Tissot Three Basel New Items

Tissot racing series limited edition MotoGP2009

MotoGP2009 racing series limited edition watch

Roar! Once again gearing up for the MotoGP! Tissot racing series limited edition MotoGP2009

This is the ninth year as a MotoGP Tissot official time, has been, Tissot watch is committed to time-technology research and product development race. On the track side, Tissot Timing experts to provide accurate timing services; and as a professional watch brand, Tissot launched a series every year for the MotoGP watch products. The annual Tissot MotoGP styles are pursuing a combination of precision and excellence of the brand spirit, and the speed of its integration with the car. In 2009, Tissot is always, in every detail the pursuit of excellence, and strive to make racing series limited edition MotoGP 2009 to reach perfection. This year’s MotoGP track limited edition badge as a watch or the back cover, and with a helmet-type watch box, the overall design of high performance tires with the same as the black car. 9,002 pieces of limited edition MotoGP watch exudes a deep, black light, a magnet for love of motor racing fans.

Tissot racing series limited edition MotoGP2009 has very sporty black case, synthetic carbon fiber dial, with black rubber strap. Deep black dial and bezel decorated in yellow, very smart.

In motor sport, prominent yellow is a very important direction, on behalf of dangerous road sections and the prohibition of overtaking. And watch this very dynamic, the yellow eye-catching chronograph second hand and the timing disk, so every second is very eye-catching swing pointer, as if to remind you that every second of racing is critical to the process The. Eye-catching yellow bezel on a single number to the last seconds count and the end of black and white checkered flag, reflecting the distance between the red line of players. Watch the final design details embodied in the seal in the clasp of the official MotoGP logo.

Be remembered for the new season already and Tissot MotoGP have maintained good relations of cooperation, the pursuit of accurate and Tissot’s values of excellence and the pursuit of ultimate speed MotoGP race, the characteristics of great importance to technological innovation a perfect fit. Tissot MotoGP participants, like, like to keep the relentless pursuit of performance. Appearance before the start of the limited edition watch has been integrated into a number of the new season of the original, so not start the 2009 season, has become a memorable season. The limited edition box as a watch with a motorcycle helmet that includes a watch of 18 can replace the back cover is inscribed with a circuit pattern 18, 2009. The wearer can use their own preferences tool comes with a heart replacing any of them.

Technical parameters:

– Water depth of 100 m / 10 atm

– Sapphire crystal glass watch

– 316L stainless steel case, coated with black PVD coating, with a rotating bezel

– Synthetic carbon fiber bezel

– Synthetic carbon fiber dial

– 18 can be replaced form the back, engraved with 18 points on the circuit pattern MotoGP2009

– Limited 9,002 pieces worldwide

Tissot racing series Danica – Patrick 2009 Limited Edition

April 2008, Tissot ambassador Danica Movement – Patrick made history, becoming the world’s first IndyCar Series champion won the women. This is the 2009 limited edition watch to celebrate her success – the glamorous, dynamism of women’s superior capacity unmatched! Danica new racing series limited edition in addition to maintaining its sense of speed than usual, but with elegant design, and limited edition 4,999 pieces. Of course, there is a limited edition set will be worn on the racing world, “first lady” of the hand.

Hardness with softness of the design concept

Danica racing series limited edition in white color, while the dotted blue water of fashion clothing is the color of her driver. Water, timekeeping second hand and the gun blue foot blue figures all reflect on a strong fashion sense, unique taste, people themselves. Mother of pearl dial and soft white rubber strap watch also highlights this soft – even wearing some of it into the corner of high tension, it also has a calming force. Sporty stainless steel case and rotating bezel on the checkered flag embodies the spirit of the track. Watch cover can also be a symbolic victory after the checkered flag and a sign of Danica. These details show that it is a tailor for the Danica watch.

Danica – Patrick in 2005 became the brand ambassador for Tissot, has been in its fourth year, the two sides are committed to long-term partnership. Tissot praised her performance and her bold pursuit of ideals and achievements. For Danica for the cooperation with the Tissot for her fans around the world has opened up new channels of communication. She said: “Tissot watches are designed for many of the style I like. No matter what I do or what to wear, have expressed my feelings and style!”

Technical parameters:

– Water depth of 100 m / 10 atm

– 316L stainless steel case

– Sapphire glass watch mirror anti-wear

– White rubber strap with folding buckle

– Limited 4,999 pieces worldwide

Harbour Control! Magic watch

Tissot submarine Chi Series

Touch breakthrough new products, technology and the combination of charm

Tissot Touch watches

Tissot Touch watches have always been synonymous. Intellectual potential of this newly developed series of watches, carrying a number of patents, whether on land or underwater, possess magic magic performance. Divers underwater to 200 meters deep, easily understood by a number of mirror-touch watch information. This series of watches are important features include: diving depth, dive speed, calendar date, compass, dual time zone, digital countdown timer, alarm, and temperature measurements, all functions are used touch operation

Qian Zhi Series line with the European EN13319 dive regulations, the underwater light, seismic, magnetic resistance, strap firmness, timing reliability are fully met and exceeded the strict regulations. Through a number of patented technology, this magic touch and can be displayed Scuba diving record important data. It is very user-friendly data display: When the diver reaches a certain depth into the water (water at or below 1.4 m), re-merging point to 9 o’clock pointer position. Once the divers continue to dive, watch the measurements get started: the minute hand turning, diving through the bezel figures show the depth, the clock while turning the dial readings by divers swimming speed (unit: m / min). Fluorescent materials and high brightness backlit display ensures clear identification of degrees on the dial. Tissot unique patented technology ensures covered with rubber protective layer, the watch has a dual protection by the water can be maintained even in the excellent handling characteristics.

Numerous submarine is always full of surprises and charm, deeply attracted attention of divers. Qian Zhi series watch, with a deep marine atmosphere, can bring friends around the same surprise and charm. Of just strap, with the edges of the case and bezel is stronger to protect the precious touch watch mirror, complex movement and other components. Cosmic silver, black and vibrant orange dial of violence were in harmony with silver, white, orange scale, simple, bright and full of personality. With a rubber hood look at the mysterious and unique. Imagine wearing this watch, not only shows you the movement of infinite charm, and in playing touch features, in particular, demonstrates your dive log, how much we envy.

Technical parameters:

– Swiss touch movement, with a low power display (EOL)

– Touch-proof sapphire crystal glass, watch mirror, with anti-glare coating

– Water resistant to 200 meters / 660 feet / 20 atm

– 316L stainless steel case

– Orange / black rubber strap, or stainless steel strap, with a diving suit with straps extending the device outside the Pei Daite

– Diving ability, dive log, countdown timer, compass, thermometer, alarm, calendar date, dual time zone and

Backlight Display