2012 TAG Heuer F1 Ladies Ceramic Replica Watch

TAG Heuer 2012 F1 Ceramic Series

Asian women have always been famous for their soft and elegant characteristics. Swiss luxury watch maker specially designed brand-new ladies’ Tag Heuer F1 Ceramic series for Asian ladies in 2012. Their 32 MM case is more suitable for the petite and finely dressed Asian women. This time, F1 lady watches continue the simple design of TAG Heuer. Watch makers perfectly combine ceramic and diamond which symbolize eternity to create the focal fashion timepieces.

The diamond makes this series more radiant. 48 1.20 mm diameter diamonds are inlaid on the bezel. charming and low-key. For a woman, time is the gurgling and clean water. And also for a woman, the watch is the combination of aesthetic and wisdom, they take time in hand and bear growth in mind.

Ceramic symbolize eternity. It features delicate texture and a strong scratch resistant, hypoallergenic, sturdy and rust-proof characteristics, In recent years, ceramic has become the preferred material for making watches and clocks. TAG Heuer F1 Ceramic replica Series is specially designed for women. It is built to show the consistently simple and sophisticated design style of TAG Heuer. Screw-in crown is mounted with sapphire crystal surface. All hour markers are manually embedded. The 12 top diamonds hour markers are more noble and elegant. Date window is at 3 o’clock. This is a practical and aesthetic watch model. Butterfly clasp was crafted from ceramic and stainless steel, which even more expresses their exquisiteness.

TAG Heuer was founded by Edouard Heuer in Saint-Imier in 1860. Since its debut, TAG Heuer watch has always been in the leading position of high-end luxury watchmaking industry. As we all know, TAG Heuer has been closely connected with two famous F1 drivers, the Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. And it also keeps cooperating with Audi, Monaco and other famous automobile clubs of Le Mans 24 Hours.