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Glashütte Music Awards trophy

Replica Glashütte Original Music Award in 2004 by the Dresden Music Festival’s top watch brand Glashütte Germany jointly set up. The award granted to those who make a significant contribution to the art of the artist. Get Glashütte Music Awards Lifetime Achievement Award are: German conductor Kurt Mather President, American dancer John Neumeier President, German opera conductor Joachim Herz, Mr. Dan Clem Latvian violinist Gidon kremer and Mr. German singer Christa Ludwig.

As the conductor 2009 Gustava Dudamel received his ladies’ Glashütte replica watch, this award has a new meaning. This is the first Glashütte Music Awards were awarded to young artists to make a significant contribution to the aim of encouraging more young people. Similarly, the young Russian Valery Gergiev, Mr. – the famous Mariinsky Theater director also received this award in 2010.

Glashütte Music Awards trophy

Glashütte Music Awards replica trophy by the brand Glashütte watchmaking school Alfred Hai Weige two apprentices making. Each year 12 young watchmakers and three tool makers of this watch school graduation. Trophy design is traditional watchmaking and modern materials combine. Trophy of the upper part represents the highest level of watchmaking flying tourbillon – 1920 by the German town of Glashütte watchmaking school instructor invented by Alfred Haiwei Ge.

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