Rose Gold Tissot Couturier Replica Watch

More and more business people have begun to get used to the lifestyle of the “trapeze”: work in Paris, family in Beijing, go to New York on business and go to Sydney on holiday… displays two exact times of two time zones. The elegant shape and luxurious Tissot Couturier Replica watch materials combination is designed for business people who need to cross time zones to work and travel. Designers perfect combine the precision timing technology and classic style, making the watch become timeless high-quality goods.
Tissot Couturier Series World Time Watch

Tissot Couturier World Time copy watch offers two straps for selections: the noble leather strap and a classic stainless steel strap. The style is different, but same timeless classic design. It is because the watchmaker creates the watch with strict standards, the watch achieves the wrist boutique. The attention to detail has become the “genes” of his family, frequently appeared in the watch, all to create a classic and timeless feeling, Tissot Couturier series will no doubt be subjected to the impact of any fashion and the test of time.

The new Tissot Couturier series world watch is especially equipped with a small dial with second time zone, which designed to people who run around to different countries and regions. When you have a new Tissot Couturier copy watch, you equal to have two , because it can eliminate the troubles of the calculation of the time differences, avoid the embarrassment of forgetting to adjust the time difference, greatly facilitating travel and improving work efficiency. The precision dual time zones watch not only on behalf of the Tissot high-end watchmaking technology, also reveals Tissot designers’ thoughtful craftsmanship.

The Couturier series is very concerned about the design details. The dial design emphasis on the beauty of symmetry, four chronographs all have a small dial at 2:00, 6:00 and 10:00 position. At the position of 4 o’clock, there is a date display function. The Couturier series adopts a long, sharp sword-shaped pointer, and matches with the elegant bar word scale, so you can easily read the precise time. Each style on the chronograph seconds hand is finely engraved with a small “T” word, the detail shows the brand’s attributes. Every 5 minutes of the outer dial word scale is slightly raised, adding a three-dimensional feeling to the simple dial. Besides, the crown of this series designs arc-shaped bulge on both sides to prevent collision. In addition, this series watch is 100 metes water resistant, so it is enough to cope with daily life waterproof.