The Structure, Kinds and Effect of Watch Antivibrator

Incabloc, KIF and triangle antivibrator

Now there are mechanical watches with watches antivibrator device, which if 50 years ago, can be made of shockproof watches really small, therefore, does not shock semi-steel watch is typical of what the times. Shockproof watch is up and down movement of the wheel bearings plus a damping device at, so watch antivibrator up and down, said. Structurally, watch shock absorber types varied, but all have artificial corundum diamond eyes and spring, the typical structure of a shock absorber seat, shock absorber under the care of drill, drill and cover shock absorber spring eye.

Something which is very small, the watch antivibrator is the principle of being able to watch the dramatic to absorb shock and vibration, this depends mainly on the antivibrator absorber and antivibrator absorber seat prop drill and shock spring with each other. Watch the most delicate and finest parts of the shaft tenon is put axle tip, it is only about 0.07-0.08 mm in diameter, and an adult is the same as the diameter of the hair thickness. However, the quality of the entire balance even bigger, if no protective measures, once the watch to shock, the swing axle tip definitely algorithm of fault or earthquake to be crooked.

Early shock watch or not watch, in Shuaiguo after specified sharp pendulum shaft to break, so watch for maintenance of the pendulum shaft was often encountered in live. Once replaced pendulum shaft, it is difficult to watch a longer follow the quasi-living well.

Many watch professional books in theory expounded antivibrator absorber works, Jane Koo’s, watches under the direction of impact or vibration force, can be decomposed into a typical three ways: (1) axial, (2) radial , and (3) lateral. The key is to shock absorber seat and shock absorber between the slant drilling with care (about a 45 degree angle), it can produce sliding displacement, antivibrator absorber prop drill also commonly known as “shock bowl”, when the shock slope movement Wan Yan Bumper Block when the shock spring was forced to uplift deformation, while absorbing the impact energy from the pendulum axis. Next, the tip of the lower pendulum axle joints and shock than the thicker parts of the hole in the base along with hitting, swing axle diameter than the thick parts, it can withstand the. Bumper is the only protection which the balance wheel axis as the hair-like tip, the force from all directions (including the impact of axial and radial) are basically so protected.

In addition to the role of watch antivibrator from the outside, it also protect the role of oil in the shock between the bowl and the shock eye covers, watch to add the right amount of oil, where the fuel is also very strict and particular about. You know, every swing axle joints where the swing to high-speed friction of 690,000 times.

Swiss watch brands using the shock device is the most famous because of the increase Bluff (INCABLOC), said the shock effect is very perfect, can not go beyond, you just a little change a little bit of size or shape, that shock effects are bad. Previously-made watches are also doing a similar style shock absorber, that is, some look a bit thin. In addition to KIF, which it looks like scorpion shock spring as the two forearm, bent and folded, I have a shock device because of the increase Bluff sample box, which large and small, yet there are 40 different sizes titles as well, ETA machine heart with Inga Bluff Bumper most common, but often the main plywood and put plywood above the shock absorber sample sizes, the main plywood on the smaller.

Swiss brand large watch is usually used KIF antivibrator, such as Rolex, Patek pilippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, and so on. It also has many types and specifications, in the repair watch removable shock absorber oil, that’s a difficult, but the “adventure” process, because one easily lost parts, the second is easy to shock spring off, my experience is not After the shock spring can poke off is too high, there is shock cover the eye must be very flat, pressed into the position of the bowl into the shock, then closed shock spring. Shock springs are gold-plated steel, you can not imagine how small it is.

France, Japan and the early watches, but also has its own unique antivibratorr, including Seiko and Citizen are different, especially Citizen of the most typical, it drilled the shock absorber on top of the care, “incense coil” shape spring.

Watch Antivibrator inside a mechanical watch is an important component, it can be figured by the judge of the grade watches can even distinguish between true and false. Because the Swiss brand name watches can not use Japanese or domestic shock device, the watch will not use the top big low-end shock absorber, such as triangular shock absorber (see photo), it is triangular shock device, actually looks a bit like a plum, only three breaking off. Counterfeit Swiss brand off the watch, using the cheap Swiss watch movements, so the shock absorber, and often showed his true features.

France, Seiko and domestic antivibrator