The Historic Root of Panerai Fake in Watch Field

1860: the foundation year of Panerai replica watch . Giovanni Panerai opens the first watchmaker’s shop in Florence. Panerai started to offer instruments and watches to the Italian Royal Navy due to its precision machinery and excellent quality. Till today, Panerai has become the world-known top luxury watch brand.

1890-1900 year: Guido Panerai expanded the Panerai’s business and become the official supplier of Italian Royal Navy.

1915-1918: Panerai precision instruments were used during the World War I by the Royal Italian Navy, including a night attack gun sight of the luminous device, timing device, depth gauge, and to help high-speed torpedo boats (MAS ) launched torpedo mechanical calculator.

1900: best quality fake Panerai watches was moved to the Piazza San Giovanni site in Florence. The name Orologeria Svizzera still visible today. In this period, the first deliveries of precision optical and mechanical instruments are made to the Ministry of Defence.

1910: It was a very important year for modern Panerai’s design. It saw the birth of luminous materials. The luminescence is achieved using a mix of zinc sulphide and radium bromide given later the name Radiomir. The luminescence feature is the common one of all Panerai watches. And a major collection of Panerai Radiomir was born. Later on, many variations of Panerai Radiomir copy watch were launched.

1934: Giuseppe and Maria started to control and continue developing their father’s business. Giuseppe devotes himself almost entirely to the company’s business of supplying underwater instruments, torches, wrist compasses and wrist depth gauges to the Royal Italian Navy, while Maria is mainly concerned with running the Orologeria Svizzera shop.

1936: To meet the Royal Italian Navy, Panerai offered a Radiomir prototype is submitted to the Command of the First Submarine Group and the watch passed all the tests with flying colours. It was a masterpiece withstand the extreme conditions.

1938: Panerai provided Radiomir watches for the Italian Navy. The Radiomir watch faetured 47 mm cushion-shaped case, wire loop strap attachments welded to the case, screw-down crown, luminous dial easy to read under water in the dark, and a hand-wound mechanical movement supplied by Rolex. The wide strap was made of oiled and punched leather with its extra long length for diving suit.

1949: Radiomir mix luminous substance was replaced by the patent granted Luminor based on tritium. The Luminor collection of Panerai watches take its names from this luminous substance.