the middle of a black or silver dial. Dial with wave-shaped shades, from the middle to the surrounding divergence, like morning light, soft but radiant. The dial is only 6 and 12 o’clock position using Arabic numerals, numbers, shapes, and also looks similar case, 3 and 9 o’clock positions containing a small point, the other flatly omitted the location of the scale, people focus more on In the elegant lines on the dial. Case series ting the United States also used uniquely designed, with a two-tier structure. Outlines the inner dial, the outer ring is extended to bands and lugs of the “T” word skillfully combined, connecting strap.

Technical parameters:

– Water resistant to 30 m / 3 atm

– Anti-resistant sapphire crystal glass watch

– 316L stainless steel case / strap

– Black or silver dial

– Diamond section (166 top diamond) and non-diamond section

The Stainless Steel Tissot PRC200 Watch Replica

Tissot once again become the professional basketball league official time

Tissot Launched 8,888 Special Models

Tissot PRC200 replica Limited Edition series of 2008 CBA launched a grand!

Since the start of last season, Tissot has the honor to become the official basketball league time, the long-term agreement will last five years, the cooperation will cover all of China’s professional basketball league games, including playoffs, and very successful Annual All-Star Game.

Tissot friendly cooperation with the Chinese Basketball Association

Chinese Basketball League is one of the most popular television programs, and its ratings in recent years in all sports programs in China has been the highest. As new forms of promotion of the league, television coverage and the number of reports have greatly improved. The total viewing population has exceeded 400 million 2 million people. Whether overseas or domestic, the figure is any other league can not be compared. Cbachina its official website also provides an online report platform to provide all the relevant Chinese basketball league and a detailed report, the platform can also be the league’s TV coverage of a comprehensive and integrated statistics.

Francois, president of Tissot? Tim Bao said: “The great sporting events and project cooperation, for the Tissot PRC200 steel copy watch is very important because it fits the brand Tissot brand spirit and dynamic features, reflects our accurate and relentless pursuit of excellence. Tissot brand in China is the key to global development strategy. Therefore, the most popular television programs in China – Chinese Basketball League to cooperate is a matter of course, we believe that this project will in the future a better development. to provide for the Chinese basketball league service time and produce an exclusive design watches, Tissot in China to customers and cooperation partners for the more pride and Tissot. ”


Tissot replica watch time for the CBA, but also won the CBA can be made with a league and club logo watches and timers exclusive rights, Tissot company that started this sponsorship is critical. Tissot several other principal sponsor in the project, such as: the World Motorcycle Championship MotoGP, NASCAR racing and the American Automobile Federation World Championships in ice hockey are also very successfully used the same strategy, after which they will further promote the league, and fans to provide a more exciting opportunity to enjoy the fun of basketball, so that they feel Tissot CBA League and clubs for support. For Tissot, China is second only to the most important development the U.S. market. Tissot is also sponsored the first Chinese basketball, this is one of China’s two major sports.

Tissot watch masters of concern for the popular basketball league in China to develop a particular CBA PRC200 Limited Edition Automatic quartz movement watch. Limited edition of 8,888 models worldwide special edition watch, not only has the cool appearance, it is worthy of treasures.

Automatic quartz movement watch ETA205.911, the PRC200 CBA limited edition as a “quartz accuracy” and “self-winding” watch, after the power on the full string can be stored for 100 days.

In addition to available high-quality movement, the very cool watch box shape and a special collection of important factors worthy. Watch inspired by the basketball, the perfect arc on the dial as if the two-third of the pitch line, arc side of the eye-catching three digits to the watch movement to bring jump, the other side of the arc Calendar display a distinctive style, Tissot logo decorated in stripes brought against the background of steady sense.

Can be seen form the back swing watch automatic hammer, and the words engraved CBA and limited number significance. This chic watch is placed in the eye-catching basketball watch box, printed with red and white basketball Tissot watch boxes and CBA logo, off the watch box can be seen from the basketball watch top box placed inside the ball fine watches . From the inside out after a watchmakers carefully crafted watch vacated birth, it also gives great importance to the China market, Tissot and concern for the Chinese basketball.

Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, Li Yuanwei said, “This cooperation is the development of the Chinese Basketball League is a very important step. We can continue with international companies to establish partnerships that continue to develop in the CBA league and has become an international company use of Chinese sports brand founded in the Chinese market the best, most effective medium. ”

Infront Group (CBA’s advertising operator) President / CEO Blatter said, “This is a very important agreement with the well-known international brands to long-term cooperation, indicating that Chinese basketball is becoming a very attractive force sponsored by the media and methods, it can help China to attract international brand customers quickly. We believe we can work together to launch sponsorship programs and strategies for the Tissot and the Chinese Basketball Association are to achieve their goals, and to bring the two sides to huge values and interests.

PRC200 CBA limited edition goes on sale

Tissot Sea-Touch Replica Magic Watch

Harbour runaway, Tissot Sea-Touch replica watch the magic of potential intellectual Series

Sea-Touch breakthrough new products, technology and the combination of charm

Tissot Sea-Touch Series


best Fake Tissot Sea-Touch watch series in line with European EN13319 dive regulations, the underwater light, seismic, magnetic resistance, strap firmness, timing reliability are fully met and exceeded the strict regulations. Through a number of patented technology, this magic Sea-Touch and can be displayed Scuba diving record important data. It is very user-friendly data display: When the diver reaches a certain depth into the water (water at or below 1.4 m), re-merging point to 9 o’clock pointer position. Once the divers continue to dive, watch the measurements get started: the minute hand turning, diving through the bezel figures show the depth, the clock while turning the dial readings by divers swimming speed (unit: m / min). Fluorescent materials and high brightness backlit display ensures clear identification of degrees on the dial. Tissot unique patented technology ensures covered with rubber protective layer, the watch has a dual protection by the water can be maintained even in the excellent handling characteristics.

The Unique copy Tissot Sea-Touch watches have always been synonymous. Intellectual potential of this newly developed series of watches, carrying a number of patents, whether on land or underwater, possess magic magic performance. Divers underwater to 200 meters deep, easily understood by a number of mirror-Sea-Touch watch information. This series of watches are important features include: diving depth, dive speed, calendar date, compass, dual time zone, digital Piagetdown timer, alarm, and temperature measurements, all functions are used Sea-Touch operation.

Super diving machine

Boutique charm wrist

Numerous submarine is always full of surprises and charm, deeply attracted attention of divers. Sea-Touch series watch, with a deep marine atmosphere, can bring friends around the same surprise and charm. Of just strap, with the edges of the case and bezel is stronger to protect the precious Sea-Touch watch mirror, complex movement and other components. Cosmic silver, black and vibrant orange dial of violence were in harmony with silver, white, orange scale, simple, bright and full of personality. With a rubber hood look at the mysterious and unique. Imagine wearing this watch, not only shows you the movement of infinite charm, and in playing Sea-Touch features, in particular, demonstrates your dive log, how much we envy.

Tissot Launched Nurse Watch

Tribute to the beauty of angels

Introducing Tissot  nurse replica watch  

“5.12” International Nurses Day is a common festival of the world, is to commemorate the founder of modern nursing – British nurse Florence? Nightingale established. Great Florence? Nightingale the founder of modern health care industry, her spirit perfectly echoes the Tissot brand values: innovation, precision and relentless pursuit of excellence. International Council of Nurses to the birth of Florence Nightingale Day – May 12 as International Nurses Day, to encourage the majority of nursing care career inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition, Tissot also take this opportunity to the hard work and caring nurses nurses launch specially designed watch to watch feeling of respect. Has a precise and intimate form of nurses, nurse, working life is a good companion.

The most reliable personal assistant

As we all know, the patient’s pulse rate is a measure of the health status of one of the most important indicators, but also because of this, nurses used to measure the pulse of the timing tool is vital. Tissot 1853 Prc 200 replica watches has always been its pride in precision timing, but in 1942, tailored specifically for health care workers had a Mediostat watches, used to measure the pulse of patients. The carrying of the “pulse count” of nurses to break the traditional rough watch “time count pulse,” the traditional way, it calculated, the number of the pulse of the direct use of eye-catching red mark on the outer dial, red second hand to restart a key zero After a few silent as long as 15 under the pulse of the place is a pointer to stop the pulse frequency of patients with near precision, without manual conversion, as the angels were busy working to bring some convenience.
Tissot Nurse Watch

The perfect sound of ticking


Fine selection

Tissot The nurses form simple and generous, with one-touch time, but with a date display, dial the number on the scale is not only eye-catching and easy to read during the day, even in the evening, the pointer on the fluorescent coating also makes the night guard easily identify the angels. In addition, nurses form the largest difference between ordinary pocket watch is that it’s bracelet and the case of the 6 o’clock position connected to the other end of the bracelet is connected to a plate, a plate after the small hidden pins peg . Nurses are not in the chest can be placed in his chest pocket, remove the read from time to time, upside down just to dial the correct reading direction of the handheld display, uniquely. Dial on the beautiful “Red Cross” is not only a symbol of international humanitarian protection, Tissot also revealed the unlimited right and respect for the nursing profession.

Celebrity medical profession in 1966, Dr. Taro Takemi, commented: “Tissot Prc 200 copy watch has the most wonderful sound of ticking.” And that comment has no doubt further evidence of a soft spot for health care workers to Tissot. He said: “I used a stethoscope to listen carefully to the sound of movement, ticking sound crisp and thorough, then prove that the watch has a high-quality movement, which is reflected precisely when to go.” The Voice of nurses is not only the perfect watch along with the “angel were “bits of work time, but also played the most beautiful hymn of our hearts.

While product market is limited, Tissot watch is still developing this section for cooperation with the divine profession proud. Tissot is dedicated to those who nurse the watch can be described as quiet dedication to others and selfless love are the best gift.

Technical parameters:

Copper case / back to steel

5 micron gold plated or rhodium-plated

White dial, Arabic numerals

Tissot Racing MotorGP Racing Replica Limited Edition

2010 Tissot Racing MotorGP Racing replica limited edition chronograph accurate, eye-catching appearance, limited edition 8,000 pieces worldwide, allowing each wearer in the face in the crowd of publicity out of their own personal charm.

Tissot Racing Series MotorGP Racing Limited Edition


Tissot Moto GP 2010 Limited Edition racing series

The latest wave of motorcycle mechanical elements just right to highlight the 2010 Grand Prix motorcycle racing series limited edition distinctive personality. Dial used in the Tissot MotoGP racing copy disc brakes used in ultra-light carbon fiber material, reminiscent of the fierce competition hot. A black rubber strap, exactly like motorcycle tires, people can not help but lament the total MotoGP race is so unpredicwatch, but people emotionally. The watch itself in order to highlight the heritage of motor sport, engraved in the side of the “T-Race” the words and style of the watch covered in brake discs engraved with “Tissot” message. World time bezel with a degree, which will follow their idols for the year 2010 he moved to the 15 MotoGP fans, the stadium, whether they went to the site, or waiting at the front of the screen, there will be a great help. Watch watch box which also designed the style motorcycle helmet, with a set of realistic motorcycle handle, people eager for the upcoming season.

Technical parameters

This compact sporty chronograph world time functionality with classic, free to rotate the dial scale. And best fake Tissot Racing MotorGP Racing watch the whole selection and design inspiration from the world’s most important motorcycle championship – by Tissot as the official timing of the MotoGP race, definitely make the wearer look every motor sport is full of emotion and passion, in the crowd Where in the look and unique.

Mirror: Anti-scratch sapphire crystal lens, with magnification calendar window

Bezel: rotating bezel with world time function

Case: 316L stainless steel case with screen printing glass watch cover

Dial: Carbon fiber dial

Strap: Black rubber strap

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