Hands-on Glashutte PanoInverse XL Replica Watch

Glashutte Original PanoInverse XL watch

Glashutte PanoInverse XL replica watch
18K white gold / Cal.66 manual winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / tourbillon device / power storage display / sapphire crystal mirror

Creative fine-tuning device double gooseneck
Glashütte Original introduced in 2002 Double goose neck type tuning device, this was originally made for the movement of the creation Cal.65 mechanism to accurately adjust the balance wheel frequency of movement speed, this mechanism is a fixed bridge in balance board, its design is one of the rare creative fake Glashutte PanoInverse XL watchmaking. Double gooseneck is not just a technical fine-tuning the mechanical mechanism, it is visually a major focus of attention of the perfect function of the device, which is also the Glashütte Original watch factory designer watches designer and movement who tried to do all of this magnificent machine mechanism to show the main reason on the face plate, and finally, in the BASEL 2011 exhibition, PanoInverse XL watch the exciting process of its transparent appearance by others. These re-changes involve three main elements of the design movement of plywood must be re-arranged, the movement bearing wheel system also needs to re-install gear set, the location of power reserve display mechanism must be arranged so that it can make a perfect side dish on the proportion of regrets, finally, the new R & D restructuring Cal.66 Thus was born the manual winding movement.

In order to achieve the design performance of the above, in the mechanical movement in the structure contains a number of different combinations, including parts, wheel department of combinations must be re-produced or re-development. Some of the most important changes to rearrange the balance wheel is fixed deck location, and arrangements must be re-sprocket system, which is also derived from the balance wheel must be re-designed brake springs. More further round of change also includes the direction of transmission correction, face plate design also needs to rethink.

Glashutte Original PanoInverse XL watch watches did not follow the general to completely cover the surface of plate movement design practices, but will watch necessary to display a small needle circle design to replace the general face plate, try to make each part of the movement can be directly in the mirror the following are clearly visible. Black eccentric hours, minutes and seconds display circle and 3,9,12 o’clock position of the needle sparkling rose gold material Arabic numerals contrast, the other in the movement of the symbol with elements of Glashütte watchmaking tradition, such as gold sleeve, blue steel screws, etc., are even better on a silver shine splint. Fine polished rose gold hands in three-quarters of plywood, the light across the power reserve display, the wearer can be left clear that the current power winding movement information. There is no hidden in the Glashutte replica watch design, the hand-carved decorative patterns of the balance wheel and the wonderful double fixed deck gooseneck tuning is undoubtedly focused its attention on the movement of the host. Balance sheet at a fixed rule of the swing bridge to the most charming the method of display time, every clever details of the process, are so PanoInverse have the most unparalleled art beauty. The only unique watch with polished rose gold or platinum case, with black or brown, Louisiana that crocodile leather strap.