Mido Baroncelli Chronograph Automatic Leather Strap Replica Watch Ref.M8607.4.18.8

Mido Baroncelli Chronograph Watch

1976, Mido introduced the watch without fear the test of time Baroncelli series. In 2008, the United States for the celebration of 90 anniversary of the Mido. Mido Baroncelli Chronograph Automatic replica series introduced several new watches. Baroncelli each series were carried on a dignified and swatch integration of classical aesthetics and unique style, timeless design exudes elegance.Mido Baroncelli Chronograph the dial is divided into two kinds of milk-white and black versions, each version has a large side dish to highlight the elegant triangular cone scale, slope, and the pointer around the aperture. In addition to dial available options, leather and metal strap also has two options. Mido Baroncelli watch providing a total of four Chronograph.

30 years ago, the Swiss watch factory professional fake Mido Baroncelli family watch, creating a timeless effect not watch the passage of time has been well received by those who love the watch at home. 2008 years published Baroncelli new watch series, will continue the solemn elegance. Mido Baroncelli Automatic mechanical time watch watch stainless steel case with smooth moving lines form the shape like a horn, the speeding of imagination into the design of stringed instruments of the arc curve, as if Crémone top violin music workshops are built.

new copy Mido Baroncelli chronograph series of the U.S. level meter equipped with the latest technology, including blue steel screws and delicate fish-scale pattern of high self-winding movement, auto-plate decorated with engraved logo Geneva wave and Mido. There is also a unique Aquadura system – invented by the Mido exclusive ensure waterproof watches with perfect performance (as red wine bottles permanently sealed) that this section Chronograph watch comes with double-sided anti-reflection sapphire crystal glass.

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