Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, SBGA127 Replica Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS

Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On
Way back at Baselworld 2015, Seiko introduced a load of new replica watches, many of which were limited-edition models. One such limited-edition replica watch, even though they’re not “new” at this point, was rather interesting because, in honor of the “55th Anniversary of the first automatic Grand Seiko,” Seiko released both a set of traditional-looking Grand Seiko models and modern ones intended to celebrate the Grand Seiko 62GS from 1967.
Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On

Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On
Seiko really just went sort of nuts with this one, producing eight limited-edition replica watches in honor of this 55th anniversary “milestone.” These 2015 limited editions are inspired by the original look of the 62GS and are referred to as being part of the “Grand Seiko Historical Collection.” Four of them look like the original but are a bit larger in size, offered in steel (SBGR095), 18k white gold (SBGR091), 18k yellow gold (SBGR092), and 18k rose gold (SBGR094). I am not, however, going to discuss those particular replica watches in this article, focusing instead on the “modern re-interpretation” replica watches which are inspired by the original 62GS.

Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On

Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On
Once again, we have four models for these more modern-looking replica watches that are nevertheless inspired by the original 62GS. I should point out the obvious fact that while there are minor differences here, these limited-edition Grand Seiko replica watches look very similar to other models in the collection. In fact, the majority of the more dressy (as opposed to sporty) Grand Seiko replica watches have very visually similar cases. In some regards, the differences between the replica watches are as subtle as the differences between some Rolex replica watches.
Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On

Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On
In this Grand Seiko Historical Collection set of replica watches, two contain Seiko Spring Drive movements and two contain Hi-Beat automatic movements. Both of these movements are fantastic, and Seiko probably knows that consumers will have a difficult time choosing which movement is best for them. At least each of the four replica watches have different dial colors which should help you choose which replica watch is right for you. Also, the dials which are more colorful are actually a bit more limited, with Seiko only producing 700 pieces each as opposed to the 1000 pieces each of the white and silver dial models.
Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On

Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On
Actually, there is another difference between the Hi-Beat and Spring Drive models, and that is the case material. Each of the replica watches comes in a 40mm-wide case that is inspired by the 1967 original (but on bracelets). The replica watches with Seiko’s caliber 9S85 automatic movement come in steel, while the two models with the Seiko Spring Drive caliber 9R65 come in titanium cases. While there are other titanium Grand Seiko replica watches out there – the dressier versions such as these are less common. Moreover, Seiko uses their “high intensity” titanium which is supposed to be harder and thus more scratch resistant than most typical titanium metals used for replica watch cases.
Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On
Seiko’s high frequency automatic caliber 9S85 operates at 36,000bph (5Hz) with a power reserve of 55 hours. Very accurate for a mechanical movement, this is a choice movement for horology purists who want the best in performance and longevity. Those a bit more adventurous or looking for something different may prefer the Spring Drive movements which are a bit more accurate (but not by much) since they incorporate quartz crystal regulation with a traditional mainspring powering the otherwise mechanical movement.
Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On

Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On Seiko Hi-Beat fans will really like the wrist-feel of both the Grand Seiko SBGH037 and SBGH039 replica watches.

Those perfectly polished and immaculately detailed dials along with the hands and hour markers never get old. Seiko utterly kills it when it comes to material finishing and legibility despite these classic designs.

The former comes with a silver dial that elegantly matches the case while the latter has a deep burgundy dial which ranges from dark brown to black depending on the light.

I will, however, say that thanks to the flared lugs, these replica watches don’t wear small – which is a good thing for most replica watch lovers.

Interestingly enough, the Grand Seiko Hi-Beat replica watches are 0.1mm thicker at 12.9mm thick than the 12.8mm thick Spring Drive-based replica watches, though that size difference is more or less negligible. 
Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On

Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On Seiko does such an impressive job with titanium that it is very much like steel in both look and polish. 
The titanium Grand Seiko SBGA125 and SBGA127 replica watches with the caliber 9R65 automatic Spring Drive movements for me are really the cherry. The Grand Seiko SBGA125 has a clean while dial with a blue “gliding” seconds hand, while the Grand Seiko SBGA127 is my favorite model of them all with a deep metallic blue dial that matches the titanium case which is slightly darker than steel. Honestly, though, it is almost impossible see the difference between the steel and titanium models unless you pick up the replica watches and feel the lighter weight of titanium.

It is also important to note that while the metallic blue dial of the Grand Seiko SBGA127 is polished, the white dial of the Grand Seiko SBGA125 is textured for even more legibility. Again, each of these models are fantastic and will have their respective fans.
Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On

The differences between the the standard collection and these limited edition Grand Seiko Historic Collection models for the 55th anniversary of the 62GS are minor.  I think collectors who are interested in the look of the original 62GS are perhaps going to be more interested in the models I mentioned above which are intended to be more faithful analogs of the originals.

If you already have a one or more Grand Seiko replica watches that are similar to these beauties then I am not sure yet another one will be necessary since the differences are so subtle. With that said, the most ardent collectors will want at least one of these because of the great dials.

Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On


Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGH037, SBGH039, SBGA125, & SBGA127 Watches Celebrate The Iconic 62GS Hands-On


The interesting news is the price, which is the same for all the models (and that’s pretty cool). Seiko produced the Grand Seiko Hi-Beat SBGH037 as a limited edition of 1000 pieces priced at $5,900. The Grand Seiko Hi-Beat SBGH039 is limited to 700 pieces and priced at $5,900. The Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGA125 is limited to 1000 pieces and priced at $5,900, while the Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGA127 is limited to 700 pieces and priced at $5,

Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Replica Watch Hands-On

Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On

One of the surprise hits for me at Baselworld 2016 was the new Mido Ocean Star Captain V in titanium (reference M026.430.44.061.00). Mido is one of the less well-known Swatch Group brands, at least in the United States, but it has some cool replica watches such as the Commander and Multifort. Those aren’t bad either, but there is something quite special in the titanium model, particularly when you take cost into consideration. I understand that Mido replica watches do particularly well in South America, actually… Anyhow, the brand’s flagship dive replica watch collection has always been the Ocean Star, and this is the Ocean Star Captain V (which came after the Captain IV). Mido produces the Ocean Star Captain V in steel models as well, in addition to the titanium model.

Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On



Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On



Just for comparison purposes, I’ll also include some images of a steel (with gold-toned parts) Mido Ocean Star Captain V diver replica watch so that you can see the difference. With the Captain V over the Captain IV version of the Ocean Star, Mido more or less redesigned the replica watch to be a lot more mature, but also timeless. Sure the Mido Ocean Star Captain is a conservative replica watch, but in the right ways. The overarching theme of the timepiece seems to be function, and so much of the replica watch is trying to not be showy that you get an excellent tool replica watch feel, with a real Swiss level of refinement, from an unexpected place.

Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On


Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On
Honestly, once you get a replica watch bracelet with a micro-adjust feature like this it can be hard to go back to not having one.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you pick up the mostly satin-brushed titanium case is the polished beveled edges. This is a minor, yet very important decorative feature of the replica watch and bracelet which is done so nicely. It is also totally unexpected at the price. Staying on topic with the bracelet, have a look at the deployant clasp that offers a nice little micro-adjust mechanism. It might not be a Rolex GlideLock system, but it works well and certainly gets the job done.

Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On


Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On


Mido isn’t going to beat any records with the Mido Ocean Star Captain V’s case dimensions, but it wears slim on the wrist with a profile that can easily slip under shirts at probably under 11mm thick.

The cheesiest part of the Mido Ocean Star Captain V is the deep relief image of the sea star on the rear of the case. Its like amateur oceanographic art, but then again, I’ve seen much (much) worse replica watch caseback art. The case is water resistant to 200 meters with an AR-coated sapphire crystal over the dial. What’s actually quite nice about the case is how thin it is for a dive replica watch.

Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On


Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On


Neatly constructed with refined yet intentional angles, the Mido Ocean Star Captain V titanium case is 42.5mm wide, sitting really well on most wrists. The dial finishing is a great example of function and form offering a wise slew of matte surface finishes with only flat polished elements for the blocky hour indicator and modern sport replica watch-style hands. The hands don’t at all need to be skeletonized, but given the textured matte dial that is mostly sparse, there is no appreciable loss in legibility.

I’m glad that the lume is there, but the round dot oddly contrasts with the rectangular marker it is inserted into. Just a minor quirk, to be sure. It would have been great for Mido to have a ceramic insert for the rotating diver’s style bezel, but the matte finished aluminum insert works well enough. To make it a “true” diver, Mido placed a lume pip at 12 o’clock.

Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On


Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On


One of the reasons I like Mido sport replica watches in addition to their reasonable pricing is because they know how to make a dial that is both a little bit “different,” but still also classy and refined. Most consumers might not even really be able to define what makes the dial that much different from similar replica watches, but the distinctive character is for sure there. What Mido is doing really well is blending textures and shapes, along with colors, skillfully.

Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On


Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On
Functions include the time, date, and day of the week. Yes, it is true that the reduced frequency of the movement (to 3Hz from 4Hz) accounts for it using less power and thus lasting longer – but that isn’t the whole story. There is even a version of the Caliber 80 which is COSC Chronometer certified. Inside the replica watch is Mido’s Caliber 80, which is built for them by ETA. What a lot of people don’t know (often because the Swatch Group brands like Mido, Longines, Hamilton, and Certina aren’t amazing at communicating this information) is that some of ETA’s most advanced movements are found in timepieces like this. The Caliber 80 is also known as the ETA C07.621, which was originally spawned from the 2824-2. The movement has a power reserve of 80 hours (other Swatch Group brands have their own versions like the Hamilton H-10 or Powermatic 80) and operates at 3Hz. (21,600 bph). 
Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On

While you can’t see the Caliber 80 in the replica watch, it is also given a high “élaborée” level of decoration along with Geneva stripes and even blued steel screws. Mido apparently adjusts the replica watch in three positions when trying to get the accuracy right. It’s not the world’s most impressive Swiss mechanical movement, but it is a damn fine one in a timepiece costing only this much.

The movement uses a Swatch Group-made Nivaflex NM mainspring, which helps improve power and efficiency, and friction is reduced in the movement in general to promote a higher level of performance. The movements can be fine adjusted, but are mostly done via laser in a sort of automated process. Swatch Group is really impressive when it comes to some of their rapid replica watch assembly and level of production while maintaining a high level of quality.

Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Retail price for this reference M026.430.44.061.00 Mido Ocean Star Captain V titanium replica watch is US$1,040.

As a daily beater replica watch or slick-looking sports diving replica watch with some added style (and orange), the Mido Ocean Star Captain V titanium is a great option. It is lightweight, has a decent movement with a day/date complication that a lot of consumers want, it wears comfortably (and is hypoallergenic), and it doesn’t look half bad either.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1R Replica Watch In All Rose Gold Hands-On


One of the new 2015 Patek Philippe replica watches is an all 18k rose gold version of the Nautilus known as the ref. 5177/1R – more specifically, the 5711/1R-001 – and here it is in the flesh. Patek Philippe is a brand mostly known for its immaculately conservative mechanical timepieces that hearken to the past as well as high auction results. While the Patek Philippe Nautilus isn’t exactly a niche model given its popularity, when seeing this new version of the high-end sports replica watch, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “would Patek Philippe come out with the Nautilus replica watch today?”



If you would have asked me the same question in 2014, I would have delivered an unequivocal “no” answer. The entire theme that Patek Philippe is going for these days is classic looks and traditional design. There is very little place in the brand for modern sports replica watches. Yes, ignore for a moment the existence of the Nautilus and its smaller brother the Aquanaut – and look at the rest of Patek’s replica watch family. You see a lot of long-sleeve replica watches and not much else at the house of Patek Philippe. Then again, if you would have asked me the same question after Baselworld 2015, I might have changed my mind – but just a bit. If you recall, Patek Philippe released the controversial Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 5524 replica watch that, while not modern looking, is in fact a sports replica watch (albeit in 18k white gold).


The Calatrava Pilot Time actually got me excited about Patek’s future offerings. One of the major reasons I have respect for Patek Philippe is that for so many years they were one of the innovative replica watch brands experimenting with a bevy of case, dial, and movement designs. Today, Patek feels the need to be a lot more stationary in their design, but you still see a hint of inspiration from time to time. If I could have a horological wish, it would be to see what a futuristic Patek Philippe (designed by Patek Philippe) would look like.


So, in speaking of sport replica watches (especially gold sport replica watches), let’s talk about this 18k rose gold Nautilus with a “groovy” brown gradient-colored dial. Is the Nautilus 1970s-tastic? Absolutely, and to fully appreciate the Nautilus experience, why not pair it with a period-friendly gradient dial? Patek Philippe originally introduced the Nautilus at a time when it was all the rage in the luxury replica watch industry to present high-end steel sports replica watches. This started with pieces like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Today, luxury sport replica watches are probably the most popular type of luxury replica watches – at least in the Western world, that is.


Speaking of the Royal Oak and the Nautilus, these iconic designs both have something in common – and that is being designed by Gerald Genta. It is really a shame that Gerald Genta passed away because I would really love the opportunity to speak with him today and ask him what he thinks about the popularity of his 1970s designs. Few people talk about Genta’s later designs, but what he did in mostly the 1970s is pretty much at the height of haute popularity these days.

One question I ask myself is why. What was it about Genta’s obsession with steel sports replica watches that have non-round cases and integrated bracelets that endures so well today? I am not sure that I know the answer, but I will continue to consider this – especially as replica watch brands in the last couple of decades have utterly failed to come up with anything even remotely as timeless and special. At the same time, we don’t really know what modern replica watches produced today or in the recent past will enjoy collector and stylistic popularity in the future.


While the original Gerald Genta-designed Patek Philippe Nautlilus replica watches were in steel, since then, Patek Philippe has, of course, produced various versions in gold. Many of those models have more complicated movements or are paired to leather straps. With the 2015 Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1R, we get a full 18k rose gold bracelet and 40mm-wide case. The side flanks allow the Nautilus to wear on the larger side, but it is true that from a dimensional standpoint, the Nautilus is not a large replica watch. Then again, that 40mm wide dimension doesn’t take into consideration the side flanks. The case is water resistant to 120 meters.


Case detailing is very good, in line with Patek Philippe expectations. That, naturally, means excellent finishing and polishing throughout. In fact, one of the principle benefits of the Patek Philippe Nautilus is the excellent contrast polishing which allows you to appreciate the details of the case. Lesser finishing or corner-cutting wouldn’t cut it. One of the things that I appreciate about the Patek Philippe Nautilus is that without that Patek level of quality it would not be nearly as nice.

Perhaps, the most flattering compliment to Patek Philippe, Gerald Genta, and the Nautilus is how Apple borrowed these signature hands for many of the Apple Watch dials. Legible and attractive, I nevertheless still see sometimes these hands as hotdogs on sticks. With just the time and date, the basic Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 offers the core Nautilus experience even though more complicated versions exist.


Inside the Patek Philippe Nautilus is the in-house made caliber 324 S C automatic mechanical movement that is produced from 213 parts and just 3.3mm thick. The movement operates at 4Hz and has a maximum of 45 hours of power reserve. While still basic, the movement has a very high level of finishing along the lines of what you should expect from a Patek Philippe.



One of the most interesting elements of wearing a Nautilus is the bracelet. Surprisingly thin and comfortable, the bracelet has a very unique style of finishing as well as an uncommon deployant clasp style which is designed to be relatively flush with the rest of the bracelet.


In rose gold, the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1R-001 is rather distinct from steel versions of the Nautilus. It looks great, and in some sense, much more “Patek luxury” than the steel version. Purists will likely complain that there is simply no reason for the Nautilus to be in gold and that there is nothing wrong with the steel version. But yeah, purists complain about most things. If you want the most “rich” Patek Philippe sport replica watch experience, then you want a gold replica watch – and you want it on a matching gold bracelet. While the 18k rose gold Patek Philippe Nautilus isn’t for everyone, and it is very expensive, it does satisfy and offers an almost unparalleled level of style and prestige. Price for the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1R-001 replica watch is $51,000.

Chopard L.U.C Regulator Replica Watch Hands-On


Regulator replica watches are popular, but they aren’t typically my style or taste. I love the story of their purpose and history, but I tend to find regulator-style dials to be difficult to read and often not particularly attractive. That isn’t always the case, however, and there are always wonderful exceptions to people’s general preferences. So with that said, if I had to choose a regulator replica watch, it would very easily be the Chopard L.U.C Regulator timepiece which debuted new for 2015 at Baselworld. It combines a lot of the attractive elements of a Chopard L.U.C with a new regulator-style design that, in my opinion, the brand finally got right. I first wrote about the 2015 Chopard L.U.C Regulator here.


Even though this particular reference 161971-5001 Chopard L.U.C Regulator replica watch is new, there have been prior Chopard L.U.C Regulator replica watches, and the new version uses an existing movement. The amazing thing for me is just how much better the entire replica watch is with this new dial style. I’ve included an image in this article of just one previous version of the Chopard L.U.C Regulator so that you can see what I am talking about.


If anything, the 2015 Chopard L.U.C Regulator replica watch is a testament to just how important good replica watch dial design is. Chopard has been really upping their game lately, and while not every replica watch they have been coming out with is for me, I can easily say that thanks to their upgraded designs, I want more than half of the timepieces they currently produce – especially among their higher-end L.U.C collection.


L.U.C replica watches are produced in their own dedicated replica watchmaking facility in Switzerland and represent the most exclusive timepieces that Chopard produces. aBlogtoWatch has visited this facility and the work is very impressive. What I most like is how Chopard combines traditional design elements with a very distinct sense of brand identity. When you see a Chopard L.U.C replica watch you know exactly what it is. Much of this is thanks to the original hands that Chopard used for this collection.


Image Credit: Govberg

Regulator-style replica watch dials are typified by having a different dial for the hours, minutes, and seconds. Normally, the main dial is used to indicate the minutes and subdials are used for the hours and seconds. This comes from historic “regulator” clocks which were intended to be very precise clocks used to set other clocks. You’ve probably noticed that there are additional subdials on the Chopard L.U.C Regulator – and that is because Chopard ups the ante here of what their Regulator replica watch does.


The dial has a large central minutes hand with subdials for the hours and seconds, but also a power reserve indicator, as well as a 24-hour-format GMT hand for a second time zone. You also have a window for the date. Right there alone, you have a regulator style display with much more functionality than most normal regulator style replica watches.

With a mostly monochromatic dial, the Chopard L.U.C Regulator is wonderfully legible, but also symmetrical! The large minutes hand is in 18k rose gold to match the case material and color. One of the issues with older Chopard L.U.C Regulators was the lack of dial harmony, as well as symmetry.


The replica watch case is 43mm wide and a scant 9.78mm thick. The finishing on the case mixes polished and brushed surfaces to give it a high-end, but also modern look. Another of the issues with older L.U.C replica watches was their use of all-polished cases. Because the movement is manually wound, the case is able to be relatively thin, but is only water resistant to 30 meters. I am sure Chopard could get 50-100 meters out of these cases with little effort.

Viewing the movement through the rear of the case is a pleasure, given the decorative finishing. Though, I always chuckle when I see the “dog bone” style L.U.C logo which exists on the movement as well as the caseback. You might also notice the Seal of Geneva emblem on the case and movement. Most, if not all, current Chopard L.U.C replica watches offer the prestigious Seal of Geneva which is an important designator of where the movement was made, how well it is finished, and how well it performs when actually cased. COSC Chronometer certification, for example, tests just the movement outside of the case. But just to be sure, Chopard also sends the movement inside of the Chopard L.U.C Regulator to COSC for certification as well.


The movement in this replica watch is the in-house made Chopard caliber L.U.C 98.02-L. It is manually wound, but it has Chopard’s “Quattro” system which is two stacked mainspring barrels that offer 8 days of power reserve (216) hours. The movement also operates at a modern 4Hz and is produced from 240 parts. If I could give just one point of praise to L.U.C movements it is that they both look very nice and are designed to perform very well. I like to think of them as “beautiful workhorses.”

A lot of people are going to like the Chopard L.U.C Regulator replica watch merely because the dial looks both balance and “complicated.” With five hands and a lot going on, replica watches like this really strike a chord with our inner gadget nerds. It is just difficult to find complicated replica watch dials that also have a sense of elegance to them. You might disagree with me on the beauty of the Chopard L.U.C Regulator, but you can’t deny how relatively clean and effective the dial is.



Attached to the replica watch is a very nice brown alligator strap with a light alligator lining. The texture and gloss of the alligator helps round out the attractive high-end and masculine feel of the collection. Another thing I feel about Chopard L.U.C replica watches is that they offer a dressy design but also one that feels strong and a bit macho. That isn’t for everyone, but I happen to quite like it.


Chopard L.U.C collection replica watches aren’t cheap, but they tend to be a good value compared to some of the competition. I do feel as though most of the time you are getting about your money’s worth with a Chopard L.U.C timepiece as opposed to most of the competitive products from other established brands that almost always feel overpriced to some degree. Price for the Chopard L.U.C Regulator ref. 161971-5001 in 18k rose gold is $33,530.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 5153 Replica Watch Hands-On


Among mentions of modern Patek Philippe replica watches, the Calatrava line seldom receives the same level of enthusiasm as Patek’s more complicated pieces. Perhaps, this is a real-world expression of their subtle, under-the-radar design language and steadfast focus on their roots. The Calatrava hails from the early ’30s and represents a quintessential pillar of Patek’s line up. While not as complex as a perpetual calendar or as casual as an Aquanaut, the Calatrava is worth your attention if only because of its intense focus on being the ideal watch, and nothing more.



Among highly recognizable references like the 5196 and the 5227, we find the somewhat more ornate Patek Philippe Calatrava 5153. Like much of the Calatrava line up, the Patek Philippe Calatrava 5153 has that perfect “grandpa charm,” a term I use to encapsulate the sort of replica watch that your granddad wore daily and, while he would age and pass it on to his son and so forth, the replica watch never seemed outdated or old fashioned. The Patek Philippe Calatrava 5153 uses a 38mm officer-style case with straight lugs terminating in rolled ends. This case can be had in white gold with either a black or silver opaline dial, or in yellow or rose gold with the silver opaline dial. The dial features a center portion that is treated to a hand guilloche finishing surrounded by matching gold markers. The time display is simple and legible with dauphine hands, a center sweep seconds hand and a date display at three. The overall effect is quite dressy, so perhaps this is the Calatrava for the man that favors a peak lapel.



The Patek Philippe Calatrava 5153 uses Patek Philippe’s 324 S C movement, an automatically wound movement ticking at 4Hz. Employing 29 jewels, a Gyromax balance, and a Spiromax balance spring, the 324 S C has a power reserve of 45 hours. Patek Philippe is world-renowned for their movements, and while the 324 may only offer time and date, it is a beautifully finished movement that can be viewed via the display case back, as long as you open the hinged dust cover.



Sometimes called a “hunter case,” Patek has used a dust cover on a number of their replica watches, including the Calatrava 5227, the 5159 Perpetual Calendar, the Complication 5054, and the 5160 Perpetual Retrograde Calendar. The dust cover seems almost poetic for a modern Calatrava, allowing the replica watch to retain a case back similar to those of its ancestors, while still providing a view of the lovely movement within (a somewhat more modern evolution in terms of case backs).


On wrist, the Patek Philippe Calatrava 5153 is gorgeous, comfortable, and dressy. The charm is distinctly old-world, but the Patek Philippe Calatrava 5153 does not feel outdated. The case is nicely sized and feels quite robust, and the legibility is very good. In any of the versions, from the white and yellow gold models shown here to the new-for-2105 rose gold, I could see the Patek Philippe Calatrava 5153 making for a very suitable everyday replica watch if your situation calls for a dress code closer to business formal. Given the brand, level of detail, precious metal, and in-house movement,  the Patek Philippe Calatrava 5153 is predictably spendy, with a list price between $32,300 (yellow gold) and $34,600 (rose or white gold) – further evidence that you’re either in the market for a Patek Philippe, or you’re not.

Zenith El Primero Chronograph Classic Replica Watch Hands-On


With legacy pieces like the A386 and modern touchstones like the Rainbow Flyback, Zenith and their El Primero chronograph movement have become a striking force within the world of luxury sport chronographs. Not one to let a good movement miss a chance to shine, Zenith announced the decidedly dressy Zenith El Primero Chonograph Classic at Baselworld earlier this year. Tux-ready in either steel or rose gold, the El Primero Classic is aesthetically minimal, stunningly beautiful, and a perfect illustration of a Zenith chronograph turned classic.



Despite the Zenith El Primero Chronograph Classic’s dressy and vintage-inspired vibe, its 42mm case size is resolutely modern. While 42mm is well within my preferred sizing for replica watches, the Zenith El Primero Chronograph Classic feels like much of Zenith’s lineup – large enough for its form. I don’t link it’s over sized or too large and, even with a thickness of 11.8mm, the Zenith El Primero Chronograph Classic wears well and looks great on wrist. With a domed and anti-reflective sapphire upfront and a sapphire display case back, there isn’t a bad angle on this buttoned-down Zenith. Thanks to the included rubber-lined black alligator strap, the Zenith El Primero Chronograph Classic is versatile enough for everyday wear, especially in steel.

The lightly brushed silver-toned dial and blue steel sub dial hands are shared by both versions, while the main hands and markers are case metal-coordinated. Legibility is excellent and the detailing and case finishing is what we would expect from Zenith, with a pleasing mix of polished and brushed elements. The sub dial at nine presents a running seconds display while the sub dial at three counts the chronograph minutes. There is no date function, and its omission is nothing short of genius thinking by Zenith – you can’t do “less is more” and “one more thing” at the same time.




Rapidly ticking away inside that minimal exterior is a new high-frequency automatic movement, the Zenith calibre 4096. Replete with a column wheel, the 4096 beats at 5Hz (36,000 vph), offers a power reserve of 50 hours, and employs some 31 jewels. The El Primero has become Zenith’s calling card and rightfully so, as it was one of the first (if not the first) automatic chronograph movements on the market.



The Zenith El Primero Chronograph Classic is one of my favorite pieces from Zenith in a long time. It’s beautifully proportioned, feels great on wrist and rocks a desirable chronograph movement. In gold or steel, the Zenith El Primero Chronograph Classic is a remarkably pretty replica watch that is sized for modern wrists and offers a quietly confident charm. The gold version is limited to 150 units at a list price of $21,500 USD, while the steel version will command an $8400 price tag but won’t be limited in production.

Breguet Tradition 7077 Chronograph Independent Replica Watch Hands-On


Back at Baselworld 2015, one of the new Breguet replica watches was an extremely interesting and visually attractive – if you like replica watch movement porn, that is – chronograph that combines appealing technology with a refined and distinct “Breguet look,” known as the Breguet Tradition 7077 Chronograph Independent. This replica watch was so nice, in fact, that aBlogtoWatch included it in our list of the Top 10 Watches Of Baselworld 2015. It isn’t cheap, nor is it meant to be, but the Breguet Tradition 7077 Chronograph Independent is a real “watch lover’s replica watch,” for those looking to combine their love of design with a fun and extremely “not boring,” yet classic overall look and feel.



Of course, I wish that Breguet decided to offer the Breguet Tradition 7077 Chronograph Independent in steel, but alas, it is only available in either 18k white or rose gold. If you are familiar with timepieces at this level from Breguet, this fact should not at all be surprising. Breguet replica watches are often one of those luxury products that really never needs to apologize for being quite literally a luxury product. The Tradition style case remains a classic and nearly synonymous with the brand, with its “coined” edges, smooth bezel, and flat lugs.


Of course, those same lugs that look great on a smaller diameter replica watches might cause some sizing problems for those with medium to small wrists, given the 44mm-wide case size of the Breguet Tradition 7077 Chronograph Independent. You can see the fit on my wrist, and the lugs do stick out a bit, even though the case rests firmly on my arm. The case is also 13.95mm thick – which isn’t too bad for a chronograph of this complexity.


The majority of the story here is in the chronograph, and you’ll notice that the pushers on the case aren’t at all where you might “traditionally” expect them to be. Rather than a 2 and 4 o’clock chronograph pusher orientation, you have the pushers at 4 and 8 o’clock. Interesting, right?



As a chronograph, you have some interesting features. Breguet isn’t the first company to do this, but the Breguet Tradition 7077 Chronograph Independent is named as such because the chronograph complication uses its own balance wheel and gear train, separate from the elements of the mechanical movement that indicate the time. A somewhat similar concept has been more popularized by Jaeger-LeCoultre with the Duometre Chronograph (aBlogtoWatch review here), where the movement is quite literally split between those complications that tell the time and those that power the other complications. In fact, something like the Duometre would be a natural competitor product to the Breguet Tradition 7077 Chronograph Independent.


What is different, however, in the Breguet is that the balance wheel for the time and the one for the chronograph operate at different frequency rates. The balance wheel for the time operates at 3Hz (21,600 bph), while the balance wheel for the chronograph operates at 5Hz (36,000 bph). This faster frequency for the chronograph translates into more accuracy over time – which is actually somewhat overkill, given that the chronograph complication in the Breguet Tradition 7077 Chronograph Independent only measures up to 20 minutes. With that said, those 20 minutes are gonna be rather precisely measured! Five Hertz is at the upper ranges of chronograph replica watch frequency, but Breguet has actually already exceeded this with their very special 10Hz speed chronograph in the Breguet Type XXII 3880ST replica watch (hands-on here).


The fact that the chronograph measures 20 minutes alone makes the replica watch unique (30 is more standard for single-subdial chronographs). However, in order to make the dial more symmetrical (and I happen to love the symmetry in the replica watch), Breguet went with a retrograde style minute subdial to the left of the dial for the time. To the right of the dial for the time is a power reserve indicator – and the two gauges nicely balance each other out.


All of this is part of the Breguet-produced caliber 580DR manually-wound movement with 50 hours of power reserve. The movement contains some silicon parts, such as the pallets, balance springs, and escapements. Breguet has been a champion of silicon parts technology and, probably more than any other traditional replica watch brand, has put silicon to the best use in replica watches such as this.


From a design perspective, the caliber 580DR is fantastic. Breguet drew on its own history as a name and many of the bridge designs are based on antique Breguet replica watches, but made for today – and with that cool matte deep gray finishing color. The angularity of the bridges looks remarkably modern (even though it is inspired by historical movements), and the overall treatment of the movement on both the open-dial front and the exhibition caseback make for a replica watch that is unlike anything else out there from other brands. While Breguet is a very well respected brand, I think their replica watches need to come up a bit more in conversations between replica watch enthusiasts when it comes to very nicely designed and finished movements.


While the Breguet Tradition 7077 Chronograph Independent isn’t the most complicated or fully functional chronograph in the world, it is a very interesting one that mixes technical sophistication with design excellence in a particularly satisfying way. The Breguet Tradition 7077 Chronograph Independent also happens to be unique, which is something that, for at least me, is very important when even considering a replica watch with a price close to $80,000. Breguet, honestly, could do more to properly market their innovative mechanical movements and add more personality to their timepieces in terms of names and stories, but at the end of the day, if you take the time to understand what they are doing, then Breguet has a lot to offer, and thankfully, keeps coming out with truly new stuff.


The Breguet Tradition 7077 Chronograph Independent reference 7077BR/G1/9XV in 18k rose gold is priced at $78,900 and the reference 7077BB/G1/9XV in 18k white gold is priced at $79,700

Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster 39 Replica Watches With New 3235 Movement For 2015 Hands-On


For 2015, Rolex added a new member to the Pearlmaster replica watch family with the Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster 39 – debuted here in a range of interesting stone-decorated varieties. This is exactly the type of replica watch that allows Rolex to both earn its merit among certain audiences and, at the same time, annoy fans of the brand mostly interested in their more classic sport replica watches.

While the Rolex Pearlmaster is generally considered a lady’s replica watch (often referred to as the “Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster” in smaller case sizes), this new 39mm-wide model does have a distinct feminine touch, but is also something that I know for a fact will appeal to male customers in various parts of the world. For that reason, I feel more than comfortable putting on what is essentially a woman’s replica watch that is, for at least some clients, good enough for a man. Of course, this is an interesting phenomenon, as most lady’s replica watches are actually smaller versions of men’s replica watches, and the reverse is quite uncommon.



As far as I know, every Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster replica watch has some type of precious stone decoration (at least, that I have seen). The collection seems to have begun as a more “formal” or decorative version of the Rolex Lady-Datejust. The Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster replica watch collection begins with a petite 29mm-wide version, which goes up to 34mm wide, and now, 39mm wide. Each of them shares a special type of bracelet which is decidedly more “jewelry-like” than most other Rolex bracelets. Rolex simply calls this five-link bracelet the “Pearlmaster,” and it has a very smooth and pleasant feel when moving the links as well as wearing it.



The 2015 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Pearlmaster 39 replica watch collection has a lot of similarities to another new-for-2015 Rolex release. Both the Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster 39 as well as the new Rolex Day-Date 40 replica watches (hands-on here) share the fact that they are the first replica watches to include ceramic inserts in the gold bracelets (more on that in a moment), as well as the 3235 family of movements. The Rolex Day-Date 40 replica watches contain the Rolex 3255 automatic movement rather than the 3235, but the only major difference, as far as I know, is the addition of the day of the week indicator disc in the 3255, whereas the 3235 has the time and date.


So, let’s discuss the movement for a moment. I actually recommend anyone keenly interested in the movement to read our above discussion on the 2015 Rolex Day-Date 40 replica watches. I referred to those replica watches as perhaps the finest timepieces that Rolex has produced to date. What makes the 3235 movement special is how dedicated it is to accuracy. In addition to the standard COSC Chronometer rating given to each individual movement, Rolex now employs their own barrage of tests to ensure accuracy and reliability over time – that they simply call the “Rolex Chronometer Tests.”



Inside the 3255 and 3235 automatic movements are the new Rolex Chronergy escapements along with variable inertia balance wheels. There is also a fancy Paraflex shock absorbing system to ensure more accuracy over time. While the 3235 movement isn’t about adding functionality, it is about further refining the longevity and performance of a Rolex movement. The 3235 further has a 4Hz (28,800 bph) operating frequency and a nice power reserve of about 70 hours. Rolex has mentioned that this new family of in-house made movements offers the most consistent high level of accuracy performance out of all the movements they have produced thus far. I fully expect that over time (though it will be slow), some of these new movement technology developments will find their way migrating to the movements used in more Rolex replica watch collections.



Above, I mentioned the ceramic inserts in the Rolex Pearlmaster bracelets. Let me explain that these inserts aren’t something you can see, but are rather hidden within the construction of the bracelet. The purpose of the ceramic inserts is to prevent any gold “stretching” that can sometimes occur over long periods of time where due to the softness of the metal, the links slowly deform. The ceramic inserts also protect the links from wearing over time as they fold over one another.



Having visited Rolex and seeing their production as well as product testing, this new feature feels like a very logical outcome of their routine durability tests. Rolex is perhaps the only replica watch brand I am familiar with who I’ve seen stress test their replica watches by artificially mimicking years of wear. Robots wear replica watches and move around to simulate long periods of wear. Rolex then carefully studies the results of these tests to see where weakness exists and to determine how best to improve their products. I suspect that the inclusion of the ceramic inserts into the links is a direct result of such testing and policies at the company.


At 39mm wide, the new larger Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster 39 case loses the “Lady” designation and now feels like something that men would feel comfortable wearing. There are going to be plenty of people on this post complaining that no man should be seen wearing this timepiece, and I won’t argue with them, as that is a matter of taste. These would not be my first choice of stone-decorated Rolex replica watch, but the bold colors and beautiful detailing simply got me curious about wearing them.


Those models which have stone-decorated bezels with color gradients are uniquely fascinating to behold and require considerable gemological effort in-house at Rolex’s gem-setting department. Finding and arranging the right colors and sizes of stones requires a huge amount of effort. People recall the “rainbow Daytona” with its colorful bezel, but few know that each rainbow-colored, precious-stone bezel requires about two weeks to produce.


Each of these replica watches, save for the Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster 39 with the full pave dial, have bezels with 48 baguette cut sapphire stones of various colors. Each stone is, of course, hand-set. That same rule applies to each of the stones on the dial, including the diamond hour markers as well as the diamond-set Arabic numeral hour markers. I find it interesting that despite the Pearlmaster nature of the collection, the dials merely read “Oyster Perpetual Datejust” on them. The dials feature colors such as “olive green,” “cognac,” and “red grape” which match the stone colors on the bezel. Again, the colors themselves might not appeal to everyone (not that they are trying to), but what everyone should appreciate is the technique and the excellent use of stones and colors by Rolex.



Interestingly enough, for 2015, there are a few 18k yellow gold versions of the Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster 39 as well as an 18k white gold model, but nothing in 18k Everose gold. I suppose Rolex is waiting to offer an Everose gold version – if it decides to do so at all. It is important to note that gem-set replica watches such as this represent the more high-end world of Rolex replica watches, as these timepieces are several times more expensive than most Rolex timepieces that are sold. A lot of the value comes from the complexity of setting the replica watches with a range of stone colors that nevertheless must live together in harmony.



Rolex intentionally played with color, doing things such as having a blue to yellow/green gradient or purple to blue. These are exercises in color and gem-setting that just happen to mark the debut of the new 39mm-wide version of the Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster. While in the West, these would no doubt represent timepieces for women, there will be male buyers in the East, for sure.


Rolex has been on an interesting kick lately, debuting new movement technology in very high-end replica watches – often with precious stones. For example, last year in 2014, Rolex debuted their silicon Syloxi balance wheels in the new women’s Datejust collection (decorated with a lot of precious stones). Here, again, you see the debut of the 3235 automatic movement that will likely inhabit more mainstream Rolex Datejust replica watches in the future, but presented in the glamorously niche Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Pearlmaster 39 replica watch collection.


Prices are as follows: reference 86348 SAJOR 42748 (18k yellow gold with olive green dial) and 86348 SABLV 42748 (18k yellow gold with cognac dial) at 71,200 CHF, reference 86349 SAFUBL 42794 (18k white gold with red grade dial) at 83,200 CHF, and the 18k yellow gold with full pave diamomd-set dial reference 86348 SAJOR 44748 at 128,000 CHF.

Arnold Son UTTE Guilloche Tourbillon Replica Watches Hands-On


It was back in 2013 when Arnold & Son briefly held the title of producing the world’s thinnest tourbillon replica watch – the UTTE, “Ultra Thin Tourbillon Escapement.” It was maybe a year later that that title was passed to another brand which was able to produce a tourbillon-based wrist replica watch with a bit more size shaved off the top (as though it matters in timepieces this thin). As far as I know, the current title holder of the “world’s thinnest tourbillon replica watch” goes to Bulgari with the Octo Finissimo Tourbillon (hands-on here).


With that said, buying a tourbillon replica watch shouldn’t be about it setting records, but rather about beauty and wearing enjoyment. Being the thinnest or merely “very thin” is good enough for the Arnold & Son UTTE, which is a thoroughly handsome and enjoyable replica watch to wear (as I mentioned in my aBlogtoWatch replica watch review here). With a movement that is just 2.97mm thick and a case that is just 8.34mm thick, the UTTE wearing experience is very impressive.

For 2015, Arnold & Son has released two new limited edition versions of the UTTE known as the Arnold & Son UTTE Guilloche I and the UTTE Guilloche II. Each of these timepieces has a guilloche engraved dial that compliments the models well. It is actually rather common for Arnold & Son to offer new versions of existing models at the higher-end of their product spectrum that add guilloche machine engraving for additional decorative value.


One of the reasons that I continue to appreciate the UTTE replica watch collection is because of how well it captures some of the elements discerning replica watch lovers are interested in apart from the brand name on the dial. It is simply too easy to get a high-end replica watch by a “big name” brand and call it a day. Arnold & Son is a smaller replica watch maker but one with a lot of heart. I like the idea that when people get their replica watches it is for the design and the craftsmanship versus just the name on the dial. In other words, anyone can go out and get a Patek Philippe (for example), but it takes a real degree of connoisseurship to get involved with something like an Arnold & Son.


Proportionally and symmetrically, the UTTE is a very handsome timepiece. The two new Arnold & Son UTTE Guilloche models come in 18k red gold cases which are 42mm wide. That means a broad, flatter fit on the wrist. The dial consists of an upper subdial for the hours and minutes and a lower window for the large 14mm-wide diameter tourbillon (which doubles as a seconds hand). The two subsidiary dials together sort of form a figure eight which is interesting and also offers a symmetrical look to the face. On all versions thus far, the extra space on the face is used for decorative purposes, a concept which has been enhanced a bit for the Arnold & Son UTTE Guilloche I and Arnold & Son UTTE Guilloche II replica watches.


Even the replica watch faces are in solid 18k gold, but are first machine guilloche engraved and then toned “silvery-white.” Unlike the arguably “subtle” decoration on the face of the original UTTE, the face decoration on the Arnold & Son UTTE Guilloche replica watches is much more apparent and part of the overall presentation. More so, the guilloche decoration does not take away from the ability for the wearer to read the dial for the time or view the spinning tourbillon.


Inside the Arnold & Son UTTE replica watches are in-house made (by La Joux-Perret, where Arnold & Son replica watches are produced) caliber A&S8200 manually-wound mechanical movements. The A&S8200 operates at 3Hz with about 90 hours of power reserve. A power reserve indicator on the rear of the movement seen through the sapphire crystal exhibition caseback window would have been a nice touch. I tend to be very hard on high-end manually wound movements that do not include power reserve indicators these days. I am starting to believe that these are must-haves for many luxury mechanical manually wound movements. However, even if the power runs out in the Arnold & Son UTTE, the replica watch only indicates the time, so resetting it shouldn’t be a big deal at all.


The flying tourbillon is attractive to look at, and the movement does exhibit a lot of nice textures and finishes. There is hand-finishing, but one area that I think Arnold & Son could improve on in the future is to increase the amount and quality of hand finishing in the movements it creates. A close eye sees some of the finishing as a bit more “industrial” than picky connoisseurs might expect. Nothing about the A&S8200 movement is a disappointment, but I like the brand enough to want a maximum “wow” effect when skilled enthusiasts take a close look at their products and movements.

As each Arnold & Son UTTE replica watch is a limited edition, the new versions of the replica watches aren’t so much about appealing to the same consumer as they are about giving new collectors a reason to get an Arnold & Son UTTE if they haven’t already done so. There is nothing revolutionary about the design, but the Arnold & Son UTTE Guilloche might be “the” UTTE you’ve been waiting for.


The brand is producing the Arnold & Son UTTE Guilloche in two version as the reference 1UTAR.S08A.C120A Arnold & Son UTTE Guilloche I and the reference 1UTAR.S09A.C120A Arnold & Son UTTE Guilloche II. Each version is limited to 28 pieces with a price of $76,250 (a slight premium over the existing models).

Breitling Chronoliner Replica Watch Hands-On


When aBlogtoWatch met with Breitling at Baselworld 2015 (to be honest, they had so many new products, we needed to meet with them twice), the replica watch I was most excited to see hands-on was the new Breitling Chronoliner (that I originally debuted on aBlogtoWatch here). Why was I excited to see it? Well, in addition to having a relatively “subdued” dial design (in the scheme of Breilting replica watches, that is), it was also the first Breitling replica watch with a ceramic bezel… and it didn’t come with a wild price (even though it isn’t exactly entry-level).

Not everyone loved the looks of the Breitling Chronoliner. That’s fine. Not everyone is a Brietling fan, but I will say that the more hands-on time I find that people get with Breitling replica watches, the more they become fans. I personally wasn’t a huge fan of Breitling initially – but after spending enough time with their products, I fully appreciate why the brand is as successful as it is. You can disagree if you like, but I like a lot of what the brand does, even if some of their products are very similar to each other and there are products in their collection that I wouldn’t personally wear.


Hands-on, the Breitling Chronoliner does not disappoint. Inside the replica watch is a Breitling caliber 24 which is just their way of saying a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7754 automatic chronograph. This is the famed Valjoux 7750 with a GMT hand module, which adds some extra functionality to the dial. Thus, you have the time, 12-hour chronograph, date, and a GMT hand for a second time zone. More so, you can track three total time zones because in addition to being a dedicated 24-hour scale on the dial, there is also a rotating 24-hour scale bezel.


The bezel, in black ceramic, feels as hefty and smooth as Breitling’s metal bezels. The numerals on the bezel are painted in a cream color to match the lume color on the hands and hour markers, and the print is extremely legible. Turning the bezel feels secure, and because the material is ceramic, you know that it will not scratch and wear as metal does over time. While this is a subtle addition, I think it is about time for Breitling to start adding ceramic as a material option for its timepieces, given the extreme popularity of ceramic and its advantages over metal in certain areas. Ceramic isn’t a replacement for metal altogether, but in the right circumstances it can add value or durability.


At 46mm wide, the Chronoliner isn’t a small timepiece. The case design is actually rather classic with its plunger-style chronograph pushers and polished surfaces. With that said, it fits large on the wrist, as many Breitling replica watches do, so wearers can get a traditional look with a bold, contemporary presence on the wrist. The case is also water resistant to 100 meters, and over the dial is a nicely AR-coated domed sapphire crystal that isn’t as much of a glare magnet as it could be.


Inspired by some Breitling replica watch designs from the 1950s and 1960s, it isn’t exactly an accident that the Breitling Chronoliner has a retro feel to it. With that said, I would not call it a retro-styled replica watch at all. There are just too many contemporary elements in terms of size, design, fonts, and materials for the Chronoliner to fit within the “modern retro” replica watch category. With that said, some of the most obvious “retro” elements are really just about dial simplicity and having a high-contrast dial. The dial isn’t flat however, with lightly recessed chronograph subdials and a beautiful looking “panda” coloration with the off-white mixed with the matte black background. The only hint of color on the dial is the red tip of the GMT hand. More so, the use of an off-white versus a bright white for the light elements of the dial prevents the replica watch from clashing too hard if the wearer doesn’t have solid white clothing on.



An interesting design feature of the dial is the slightly larger size of the chronograph minutes subdial, as well as the different hand design used for that subdial that has a bit of lume on the tip. This is a difficult-to-notice detail but something that makes the Breitling Chronoliner dial look just that much more unique. In many ways, the reason that I like the Breitling Chronoliner as much as I do is that it is a modern Breitling, inspired by traditional chronograph sports replica watch aesthetic rules, in a handsome package that has a lot of fashion versatility to it.



Interestingly, Breitling offers the Chronoliner with two bracelet options – even though the replica watch would look equally nice on a series of strap choices. Not that many people play around with swapping about straps on Breitling replica watches (because the ones they come with tend to be really good), but for some replica watches, it can work. One bracelet option for the Breitling Chronoliner is the mesh metal “Ocean Classic” which happens to look really sharp with the replica watch (even though mesh metal bracelets aren’t typically my favorite). Breitling is also offering their more popular Navitimer bracelet for the Breitling Chronoliner (which actually costs appreciably more than the Ocean Classic bracelet.


A fine replica watch all around for those who are keen on the design the Breitling Chronoliner should offer a solid wearing experience in a range of situations. Breitling would have a mega hit on their hands if they just shaved a bit off the price, though, as the Breitling Chronoliner verges too close to the territory of Brietling’s replica watches with in-house made movements.

Prices for the Breitling Chronoliner are $7,575 on the Ocean Classic mesh metal bracelet and $8,420 on the Navitimer bracelet.