The Rose Gold Jaquet Droz Automatic Roll Magician Complicated Replica Watch

During the age of Enlightenment, the Jaquet Droz Automatic Roll Magician replica watch making workshops of Swiss watch making master-Pierre Jaquet Droz created three realist masterpieces: three mechanical dolls named as musicians, writers and painter. Those three mechanical dolls which once swept the European royalty have become the legends nowadays. They are treasured in Swiss Musee d’art et d’histoire de Neuchâtel.The handmade magician doll of course is no shortage of the extraordinary magic that swept the royal family that year. More importantly, the work proves that happiness can come across the limit of the time and space.
Jaquet Droz Automatic Roll Magician
Based on the spirit to reconstruct the fine mechanical device which lasted the entire six months to finish, it can be called a veritable gem process. The craftsmanship shows more delicate, precision and brings the amazing and unprecedented surprise for the brand fans. Gathered the achievement of craftsmanship, showing the beauty completely has always been the specialty of Joquet Droz replica watch which is throughout the entire design and produce of the mechanical doll, further achieving the fascinating and exciting effect. Purposed on the craftsmanship, Jaquet Droz creates a new automatic doll: the magician which is formed by 1437 parts.

The key movement of the magician doll is turning his head from the right to the left and its eyes are also very realistic, harmonious and full of hope. While the arms move, driving the hands, it comes up with one and one bell like the juggler. He also can shake froe side to side and conjure up a bird from desk. The magician is sensitive and its eyes are vivid. The bird crafted carefully by hand is vivid and realistic and also can rotate freely. When the bird throws about its wings gently, the tail and beak also move naturally, as if it will burst into song.

The magician doll gathered the heritage of fake Jaquet Droz Automatic Roll Magician ’ s craftsmanship is undoubtedly a piece of ultimate arts. It uses many precious materials such as gold, ebony, marquetry and mahogany to bring the unique beauty for the works.