Replica Wholesale Suppliers Baselworld 2018: Chopard Mille Miglia ‘Racing Colours’ Limited Edition Watches

By Jovan Krstevski

The Mille Miglia Collection gets 5 new models in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the partnerships between Chopard and the Italian Mille Miglia race. The new watches all come in bold, classic, and bright colors echoing the 1930s racing colors. Here we have: Rosso Corsa (Red) for Italy, Speed Silver for Germany, British Green for the United Kingdom, Vintage Blue for France, and Speed Yellow for Belgium. Interestingly, it is the first time I have seen Chopard step outside of the standard colors seen in the collection such as red, black, and white. Personally, even if blue and yellow colors fit just right when it comes to automotive inspiration, they are a bit off for the racing DNA of the collection.

While Chopard’s Mille Miglia Collection showcases the classics, the watches are not made with excessive sentimental connotations. They may be vintage but they are practically fashionable or simply said, proper old school done right. Most brands often release kitschy watches with lots of emphasis on the brand’s tradition or heritages which are outdated and bulky. Such designs are good for collectors, but we are not all collectors and some of us prefer restraint when it comes to watches with vintage inspirations.

I also noticed that the previous additions to the collection were a bit boring with no significant changes or innovative designs. While the new models may have noticeable changes like they are still minimal such as the new British Green dial, the lack of the Tyre Tread rubber strap, and an inclusion of a color-stitched leather strap. The colors are bold with subdued highlights on the dial aiding for superior legibility perfect for a chronograph. The original Mille Miglia experience also remains intact.

What really attracts buyers is the overall design and functionality of a watch and with the Mille Miglia Racing Colours, Chopard certainly plays by the rules. Each of the colors are also limited to 300 pieces only with the price yet to be revealed. Though the non-limited version of the watches are sold for $4,800 a piece so it must be a notch above this price point considering the limited numbers.

Chopard is a Swiss luxury company focused on watches, jewellery and accessoires. Chopard was set up in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard. In 1963 Karl Scheufele obtained Chopard; Scheufele is a descendant of a dynasty of watchmakers and jewelers from Germany.After the purchase Chopard immediately gained traction among collectors, it’s presently one of the main luxury watch businesses and functions entirely independent as a family-run brand. The Chopard manufacture in Fleurier produces L.U.C movements that can be discovered in several Chopard timepieces. Impressive Chopard watches for men and Chopard women’s watches comprise the Happy Diamonds, Imperiale, Classic Racing, L.U.C., Classic. Being a luxury focused brand Chopard is equally popular because of its Chopard men’s watches and the diamond watches it produces for women.For the previous few decades, Chopard has celebrated the Chinese zodiac by releasing a special variant of this L.U.C XP Urushi watch ever year. This year, for instance, it was the L.U.C XP Urushi Year of the Rooster, which includes an amazing handmade Rooster on the dial. According to the Lunar calendar, 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. For 2018, Chopard has decided to go 1 step further and has only released a one-piece bit called the Chopard L.U.C Perpetual T: Spirit of the Chinese Zodiac.Chopard’s L.U.C set is home to the brand’s most high-end artisanal watches, and also the L.U.C Perpetual T: Spirit of the Chinese Zodiac follows in this tradition. The highlight of the watch needs to be the situation. It features a 43mm-wide 18k rose gold case that’s about 15mm thick, and the whole case is hand-engraved together with all the 12 Chinese zodiac signs using the champlevé technique. This means the case is first engraved by hand and then full of material. In the case of the Chopard L.U.C Perpetual T: Nature of the Chinese Zodiac view, the instance is first engraved and then full of black patina to create images from the Chinese Zodiac.

Finally, here is a quick rundown of the new models. The 42 mm case is made of high-quality stainless steel replete with sapphire in front and at the back. The rounded bezel and chamfered lugs are impressive. The crown sits comfortably between the 2 pushers on the right side of the case. The dial is vintage featuring the 5 bold colors mentioned above. Of these, I really like the striking red. The hands and Arabic numerals look great, along with the sub-registers and tachymeter ring, completing a superior legibility.

As of this writing, the movement is not yet specified but based on the previous releases, it might be the ETA 2894–2 with additional Chopard decorations. The watches gets 42 hours of power reserve and they wear on calfskin with the brand’s signature Tyre Tread rubber lining. Price is undisclosed but I believe it would be around $5,000. For more info, visit Chopard online.

Low Price Replica Chopard L.U.C Time Traveler One World Time Watch Hands-On

By Harlan Chapman-Green

You may remember some time ago we presented you with a hands-on of the brand new L.U.C Chopard GMT One watch, perhaps my favourite release of this year alongside the new Type XXI from Breguet (that’s big praise in my head at least). If you paid attention to some of the photos you may have noticed that the GMT One wasn’t actually the only watch there. The group shots allowed us to give a sneak peek of the watch we present to you today, the Time Traveller One. It is perhaps a little embarrassing that I swooned over the GMT quite a bit, but don’t panic because there is an upside to this new collection L.U.C Chopard which will be revealed in time.


I couldn’t wait. Perhaps the best part of the collection is that the case on the Time Traveller One watch has the same footprint as the GMT watch and the mass on the wrist is pretty similar too for the gold versions. Even the crowns are in the same places as well, where one controls the movement and the hands of the watch while the other moves the city ring around one step. This is a good method of ensuring control of expenditures and more importantly keeping a design unity of the watches within the range and any future models. The twin crown design would allow them to make a twin timezone watch that differs from the GMT, or they could put their knowledge to the test and design an alarm watch that still uses the two crowns made of 18K white gold.


In terms of the actual world time complication itself, it does pretty much what you’d ask of it. The hands advance smoothly and the cities are nice and legible around the outside of the dial. When you actually advance the ring itself you’ll notice there’s a little bit of give in the mechanism and the click from the ring when it slots into the next position isn’t as precise as some other watches I’ve experienced in the past. Nevertheless, it was definitely a good idea to keep the uniformity and simplicity with a crown operated system rather than opting for a pusher mechanism which would make the watch appear asymmetrical, overcomplicated to work on and frankly too fiddly for something that’s supposed to be used on the fly. Isn’t it just nice to have something there to play with that doesn’t interrupt the movement? Even if you never explicitly use the time zone feature, you can always have a bit of fun moving it around whenever you find yourself a little lost on how to stay entertained, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


The movement inside the watch doesn’t disappoint, either, the L.U.C 01.05L calibre features the same basic construction as the L.U.C 01.10L movement found in the GMT One watch, with the added complication of the world timer function. That means you’ll still get 60 hours from the barrels at 4Hz and, more importantly, the COSC chronometer rating. The decoration on the watch will definitely inspire those who are fans of minimalism, if you’re expecting ivy motifs or some such you’ll be mistaken. The rotor swings freely but doesn’t appear to have a wobble to it, showing the care and attention that has gone into it. Perhaps it would be nice to see a gold rotor on the gold watches and a platinum one on the white metal watches, but in the end, it’s not that big of a deal and the movement does look charming anyway.


At this point, I would like to step back from the watch for a minute and talk a bit about the Chopard website. It’s from there you can do more than just flick through all of the pretty pictures in the catalogue (there are a lot, believe me, I checked). You can also buy from them, but not just any watch that anyone else can get. If you know your wrist size then Chopard will happily change the strap dimensions for you too, if you’re unsure there’s also a size guide to help you out. I did notice if you change the E-Shop from UK settings to USA you have to request to purchase the Time Traveller One, not something the UK website has.

Allow me to highlight Chopard on still another element of the watch, which is the ring. L.U.C watches typically use one of the highest quality straps I know of, and in addition to being attractive, they are very sensible. For instance, a number of leather straps (calf, alligator, or otherwise) tend to be inflexible and uncomfortable to wear. Bending readily over your wrist, so you can find a comfortable fit straight away, which isn’t something I will say for so many high-end watches on the market. Attached to the alligator strap is a matching platinum folding deployant buckle. “Platinum perpetual calendar view” is about all you have to state in front of most watch fans in order to get them excited. Budget prepared, I would say most folks would be interested in having a product like this, which is both practical to wear and full of esteemed bragging rights. For me personally, complicated dress watches evoke the image of someone who is at precisely the exact same time classic and intellectual. This is the thinking man’s formal view (or the guy who regularly forgets what month and day it’s — and who also does not have an electronic calendar apparatus).So long as you’re open to the simple fact that a perpetual calendar’s usefulness and value are largely psychological, then you are in the right mental state to start enjoying a perpetual calendar view. I say all this given that most individuals are going to utilize their wristwatch as a quick reference to this date, rather than as their only, reliable calendar apparatus. So with this said, when interested in a perpetual calendar, I suggest seeking one that is otherwise comfortable, a fantastic monetary value, and comfy to wear. In a sense, the endless calendar complication needs to be a welcome addition (as opposed to some detractor) in an otherwise suitable daily wristwatch. Is the Chopard L.U.C Lunar One just this type of watch? I’d argue, most surely.


The sad thing is that there will always be a downside, luckily it’s not the actual watch itself that has any kind of mechanical faults or anything like that, they were perfect when we tested them out. It’s more to do with the fact there is no steel version so it’s going to get a little pricy here. The platinum watch is $35,200, if you’re a fan of warmer metals and wanted 18K rose gold instead you’ll find it’s only (he says only) $22,500. You do get the same flawless strap as well with alligator leather on both sides for comfort and durability. I wish there was a little bit of decoration on the movement, if I had to ask for something. Particularly on the platinum time traveller, while continuity in a collection is key it’s nice to know that someone has spent some extra time pouring over each bit in the watch to make it super special, just for you. For more info, please visit