Innovative 4N Watch and Unique Time Display

The cast 4N (4N continuing for “4 numbers”) is a newcomer to the high-end articulation of Watchmaking. It was accustomed in 2009 by Francois Quentin, a 47-year-old absolute artist captured by the spirit of innovation. Since 1986, Mr. Quentin has advised a ambit of abreast timepieces for French and Swiss watchmakers.

4N Watch

The aboriginal timekeeping conception of the cast is called 4N-MVT01/D01/42. It was apparent at Baselworld 2010. Francois Quentin gave bearing to an avant-garde alarm with a simple agenda display, alms a automated another to alternation watches with affective hands.

The 4N watch is best characterized as a angrily adult with a blow of high-tech. The patented watch stands out due to its highly-effective perfect-readability format.

The accomplished punch accumulation shows off broadcast ablaze orange figures, with the time acutely presented on a accumbent even in the centre of the punch in strong, adventurous lettering.

Another aboriginal affection of the 4N watch is the logo advised by Eliote Shahmiri. The logo is created with advice of the abrogating amplitude formed by a amount of vertical shapes. The name of the cast is appear at abrupt intervals, with allotment of the apparatus casual over the logo in a abrupt movement.

The 4N-MVT01/D01/42 is activated by a architect movement, with a hand-wound apparatus and a 12-hour agenda display. It incorporates a acute agreement of discs that are alternating in alternate mode. Three discs sub-assemblies produced from aluminum or titanium alloys are begin in carbon cage structures. Francois Quentin autonomous for carbon, aluminum and titanium for their ablaze weight and arresting automated performance.

The discs are activated to appearance the time on a affectation alteration with anniversary minute passing. There are 4 discs for the hour, 5 for the account and 1 for the tens of minutes. The constant-force jump arrangement activated by the apparatus implies minimum activity consumption, no amount what the ambagious astriction is.

While creating the 4N watch, Francois Quentin apparent a amount of abstruse challenges. The digits, 5.5mm in size, reflect a circuitous automated architecture accomplished with advice of to a absolutely chiral assembly process. The movement is based on a adult ambience of the disc mechanism, abundant to break problems of equilibrium, apathy and abrasion to agreement optimal movement and crave little energy.

The case of the 4N-MVT01/D01/42 is crafted from 18K white gold or platinum. It is accompanying with a strap, accessible in a amount of materials. The band is army on the case by an automated band system. You can calmly acclimatize its breadth as necessary.

One added advantage of the 4N watch is an simple time-setting system, with the hours set apart of the minutes. The alarm will be issued in a bound amount with 16 pieces of anniversary model.

Meet Louis Erard 1931 Regulator Power Reserve Watch

By ablution its atypical 1931 Regulator Ability Assets watch, the archival aggregation Louis Erard has offered a aces admiration to the ultra-precise regulator mechanism, which was alien into the acreage of chronometry about 400 years ago.

Louis Erard 1931 Regulator Power Reserve Watch

As its name suggests, the arch aspect of the company?s new abstraction is an absolute Ability Assets Regulator complication. A collaborative activity amid Louis Erard and Soprod SA, this new bore is chip into a manually-wound movement – ETA 7001 RE9 calibre.

The functionality of this apparatus includes hours, minutes, abnormal and a ability assets indication.

The ambrosial artefact from Louis Erard has adopted a 42 mm case, crafted from satin-finished/polished animate or sand-blasted atramentous PVD. On the foreground ancillary it is cloistral by the glare-proofed azure crystal. The manufacture?s admired specialists accept able the alarm with a cellophane back. The water-resistance of the case is down to 50 meters.

The discrete, yet acutely adorable punch is featured in two versions: silvered or black. The affectation exposes an hour-disk window positioned at 12 o?clock and a abnormal adverse amid at 6 o?clock. They are abutting by the centermost minute hand. The ability assets indicator sits at 9 o?clock.

Fitting the arresting Louis Erard 1931 Regulator Ability Assets watch is a 18-carat covering or elastic band added with a satin-finished animate or a atramentous PVD-coated folding clasp. A attenuate affair of old traditions and avant-garde elements, the new Louis Erard watch will be a abiding hit with watch enthusiasts searching for unrivalled achievement and ultimate elegance.