Tissot My-T Tonneau Laides Diamod Replica Watch

The new series of barrel-shaped Tissot My-T Tonneau replica watch expressed a new “time never sleeps,” the highest regard for the truth! Elegant tonneau-shaped case with two T-strap attachment and connected with solid and agile, lightweight and strong. This is another innovative design Tissot, time suddenly to life again. With the rhythm of its own stop watch operation, dial the unique Wave shading design, special “T” word lugs, a type of spiraling bracelet, every detail so that My-T Tonneau of three barrel-shaped wrist Watch for the wearer to create a graceful sense of hierarchy, this is not only a tool for reading, but also in the show wearing an elegant personality wristlet.Bracelet by connecting together components of different sizes, both sides of the slightly smaller, slightly larger than the middle. These designs are a create a stylish sense of depth. Ting in the U.S. series, “elegant” and not just “simple” to equate the design masters Tissot create a sense of the level of more feminine elegance and changeable.

Tissot My-T Tonneau Watch


Extreme models sparkling embellishment

Steel Tissot My-T Tonneau copy watch of barrel-shaped Extreme models is to allow the wearer shine, shiny diamond decorated to watch! Top Wesselton diamonds around the outer edge of the case, and “T” word lugs are completely covered with sparkling diamonds, each reflecting a slight wrist action can sparkle of diamonds. Flashing diamonds and a beautiful sun dial embraced dial pattern, combined with highly geometric sense of the case and strap design, the new US-ting tonneau confident independent women of today to create a poetic romance, but also to women waved moment, displaying timeless elegance.

New in the barrel-shaped, with smooth flowing best fake ladies’ Tissot  designer fine lines outline of the case, bring out the middle of a black or silver dial. Dial with wave-shaped shades, from the middle to the surrounding divergence, like morning light, soft but radiant. The dial is only 6 and 12 o’clock position using Arabic numerals, numbers, shapes, and also looks similar case, 3 and 9 o’clock positions containing a small point, the other flatly omitted the location of the scale, people focus more on In the elegant lines on the dial. Case series ting the United States also used uniquely designed, with a two-tier structure. Outlines the inner dial, the outer ring is extended to bands and lugs of the “T” word skillfully combined, connecting strap.

Technical parameters:

– Water resistant to 30 m / 3 atm

– Anti-resistant sapphire crystal glass watch

– 316L stainless steel case / strap

– Black or silver dial

– Diamond section (166 top diamond) and non-diamond section