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Zenith El Primero Foudroyante Chronograph 110 Second Watch

Above 400 km from the top of our head, there is a giant object weighing 400 tons is now rotating. This enormous flyer is not a lost asteroid, but is an ISS revolving around the earth’s orbit. ISS is a research lab, 6 astronauts living there. In December 2010 a Swiss watch – best fake Zenith El Primero Foudroyante chronograph 1/10 second departed from the earth travelling by the Soyouz rocket launched from the Baïkonour base. According to a researched project of ESA, this high precision chronograph is worn on a European astronaut’s wrist, entering into Columbus lab, travelling around the orbit.

Europe and Space

European Space Agency is Europe’s leading space of the door, the Member States including Switzerland, a total of 18. In mid-December, the European Space Agency to be an astronaut to the International Space Station, perform a six-month mission. The engineer responsible for ensuring that a second aircraft supplies auto-European transport vehicles eleven Kepler (Johannes Kepler) auto-carrying spacecraft arrived safe side. He also plans for intensive scientific experiments, research projects range from tracking include study space radiation to sleep, etc., which sleep in space research for the treatment of insomnia on Earth one of the study plan.

Le Locle, December 2010. Side of the International Space Station as a huge puzzle weighing 400 tons, the participating countries developed by different laboratories capsule. International Space Station will be fully completed next year, then, the station will reach 110 meters total length, including about fifteen pressure chamber. The space monster per hour 27.700 km amazing speed flight around the globe just about a half hour. In the name of six space station astronauts have an international team, will spend six months in the space station.

The world’s largest peace cooperation program for the International Space Station’s top science labs, so that mankind may be involved in the space of all fields of science experiments. This is the peace of mankind unprecedented cooperation program, so that different countries with different ways of thinking unite. Program’s original purpose, to promote peace and to promote peace using space. The International Space Station, the space can make use of the unique characteristics of the two studies: the state of almost complete weightlessness, and almost empty of the external environment. These two features make humans on Earth can be carried out can not be achieved in the chemical and physical experiments. From eight countries, 196 researchers have entered the space station. 16 countries work together to combine national strength and ability to achieve this ambitious and forward-looking of the project, estimated to cost $ 100 billion.

Since inception, Zenith will continue to prove its ability to forward-looking vision and pioneering spirit. Technical fake Zenith EI Primero copy watch has always been around with adventurer and discoverer, for example, Zenith Ocean Chronograph was used to calculate the position of the ship in the ocean, and was explored by the sailors in navigation. Also accompany the pilot and watch the polar explorers to participate in the adventure. Therefore, the true force, participation in the history of this great adventure eleven human conquest of space-is a matter of course.

High precision Swiss chronograph – EI Primero Foudroyante chronograph 1 / 10 second, the only solution Universe

Swiss high precision chronograph – Swiss Replica Zenith EI Primero Foudroyante chronograph 1 / 10 seconds Soyuz rocket to the International Space Station. EI Primero movement is the world’s first swing 10 times per second movement, for the most complex production of mechanical movement, can show the most accurate time. EI Primero Foudroyante chronograph 1 / 10 second in 2010, called the watchmaking technology, significant progress: This remarkable movement every 1 / 10 second swing time, beating each time are clearly visible.

In 2010, the European Space total heat total of about 1,900 full-time staff and these excellent staff from all member states, including scientific researchers, engineers, IT engineers and administrative staff.

The European Space Agency in Europe leading to the total space of the door. European Space Agency research program designed to in-depth understanding of the Earth, near-Earth space environment, solar system, universe; the development of satellite technology and services; promote related industries in Europe. European Space total heat total of 18 member states Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Czech Republic, Switzerland. In addition, Canada, Hungary, Poland, Romania, the European Space Agency is also involved in a number of cooperation programs.