Glashütte Original Replica Celebrated the Success of the 61st Berlin International Films Festival

From the opening night to the ceremony, Glashütte Original replica lounge and showroom ushered in more than 500 distinguished guests everyday. In Europe’s fastest elevator ride to reach Potsdamer Platz 1, Kollhoff the top floor of the VIP showroom in Glashütte, including Germany, Mr. President Christian Wulff, the Berlin Film Festival, Mr. Chairman Dieter Kosslick and many famous directors, stars and film crew.
Glashütte Original

Ms. Isabella Rossellini, 2011 Berlin Film Festival International Jury President and her colleagues – Bollywood super star Aamir Khan visited more than once, Mr. Glashütte lounge and showroom. Glashütte looked out from the lounge you can see beautiful scenery, but also a suiwatch access site.

VIP hall and exhibition hall design originated from in the 1970s adventure movie, hospitable staff wearing uniforms pilots and crew, the windows is close to the 40-year history of the Berlin Film Festival review. The lounge and showroom layout and Glashütte to commemorate the 61st Berlin Film Festival has produced a watch – watch the calendar seventies big echoes, this watch is vintage Glashütte to commemorate the seven 1980s gift. This new Glashutre replica watch for guests showed great interest, while others enjoyed the display of the watch. A young watchmaker in the showroom the other side of the display for the guests watch the fun. Many of the new watch is the first time in 2011 during the Berlin Film Festival show, the German high-end Glashutte moon phase replica watchmaking art event to pay tribute to the German culture!

In this interview guests with Norwegian director and actress Liv Ullmann, Ms.; Irish actor Brendan Gleeson President; Jonathan Sagall President and his Lipstikka crew; German film director Wim Wenders in the VIP room for his new work – “PINA” held conference. His dance film records the Wubotaer dancer Pina Bausch Dance Theatre. Mr. German President Christian Wulff visited the conference, and with crew members and cast a cordial conversation. Barber Si Beige studio, the legendary German film studio, also held a Glashütte VIP reception.