New Seiko Spring Drive Stroke A Pose in Ningbo

Recently, the Howard Johnson Plaza Ningbo, watch manufacturers SEIKO watch held its latest high-end products, watch product SEIKO SPRING DRIVE conference to announce the official visit Ningbo products market. So far, Ningbo become the Beijing and Shanghai, after, SEIKO SEIKO SPRING DRIVE landing in China, the sixth series of stations. Meanwhile, the book officially listed in October this year, a new limited edition 2007 watch SRPING DRIVE unveiled ahead of time, so that consumers appreciate the Ningbo This new standard of luxury with a time of infinite charm watch.
Seiko Spring Drive Stroke A Pose in Ningbo
Seiko is committed to making “durable, accurate and reliable watch”, SEIKO SPRING DRIVE series of research and development after 28 years, has produced more than 600 samples of only the movement, and finally in March 2005 Basel Watch Fair be the first time on display, and in September the same year was held in Paris SEIKO SPRING DRIVE watch special conference. SEIKO SPRING DRIVE revolutionary innovation as a driving force transmission system of the watch movement, its outstanding features and a unique smooth pointer movement, come to the fore in many of the world watches, is the authority granted to the International Time Zone Watch website “2005 watch top awards” honor.

SEIKO SPRING DRIVE movement are the only group to produce a new movement, the movement is neither complete nor fully traditional mechanical traditional quartz electronic. With the traditional mechanical movement of the main difference is that the abolition of SPRING DRIVE movement, “the source of the error,” the escapement, the use of the sliding wheels in the same direction around the turn of the “three synchronous modulation speed control device” to control speed, time to watch more swatch in nature, more accurate, to ± 15 seconds / month accuracy, far better than the eligibility criteria for the Swiss chronometer. At the same time the three synchronization speed control device used, so do check around the wheel sliding movement, SPRING DRIVE watch the second hand can be smooth and uninterrupted scanning movement, there is no “click” pause, and to become the world’s The only time a truly reflects the quiet flow of the watch. Conference site, a master craftsman from SEIKO EPSON’s live demonstration of how to hand-assemble SPRING DRIVE movement, demonstrating SEIKO (Seiko) of the top manufacturing technology.

The conference, high-profile 2007SEIKO SPRING DRIVE brand new limited edition watch has a grand appearance. This section limited edition chronograph timing SPRING DRIVE inherited SPRING DRIVE series of second hand the unique scanning features smooth operation, as the world’s only function is also a time to truly reflect the continued flow of time to watch this year in October about to visit China, the world limited edition of 300, China with 30.

The SEIKO NEW SPRING DRIVE chronograph movement is a masterpiece of luxury watch manufacturer, a total of 416 parts, 50 by mosaic gem to ensure its accuracy, timing accuracy error of ± 1 second per day It also includes GMT (two hours), calendar, and 72-hour energy storage display. The chronograph movement also uses the vertical cross-linked devices to ensure high-precision timing and accuracy of operation. And use the column wheel, press the timer button to ensure the highest reliability and accuracy. This section the automatic Spring Drive chronograph movement Tuo Tuo are carved plywood and put a unique design, the sliding movement of center wheel prominent, was gold, through the sapphire crystal case back to it you can appreciate the beauty of the visual arts